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Our Vision

Our Vision

At TwirlyGirl, we don't just create dresses. We create her favorite dresses.
You know, the kind that never see the inside of a closet.
Every decision we make is with this one goal in mind.
The end result is something magical. You'll see it in her face.

  • Do the TwirlyGirl Dance

    Do the TwirlyGirl Dance

  • Million Dollar Secret Kept in Pickle Jar

    Million Dollar Secret Kept in Pickle Jar

  • Why We Give Back

    Why We Give Back

  • Cardboard Rocketship Returns from Jupiter

    Cardboard Rocketship Returns from Jupiter

The Rhyme of the Girl who Twirls

Attention trendsetters,
You fashionable girls,
Behold girls dresses,
The ones that Twirl!

Tween fashion you love,
tween clothes you made famous,
You'll spin till you're giddy,
And no one will blame us.

But of course we have more,
There's so much in store.
Just click through these pages,
I'll give you a tour…

of our unique dress boutique,
It's just what you seek!
I'll pull back the curtain,
And now you can peek.

Gasp!!! Behold! It's so bold!
Your dreams have come true.
Don't doubt your eyes,
It's just what we do!

Girls hoodies and goodies,
Styles fresh off the griddle.
Ladies be warned,
you'll wish you were little.

Girls leggings and jeggings,
girls skirts that will please.
Buy kids dresses with short
and long sleeves.

Skirts and tops,
And cool girls shorts.
Made in America,
There are no imports.

Be it jacket or coat,
Children take note,
"It's wearable art,”
And that, you can quote.

So pamper yourself,
And partake in our styles.
What we sell...are girls clothes,
What we give...are big smiles!

Welcome to The TwirlyGirl Shop!