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Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Radiant Echoes of Wonder

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Only 108 Dresses Created

This exact version will not be made again. 

Why We Made It

This is our newest style that offers her 4 ways to enjoy it. 15 different contrasting prints and 4 different style lines so there are literally 4 different "fronts." Why did we make it? Because we love pushing the boundaries on how to make something even more unique and memorable. There is nothing else like this design out there. We are proud to have created something so incredibly special.


  • Twirling dress for girls that features 2 full circle twirly® skirts on both sides.
  • 15 contrasting prints. Each front has a different style line.
  • Lavender purple, bubble gum pink, flowers on one side with flared rainbow sleeves. Turquoise blue, green, chevron stripes, flowers and lovely blue flared sleeves.
  • Merrow edge hems.


  • Super soft fabrics, no itchy seams.
  • Machine washable.
  • Stretchy Knit Polyester 96%/Spandex 4%

A Nighttime Journey

Riley was only twelve, but she had already grown tired of doing the same old thing, day in and day out. There was no color in her life. She yearned for adventure and possibility. But she also loved her home, and knew she’d miss her family should she ever decide to venture out. So that evening, she hatched a plan. She would travel to the edge of Universe, exploring exotic galaxies and alien civilizations. But… she would do it only in her dreams. It was a brilliant idea, and one that deserved a celebratory ice cream sundae…. which she enjoyed promptly before dinner.

That night, Riley was so excited she couldn’t fall asleep. She tossed and turned, her mind racing with anticipation. Ironically, the more eager she was to sleep, the more awake she felt. Minutes turned to hours as she anxiously awaited her nighttime journey. When the morning sun finally arose, she hadn’t slept a wink.

The next day, Riley could barely keep her eyes open. She reasoned it must’ve been due to the exceptionally bright sunshine that afternoon. When night fell, Riley was ready to give her dreamland adventure another go. She kissed her parents goodnight and gently laid her head upon the pillow.

Within seconds, Riley was traveling through space at the speed of light. She saw comets made of ice, and giant gaseous planets with cratered moons circling them. It was the adventure she had always dreamed of, only now was actually dreaming of! Suddenly the planet she was exploring turned into a tiny ping-pong table made of graham crackers. What a wonderful dream indeed! Just as she was about to splash in a puddle made of chocolate syrup, Riley remembered she had a final exam that day and hadn’t studied one bit. Panicked, she woke up with a start.

That’s when she fully realized that it was all just a dream. She raced downstairs to tell her parents the success of her nighttime adventure. But just as she was about to share details, she realized she couldn’t remember much about her dream. Just foggy notions.

Riley was so upset. “What’s the point of having adventures in my dreams if I can barely remember them?!”

Luckily, Riley’s grandmother had the perfect solution, as grandmother’s often do. She gave Riley a very special present. It was a TwirlyGirl Infinity Dress, so named because of the infinite adventures one can have, simply by wearing it. Riley raced to her room to try it on. It was soft, comfy, and fit like a glove meant for a body instead of a hand. She flew back downstairs and twirled across the room, color bursting everywhere. A smile of infinite happiness appeared on her face, and quickly spread to everyone watching. The Infinity Dress had done its job. Riley’s adventure was just beginning.

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