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Girls Leggings & Shorts In Stripes & Prints

At TwirlyGirl, we believe in empowering girls to express their creativity.  Look unique, be unique.  To further this, we engaged the services of a Hollywood screenwriter to write a series of free audiobooks for your children.  Turn off the TV, and encourage them to listen to these stories while they color or play. They're also perfect for travel.  No matter what their activity, girls should always feel comfortable.  That's why we also created our girls leggings & shorts.  They can be worn alone, or underneath our twirly dresses and skirts.  With a flexible elastic waistband for an easy fit, these colorful and uniquely contrasting stripes & prints complete the look. Our specially designed UnderTwirl™ shorts are a must have for all our high flying twirly dresses and skirts. These extra items allow her to wear TwirlyGirl even as the weather gets colder.

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    Capri Love Em Leggings | Astonishing Astro Bright

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Blue Moon

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Crazy Crayon

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Creamsicle

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Dots Galore

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Frolic Fun

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Lavender Purple Stardust

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Party Cloud

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Peppermint Swirl

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Peppy Pink

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Tutti Frutti

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Twinkle Big Star

    Full Length Leggings | Electric Bunny

    Full Length Leggings | Funkadelic

    Full Length Leggings | H20

    Full Length Leggings | Ice Splash

    Full Length Leggings | Poppin Purple

    Full Length Leggings | Raspberry Spirit

    Full Length Leggings | Ride the Wave

    Full Length Leggings | Rosy Bubble Gum

    Full Length Leggings | Swirly Clouds

    Full Length Leggings | Tart Strawberry

    GoGo Pants w/a Twist | Peppermint Rainbow

    GoGo Pants w/a Twist | Sunny Blooms

    GoGo Pants w/a Twist | Twirlytastic Violet Pop

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Bouncin' Bonnie

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Captivating Chloe

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Cinematic Cynthia

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Dancin Darcy

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Electric Emma

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Fruity Felicity

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Hoppin Heather

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Imaginative Isabella

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Jivin' Jenna

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Leapin' Lily

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Lively Lola

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Magical Madison

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Nicky's Never Ending Smile

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Rockin Robyn

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Swirly Sophia

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Twirling Talullah

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Vibrant Veronica