Twirly Dresses by TwirlyGirl®

Twirly Dresses® - The ones we made famous! Please SHOP BY SIZE to find something twirly in the size you need.

FEATURED IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: "The trend these days is to empower your child and have them feel confident that they can be active without having to limit their movements." ~ Cynthia Jamin, Owner of TwirlyGirl

Everything we make has a twirl factor that is exactly what you're looking for in a beautiful dress for a child. This page shows you everything we make. But we won't have everything in all the sizes. That's why it's best to SHOP BY SIZE. This way you only see what's available in the size you need. Easy!

What’s the first thing a child does when they puts on a pretty dress? They twirl! That’s why we created the Original Reversible Twirly Dresses®. We’ve since added more reversible twirly designs and single layer twirly dresses. Full circle skirts in soft, flowy, exuberant fabrics make our twirly designs unique and timeless. Because they are easy to care for, they can be worn every day -- not just on special occasions. No need to worry about these dresses sitting in the back of the closet. They’re going to be worn every day!  And make sure they are covered with our UnderTwirl™ Shorts or Leggings to wear under the dresses for those high flyin' twirls.

    BABY Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Hunny Bunny Blossom

    BABY Original Reversible Twirly Dress | My Little Rainbow

    BABY Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Sparkly Sky Party

    Baby Petal Dress | Mermaid Smiles

    Baby Petal Dress | Ring Around the Posie

    Can Can Dress | Bubble Gum Rainbow

    Can Can Dress | Dancing Queen

    Can Can Dress | Dynamic Dreams

    Can Can Dress | Fantastical Rosy World

    Can Can Dress | Swirl Go Round

    Day Dreaming Dress | Singing Songbird

    Day Dreaming Dress | Who Do I Want to Be Today?

    Duchess Twirl Dress | Winter Rainbow Wonderland

    Duchess Twirl Dress | Festival of Lights

    Duchess Twirl Dress | Whispers of Inspiration

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Technicolor Rainbow Delight

    Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress | Iridescent Ariel

    Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress | Rapunzel's Radiant Party Dress

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Spectrum of Smiles

    Mixing Magic Dress | Holiday Dance Party

    Mixing Magic Dress | Jazzy Jingle Cat

    Mixing Magic Dress | Merry Go Twirl

    Mixing Magic Dress | Red Velvet Cupcake

    Mixing Magic Dress | Sweet Sugar Candy

    Mixing Magic Dress | Swirly Rainbow Lollipop

    Out & About Fabric Face Mask for Adults and Kids in Assorted Colors | (3) Masks

    Petal Dress | Magical Mermaid Land

    Petal Dress | Rosie Posie

    Pinwheel Dress | Confetti Carnival Whimsy

    Pinwheel Dress | Fairy Go Lightly

    Pinwheel Dress | Ice Cream Skies & Fireflies

    Pitter Patter Dress | Donut You Love Me

    Pitter Patter Dress | Heart Full of Rainbow Song

    Pitter Patter Dress | I Am Loved

    Pitter Patter Dress | To the Moon and Back

    Rainbow Catcher Twirly Dress | Abundance of Love

    Rainbow Catcher Twirly Dress | B Somebody's Rainbow

    Rainbow Catcher Twirly Dress | Joyful Shouts

    Star Flyer Reversible Twirly Dress | Fantasy Flower Dream

    Unicorn Swirly Dress | Beyond the Rainbow

    Unicorn Swirly Dress | Shine Bright

    Wings of Wonder Dress WOW! | Effervescent Pixie Dust

    Wings of Wonder Dress WOW! | Enchanted Carousel

    Wings of Wonder Dress WOW! | Joyful Whimsical World

    Wings of Wonder Dress WOW! | Rainbow Roller Coaster

    Wings of Wonder Dress WOW! | Rosetta Rainbow Serenity

    Wings of Wonder Dress WOW! | Shining Rainbow from Within

    Wings of Wonder Dress WOW! | Zazzy Zuzu