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Girls Dresses
Our granddaughters proudly wearing their new TwirlyGirl dresses. These were their Easter dresses picked by them. As you can see the 3 year old is just as proud as the 7 and 9 year olds.
Cathy | Kentucky
TwirlyGirl Princesses
Dear TwirlyGirl, I thought you'd love to see these pics of my girls (Emma - 5 and Grace - 3), who brought their latest TwirlyGirl dresses to their first trip to Disney World and they just had to show the princesses how they worked...and the princesses just loved it :-). We love your dresses.
Jennifer | Florida
Elsa Dress for Girls By TwirlyGirl®
Kiana absolutely adores her dress! She absolutely had to wear it to kindergarten today even though it is winter weather and she twirled and twirled turning heads along the way. We've done some great marketing for you today, several mums asked me where I found such a gorgeous dress. Attached is a picture of Kiana in her dress enjoying her birthday.

Thanks again for making it possible to make Kiana's birthday so special.
Leonie | Switzerland
We ordered two dresses last month and we received them two days later. It was a very
nice surprise that our order shipped so quickly. I have two daughters, ages 3 and 5,
and I cannot believe how much they love your dresses. They feel beautiful and confident
when they wear them. My younger daughter wants to wear her dress every day.

As a mother, I hope that my girls will feel beautiful regardless of what they wear but I also
want to respect their feelings and sense of style. Knowing the story behind your company
and also how charitable you are makes me feel good about buying your clothes. Thanks
so much for making clothes that let little girls dress like little girls. I hope that they will
always take the time to twirl around.
Michele | Smithtown, NY
"A friend gave Danna a present, one of your beautiful dresses – and she fell in love!
Here are tons of images from her 7th B-day, so that you can see how comfortable she
feels in your outfits. (Danna pictured below. She flipped her dress during the party!)"
Tamar | Pasadena, CA
Thank you! My daughters each own 1 TwirlyGirl dress & it is the only dress they want to wear.
Now when they ask for a new dress there is such a high standard & I know these are the only dresses that will put a smile on their faces :) thank you!! Aloha!
Angelica | Haleiwa, HI
I just wanted to let you know that I received the dress today and it's absolutely beautiful. My daughter and I both love it! Autumn is so excited about her new dress that she wants to sleep in it tonight and wear it to pre-school tomorrow :-)
Lisa | Naperville, IL
They WORE out their TwirlyGirl dresses we purchased at Hopscotch Boutique in Orlando, FL.   ABOUT time they received new ones!!  It was their favorite travel dress - so cozy on theairplane.  Not to mention they loved wearing them to school and sneaking in to thebathroom to change & wow everyone with their "new look!" Thank you!!
Susan | Incline Village, NV
TwirlyGirl clothing is the most dedicated company to customer satisfaction that I have encountered in, I don't know how long. I wrote to tell them how much my daughter loved her skirt and how she continued to love it even though the fabric was having issues and they remedied the situation and I didn't even ask them to. They OFFERED...! And they did it quickly and personally and kindly. I LOVE TwirlyGirl! So does my daughter. I can't wait till they make a TwirlyMama skirt. I want to get the first one. Thank you Cynthia and all the rest of the lovely women at TG for all your kindness.

Kelly | Palmer, Alaska 


Thank you, Michele for sending in these great pics (below).  We are so thrilled she is enjoying all the clothing.  And she's putting together some great outfits!

Michele | Washington, D.C.



The dress was a big hit and arrived exactly on her birthday! She twirled herself dizzy that day. It (this picture) was taken some 10 mins after your package arrived. Trouble with getting a dress like this is that your daughter will no longer judge a dress by its color. If it does not twirl as high as your dress, there is an instant frown on the face, followed by "It's not very twirly mommy". .....More orders will have to follow shortly I'm afraid!

Laura | Chicago, IL 



Here are some shots of Nia (pictured below) in her new loot!  She's very thrilled.

Marlon | Glendale, CA



We received the Pebbles Petals Dress, and it's GORGEOUS.  Athena loves it--she says she feels like "a vision of spring."  Just in time for Easter pictures, too!  Your clothes really do make a difference; thanks to you and the Twirly Girl team for making clothes that girls love to wear (and that moms like, too).

Stephanie | Enterprise, AL


My daughter has 4 of you dresses. The wings of wonder was first and then 2 twirly dresses.
She's had them about 18 months, and she's gotten so tall, she's finally growing out of them.
They went from being down near her ankles to way above her knees. I love your vision and
your clothes, as does my daughter. 

Stephanie | NJ


The dress is just wonderful. I took a couple pictures of Grace in it so you could fun it is and how much she loves it. Thank you.

Joanna | San Diego, CA 



KatieAnn LOVED the dazzling sunset pinwheel! She wore it for 3 days straight,
before her dad said it was time to wash it and of course it washed wonderfully.
I think it is also my favorite. I love the sparkle underskirt; the colors are just so fantastic.

We are going to be so sad when we outgrow your clothing. She is still wearing all the cap
sleeve tops, hoodie, shrug, twirl shorts, pinwheel dresses and skirts, and reversible dresses
and skirts. They all just wash so beautifully and are so fun and comfortable to wear.
We are a walking ad here and boy do we receive compliments wherever we go.
Thanks for offering such wonderful clothes and for making them in the good ole USA.
It really does make a significant difference to us when we make purchases.

Mel | California, KY


Just wanted to share with you some pictures of my sweet nieces in Oregon enjoying their TwirlyGirl dresses (pictured below). I got them gift certificates in November so they
could pick out what they wanted and as you can see from the pictures they sent me,
they enjoy them thoroughly. My sister-in-law said that every time they put them on they
"go crazy" to the point that they almost get in trouble! They just love them so much!

I just logged on and purchased a dress for my little twirly girl here at home. After picking
out the one she wanted online, she wanted to go out to the mailbox and wait for it.
She's so excited! So, I just wanted to say thank you for making little girls happy!

Pamela | El Cajon, CA 



Thank you so much! My mom got my daughter a reversible twirly skirt, the leggings,
and a striped top for her second birthday and it's still her absolute favorite outfit,
over a year later! The skirt's fabric is so soft as are the leggings, and the shirt is darling.
Thanks for such a fun and well-made product :)

Your huge fans,
Nicole (and now-three-year-old daughter Rainey) | Stanford, CA


Just wanted to let you know what a HIT all the TwirlyGirl clothes were. She LOVED the dress,
the three shirts, and the short outfit a lot. She wore the long sleeved hoodie shirt and
bandana to school and got lots of compliments. She felt confident about how cool
she looked, you could see it in her face! Thanks so much for everything!!

Erin | Bloomfield, MI


I love having stuff that you don't see too much of. It sure makes it special!! I have a feeling I will be buying more in the soon future. Forgot to say......I was afraid to wash the first one but it held up wonderfully. Thanks for a great dress!! (TG:  This mother wrote to tell us that her daughter's friend went out and bought the same dress - limited quantities of each version so they had good timing!)

Julie | Woodland Hills, CA



TwirlyGirl traveled all the way to Paris!

These dresses are very comfortable, very pretty, reversible (it's two dresses in one! Handy for when the gelato drips), and rugged enough to withstand the punishment a trip like this would dish out. The best feature of a Twirlygirl dress is that they twirl beautifully, which can improve the mood of anyone within viewing distance (not to mention the Twirler herself).

Annie | Portland, OR



We love the fact that nothing at TwirlyGirl is itchy, it is all made in the USA and of course the style.  The styles are original, girly and hip.  We are in between the teenage and little girl styles, and TwirlyGirl meets our style needs perfectly.  She lives in these clothes all summer and they never wear out.

Mel & KatieAnn | California, KY


Thank you for such nice service.  I work in Early Childhood Education and will tell my friends about my shopping experience with you. It's nice to see a clothing company who caters to toddlers, preschool and school age girls with fun styles that also double as developmentally appropriate for learning. Learning (science, art, physics, dramatic play, math, music, verbal skills) through play is such a hot topic in the industry right now and your clothing is fun, fashion, and learning at its best. 

Ann | Sarasota, FL 


This stuff was truly made for Anna, who’s a super active fun loving kid, but not built for jeans,
if you know what I mean! She feels so free and happy and beautiful twirling around the house. Your clothes are comfy, fun  AND flattering.

Stephanie | East Brunswick, NJ



Introducing the fabulous, Una (pictured below).  Her Grandpa Rick sent her the
WOW - Wings of Wonder dress for her birthday. Una put the dress on AND made
the pink chiffon gift wrap into a beautiful hat. WE LOVE IT! Precious and creative
all at the same time. Rick writes, "Thank you for creating this pleasure. She told me all
about her wings. It was an exciting experience."

Grandpa Rick | Eugene, OR




Just wanted to let you know the dress arrived on Saturday. That's amazing shipping!! Thanks so much, she wore it today to a birthday party and all day kept changing it back and forth to the different sides. People asked how many outfits I brought for her!! They loved the dress. Thanks again, my daughter just loves twirling for everyone!

Dawn | Monroe, NY


Valentine's Day: OMG. My daughter is wearing her new WOW - Wings of Wonder dress for the third day in a row tomorrow. it smells fine but don't spread it around that I let her. I'll deny it. haha. She LOVES it! You are some kind of crazy creative genius :) Thank you.

Ronni | Glendale, CA 



This is the fourth Reversible Twirly Dress I've ordered, and the second for my two-year-old, who also has a TwirlyGirl Reversible Skirt. My husband, who is in charge of the laundry, begged me to order another one so he does not have to wash the current one quite so often. She won't wear anything else.

Elizabeth | Sacremento, CA 


I just wanted to let you know that my daughter LOVES your dresses. We bought 2 last year,
and they are by far the most favorite thing she has in her closet. Other dresses claim to be
twirly, but she knows better. If they are clean, she is wearing them until we peel them off her body.  I'm so excited that I found your site! She will be excited, too!!

Britani | Tulsa, OK


Thank you the girls loved wearing their Twirly Girl outfits and they received tons of compliments!!! :-) (pictured below)

Karean | Orange County, CA




Had to write a short note to let you know we discovered your dresses this past weekend in a
little shop in Carmel, CA. My daughter has worn the Reversible Twirly dress almost every
day since then and I don't blame her - what a fabulous dress! Needless to say you've
got a huge fan.

Teresa | Palo Alto, CA


Anna's creation showed up (Create Your Own Reversible Twirly Dress). WE LOVE IT!!!!!
I opened it last night and hung it in the middle of her room (from her fan) so she'd see it. She squealed with delight when she saw it and then put it on. She looked at herself in the mirror
and then she twirled.  It's the longest skirt she's had from you, so it spun way out and way
up high. Her face lit up beautifully.

She wore the dress proudly today and received many compliments. She is really proud
that she pick out out the fabrics herself. She's going to wear the other side out tomorrow.
Thank you for offering such a wonderful way for my daughter to express her creativity
and individuality, and giving her a fantastic twirling dress to boot!

Stephanie | Red Bank, NJ


The skirt did, indeed, arrive in plenty of time on our vacation -- very impressive!
My 6 yo loves it (Reversible Twirly Skirt) and has, in fact, worn it almost every minute
since it arrived (we did make her take it off for crabbing and sleeping, lol). Good thing
it's two skirts in one! I look forward to ordering more skirts and dresses from
you in the future ...

Julie | Boston, MA


I absolutely ADORE this cute is this?!? I just love love love it! (Eloise...). The clothes are so sweet and fun. My nieces are in "twirly" heaven! I truly cherish seeing little girls being little girls again. My nieces will not take theirs off, either... and INSIST on wearing them to nursery school and kindergarten over and over again, day after day! Recess has never been as colorful as it is now...and forget about nap time! There is no napping when there's twirling to be done!  Miss are a creative genius! Twirl On!

Mary | West Los Angeles, CA


Maddie wore her new dress to her birthday party on Sunday. SO many people asked where I got it - your ears must have been buzzing! She spent most of the party twirling, announcing, "I'm a twirly girl!" She wants to wear it all of the time...

Your newest fan, Dina | CA



My granddaughter judges all dresses now by the way they twirl and none have measured up to the TwirlyGirl dresses.

Freida | Cartersville, GA


Thank you so much for my custom made dress.  I went to my first dance tonight with my Dad and twirled and twirled all night!!  I love my dress, and I'm so glad my mom got it for me!

Samantha | Monroe, NY



Harper's First TwirlyGirl Dress!!

 Robyn| San Diego, CA



We just got the dress for my older daughter and I'm still laughing because my husband
(who thinks they have too many clothes) said "It really is a good idea" and actually
likes them!

Jamie | Santa Monica, CA


Thank you so much for getting the dress to us on time. It is darling...much prettier even
than the photo on the website. My daughter is thrilled and wore it to school today to
show off her "Twirly Birthday Mermaid Dress" to her friends. When she opened it this
morning she said "Oh Mommy, it's SOOOO lovely". Thank you again. We will order again!

Cara | New York, NY

Thank you so much for the fantastic TwirlyGirl dress you very kindly sent to Apple Martin. Gwyneth and Apple love it! With best wishes, Gemma.

Gemma Corry Reid
Assistant to Gwyneth Paltrow


"Look how it opens! Mom!” is now all I hear every morning. Sometimes Rowan puts it on just to twirl and then gets dressed in her uniform!

Brooke Shields | Hollywood, CA

Thank you so very much for the darling dress and very creative wrapping! My granddaughter called and said "this is my most favorite dress". My granddaughter selected her fabrics. She loves that it is so soft! Kudos to you and your staff! It's a terrific concept!
Diana | Las Vegas, NV
My daughter just received her "first" of many to come, Twirly Girl dresses. She is almost
two and loves to twirl around and dance already. So glad to find a special dress that is so comfortable for her to wear. Look forward to buying her a new one every birthday.

Melody | Newburyport, MA


I can't tell you how much Jasmine loves her dress. She can't stop spinning. Her comments:
“This is my favorite dress. I am going to wear it everyday. I'm going to wear it to my
birthday party.” I may never have to buy her another outfit!

Linda Perry | Santa Monica, CA

Needless to say, Olivia went GAGA over her dress, and I had to pry it off! She absolutely "got it" the minute I read the words "TwirlyGirl" to her. She wants to wear it for her show and tell day and demonstrate how it can be flipped inside out.

Randi | Chicago, IL


“Stella LOVES her dress. She twirled a lot at dinner.”

Cris | New York, NY


Thanks for the creativity and joy you are giving to the kids - I picked Griffin up from child care
- I had to wait while the twirling finished!

Ruth Beaglehole | Silverlake, CA

“I love this dress, it’s more comfortable than my most comfortable pajamas”

Taite | Eagle Rock, CA

Sophie has basically been wearing the dress since she tried it on yesterday! Then she
wanted to lay out the other (TwirlyGirl) dress we bought, so she could see it when she
woke up in the morning! So cute - and such a hit!!

Sherise | New Orleans, LA

It is amazing, just being in the dresses makes the girls happy. I wish that you could see
the twirly (last name) girls in their new dresses (which we are in a constant state of
flipping to the other side, now the other side!) Thanks a million.

Mikel | Los Feliz, CA

The good news is that Adrianna ADORES her dress (she wore it for her school's open
house on Friday night): The bad news is that ROCCO wants one (trying to talk him
down on that)

Ria | Redondo Beach, CA

...I have a problem with the dress: my daughter won't take it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
She ABSOLUTELY loves it! Looks like I'll have to get another one.

Lori Turbow | Chatsworth, CA


Just wanted you to know that among all the new toys the FIRST thing Grace wanted
was to put on her twirly dress...once in awhile (she stops) to reverse it and wear the
other side. She loves, loves, loves i! Thank you for letting me thrill my little girl on
Christmas morning.

Kristen Nicastro | Burbank, CA


The Twirly Time Traveler - "(Libby is) Still twirling in her original Reversible TwirlyGirl dress from 2 1/2 years ago! I like how she pairs the dress with jeans and the cool shoes - inspiring for big girls - eh?" That's a lot of growing room. (Libby is pictured below)

Madeline | Portland, OR 



Mother's Day Picture of Ella riding her scooter in her WOW- Wings of wonder dress.

Maggie |  Santa Monica, CA



The ballet happened and Ruby (pictured below) was soooooooo proud to be in her Pinwheel dress, and I had so many people asking me about it!!!! It was PERFECT. Here are some warm up shots! THANK YOU! 

Clare | Los Angeles, CA



My nieces (5 and 7) absolutely LOVE their twirly dresses. They had to wear them out to
dinner - with boots and winter coats, as it's in the 30's here in Chicago. I knew they'd
like them, but never expected this kind of enthusiasm. (I'm sure the wild colors,
luxurious fabric and two-sidedness contribute to the appeal). Thanks for offering a
product that brings so much fun!

Jan | Chicago, IL


I gave the gift to my great niece this week. She loved the dress so much that she cried
when she had to take it off before going home! The blouse with the sequined cuffs
and the leggings are adorable, too.

Linda | Chicago, IL

My dresses arrived yesterday. They are gorgeous! I'd like to thank you again for your
patience regarding my indecisiveness when it came to reselecting.
I am soooo excited for my granddaughters. I know they are absolutely going to love
these dresses. What a wonderful endeavor your Twirly Girl creations are. It must be so
much fun to bring such excitement and joy to so many little girls and moms and grandmas.
Your success is well deserved. I can hardly wait until Christmas!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Terry | Shorewood, IL


Oh my god, they're gorgeous! Thank you so very, very much. I absolutely love them.
Now I just have to decide which girl gets which dress. Maybe they'll be willing to share.
Thank you thank you!

Paula | Los Angeles, CA


I just wanted to let you know that I gave my 4 year old and 6 year old the dresses, tops and leggings for Christmas and they just loved them. They wore them to visit relatives in Texas
and were in the airport twirling and spinning. They also loved being able to change the
dresses inside out and have completely different dresses. So thank you!

Alexandra | Bloomington, IL


Happy Twirlying!  Picture above submitted from Cheryl in Calabasas, CA.



A fabulous pic Missy sent us of her wearing our Women's Reversible Top (shown below)!  She says, "The shirt is so comfy and I already have received many compliments on it! I needed a new Facebook profile pic so I used this one!"

Missy | La Crescenta, CA



Stella just loves her TwirlyGirl outfits, she plans when to flip it and loves mixing it up!

Anita | Sunland, CA



Thank you so much for the Custom TwirlyGirl Dresses! The holidays were full of twirling! (Sisters pictured below).

Ms. Winchester | Davidson, NC




I just wanted to thank you so much for your quick service shortly before Christmas.  The WOW Dress was a huge hit and, although I am sure you get lots of customer photos, I thought I would attach a couple of my granddaughter in her dress (pictured below).

Grace | Glendora, CA  



3 flower girls made Custom Reversible TwirlyGirl Dresses. The girls designed the reverse side, and the bride designed the side worn in the wedding.  It's a brilliant idea to get the girls involved in the wedding and come away with a dress they will wear the rest of the year.  Read the bride's comments below-

Everyone (especially my little sweethearts) loved your dresses. The girls did in fact switch them over after dinner and they were the so excited and proud to show the side that "they made".  It was just one more personal touch that people noticed and appreciated. That, and the gals looked exactly what I envisioned when they walked down that aisle: young, wistful and sweet. Thanks for seeing that vision and helping me so much!

Susan & Curtis | Montreal, Canada



My daughter loves the WOW winged dress we got her for her birthday a few months ago, so we'll definitely be getting her a Can-Can dress for Christmas! It's great that she can play in them,too!  (pictured below)

Malee | Orlando, FL




We were at Sofie's school last night I was talking to her art teacher from last year and she was telling me how she loved all of Sofie's clothes last year because with all the layers and bright and funky colors etc. So of course I said it was TwirlyGirl!! :)  (Her girls are pictured below, wearing TwirlyGirl around town, even in a parade).

Angie | Rogers, MN




I purchased my daughter (pictured above) her first TwirlyGirl dress just a few weeks ago and she loves it. We also purchased some Love Em Leggings and the Treasure Pocket Jacket. They are all so cute. My daughter loves her TwirlyGirl dress so much that I have now placed another order for another twirly dress as well as the WOW dress. Can't wait until they arrive.

Amy | Derry, NH



We made it to GREECE! Stephanie sent this in of her daughter twirlying away in front of the Acropolis in our Pinwheel Dress. That's so cool!

Stephanie | NJ

Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter loves her Twirly Girl dress. She puts it on nearly every day to dance. She's very particular about her clothes -- both the feel and the look -- and so I am very happy to have found something that she loves so much. I am attaching a picture so that you can see how special she feels while wearing it. The quality and her joy while wearing it makes me happy that I paid it. Great idea, and nothing twirls better!
Lisa | Japan
Wanted to let you know how thrilled KatieAnn is with her new spring/summer wardrobe.  I thought I could keep them held back until Easter, but I caved and gave them to her over the weekend.  Her favorites are the wrap it dress, skipping skort, gotcha gauchos with all the tops.  Not one itchy thing in the batch and no bothersome seams.  Thanks for making such wonderful clothing in the USA for us.  We are reviewing to find a few more items for Easter now!  :)
Melanie & KatieAnn | California, KY
Sophia in our Trapeze dress, just strolling along.  Her mom sent us these pictures below.
Michelle | Silverlake, CA
OK, so here's the story about Suri Cruise.  She and her family were shopping in the Century City Mall in CA. Suri spotted one of our Twirly Dresses in the window of the store Riginals, and bought the one displayed! The bag that you see with the "R" on it (pictured below) is the bag THAT dress wass in. You may have seen a few other pictures of Suri wearing our Pinwheel Dress in magazines such as the May 2012 issue of People Magazine.
The Pinwheel Dress could NOT be more PERFECT for her sunflower recital and she LOOOOVES IT SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. She wants to wear it every day!
Clare | Los Angeles, CA
My daughter has autism and loves to spin in circles. She just received one of your dresses for the holidays and loves it! I think the dress is great, too. We wanted you to know that they are fantastic for special needs girls with sensory disorders. Maybe you could market your line through some autism sites? The colors, smooth fabrics and no buttons or zippers are wonderful for children like my daughter... And she is thrilled by the reversible option, too. Thank you!
Skye Lin | USA
Parents buy more TwirlyGirl because they are sick of seeing their daughter in the same dress all the time- because she wears it first every time it is back in the closet! And another one is that TwirlyGirl causes you to do small loads of laundry often so that said dresses are clean and ready for wear again. If you avoid this, it may cause your sweet daughter to dig through her dirty clothes and try to get out of the house wearing it dirty. Causes a battle and a bad way to start the day!

I hope you are really proud of what you do. They really are fantastic clothes and my girls look and feel beautiful and comfortable when they wear them.  Anytime I can encourage that, I try to.  They should never feel like they need to sacrifice one for the other. Thanks for all you do!
Kim | Glendale, CA
Thanks! Getting your first Twirly Girl dress is a rite of passage in our extended family (all girls for several generations!)  Thanks so much for your amazing dresses!
Christine | Los Angeles, CA
I bought the pink/lavender sleeveless dress for our four-year-old granddaughter, Maggie, for her birthday in July.  It seemed like so much money for a dress, but let me tell you................

As her mother said, "That dress is on her body every single day it is not in the laundry."  I keep her enough to know how well it washes and how well it is made.  When I asked her why she wears it so much, she said, "Because I like it so much and it twirls!" 

Just wanted to share how happy we all are for her to own that very special dress!  And now that winter is coming, she is wearing leggings, body suits, etc., under fun is THAT to know! I'm sure we'll have to get another one soon.  Thanks for the smiles you bring to our little darlin'.
Charlene | Bloomington, IN
My two daughters absolutely love your dresses, and my younger one wears one of your dresses practically every day - I can't get her to take it off. Two of these are for the her birthday, so we can't wait. Thanks very much.
Will | Zephyr Cove, NV
Funny story . . .  I was walking in the hallway at the kids' school and I saw a little girl in red hi-tops and a super cute jacket and I thought to myself "That girl is so cute!"  It turned out to be my own kid!  But the main thing was that she looked so cute in your Treasure Pocket jacket.  She gets a lot of compliments on the jacket. And the best part is that she had her snack in one pocket and her pet rock in another!
Missy | La Crescenta CA
Macy (Tessa's sister) has requested her own twirlygirl dress! She wore Tessa's camping this weekend and hasn't gotten out of it. I tried to get her to change after her shower this morning and she threw a baby-sized tantrum. Can't wait for her to pick it out! 
Garland | Burbank, CA
I just love the new skirt style (Hummingbird Twirly Skirt) and so does KatieAnn. We can’t wait to get it to take on our Disney World trip, and we plan to wear it on our breakfast with the princesses.
Melanie | KY 


The other night I was talking to my daughter, Elesa, on the phone when she drove into her homestead in the country where they live. She said out loud, "There are my two beautiful daughters sliding on their sleds. Oh, now they're standing on the front porch in their TWIRLY DRESSES and coats and boots." I said, IT'S THE MIDDLE OF WINTER WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THEIR TWIRLY DRESSES??????" Come to find out, they are still their favorite piece of clothing and they wear them THREE TO FOUR TIMES A WEEK!!!! Oh what a hit they are. Birthdays are coming up, so I'll have to buy some more. Most sincerely and with much gratitude...

Katy | Philadelphia, PA

I was walking in the hallway at the kids' school and I saw a little girl in red hi-tops and a super cute jacket and I thought to myself "That girl is so cute!" It turned out to be my own kid! But the main thing was that she looked so cute in your Treasure Pocket jacket. She gets a lot of compliments on the jacket. And the best part is that she had her snack in one pocket and her pet rock in another!

Missy | La Crescenta, CA

My girls LOVE their TwirlyGirl dresses - had to get a bigger one for my oldest as hers is being passed down to her little sister... whose dress is being passed down to my youngest! They would wear them every single day if I let them :) Thanks!

Peggy | Park Ridge, IL


My daughter has three of your dresses that we got in The Art Mart in Sedona and it doesn't matter what I try to dress her in, she will ultimately take it off and put on her twirly dress. They have been worn over and over and over and still look good.

Wendy | Cornville, AZ


I want you to know how wonderful I think your clothes are! Last year the girls got the WOW dresses for their birthdays. We get so many compliments - can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Barbara | Pacifica, CA


Hey TwirlyGirl Customer Service -- Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your helping me out getting the right size in a design which I figured my granddaughter in Sweden would like. The package arrived this week and she has not taken the dress off!! She is so excited! Keep up the good work!!

Jane | Portsmouth, NH


Happy recipient of a TwirlyGirl Reversible Dress for Christmas!

Cindy | Akron, OH



OMIGOODNESS!!! My dresses and short outfit are beyond adorable!!! I can not wait to try them on my daughter (I am waiting until Friday - the first night of Chanukah), it will make a terrific gift. Thank you so much! This has been a wonderful purchasing experience.

Erin | Farmington Hills, MI



Ohhh! How delighted Mary Charles is with her new Twirlys!  Thank you ooooodles!!!! Today--Day 5 of Twirlyness--one of Mary Charles lil' friends commented on her dress-- and MC said, "Oh! It's a TwirlyGirl!" so excitedly!  She asked me to make sure to bring her dresses when I picked her up from school (no skirts/dresses allowed at school - Rats!)--and then she quickly changed and sighed with relief--I'm not kidding--like she was back in her own skin!  Thanks so much!

Courtney | Los Angeles, CA


I just had to give you feedback on the birthday gift for Georgia's friend. Apparently she has worn her TwirlyGirl dress every day since she was gifted with it! I just wanted you to know the profound effect you are having.

Ronni | Glendale, CA


My daughter lives in her twirly dresses and gets so many compliments!

Lisa | Madison, WI


My 4 year old niece LOVED the TwirlyGirl dress I gave her during my visit.  I was there for a week... and she wore it every, single day :-)  She loved the leggings as well.  Your TwirlyGirl designs are so fun and cute!

Vicky | Pasadena, CA


OMG -- you are a genius. Your Treasure Jacket is one of the most adorable items of little girl clothing I have ever seen. Tess and Abby LOVE them! They wore them on a pumpkin patch outing yesterday. In fact, Tess told me yesterday to "please send Ms. Cynthia an e-mail and let her know I love my treasure coat." They were immediately filling all of the pockets with rocks, shells, etc. and both loved the surprise feather! And, Tess didn't put up any kind of fuss this morning when I asked her to put on her jacket for school -- she actually ran to get it out of her room! Thanks again. 

Shannon | Los Angeles, CA



Clemencia truly loves your designs. (Her mom sent in the photos below from her 4th Birthday)

Ismenia | Los Angeles, CA 



The TwirlyGirl (Create Your Own) reversible dresses have arrived (pictured above), and are such a HUGE success, it is hard to describe. They loved the wonderful wrapping, with ooohs and ahhhs, smiles and immediately putting them on - twirling twirling twirling. They were most disappointed they were not allowed to SLEEP in them. First thing this morning, on with the dresses. Thank you Thank you Thank you!  

A very grateful, Grammie Katy | North English, IA 



I just cleaned out all 3 of my kids' closets and found one of my daughters in dire need of new clothes. She LOVES your line. She truly feels like a princess in your clothes. The colors, the cuts, everything about Twirly Girl makes her feel special. Thanks for doing what you do -- so well!!!

Michelle | Austin, TX


"Cassidy's really enjoying her dresses!", Karyn ordered a Custom TwirlyGirl dress, they both created what you see in the picture above. In this case 9 pictures speak louder than words.

Karyn | Onieda, NY



Just wanted to pass along thanks and high praise for your TwirlyGirl dress. A colleague recommended your site and my daughter is now a huge fan. Attached is a picture of her twirling in her first dress. After wearing her new dress two days in a row, she told me: "from now on, only Twirly Girl dresses -- okay, Mom?"  :). So, I think we will be repeat customers.

Shannon | Los Angeles, CA



Honestly, my daughter has never reacted to a dress like that before. She had the WOW dress on for 2 hours dancing around the house and in front of mirrors. She always get a ton of compliments when she wears it. And she tells everyone it is her Wings of Wonder dress!

Pam | Chicago, IL


We love "the skirt"! Our Clare has 4 brothers and wanted a skirt that was pretty but wide enough to run in AND twirl in ~ perfect! It looks great with whatever she pairs it with, and I was able to clean out her closet considerably. No need for lots of bottoms now. Thank you for your excellent products; I'll surely purchase more in the years to come and tell my friends!

Allison | Akron, OH


My daughter currently has a TwirlyGirl dress that I bought for her a little over a year ago and I can't get that thing off her back long enough to wash it, she loves it so much! These dresses wear and wash like iron, they're virtually bulletproof, and they're so fun and unique that it's definitely worth the money, especially when you consider that an ordinary dress purchased at a place like Target will only last for a season at best. Thanks again, and keep up the wonderful work!

Robin | Burbank, CA


I promised I would send pictures so here they are. She was in heaven as you can see!! She loved her dress so much! Thank you again for making my daughter's Christmas so special yet again!

Donna | Westport, CT



We got the new dress! It's so wonderfully pretty - my daughter's friend LOVES it! They both wear them every day, and every time they get together to play. It's super cute. And we now tell them "it takes a twirl to raise a girl"! Thanks again!

MaryAnne | New York, NY


I have to say that my daughter never was interested in wearing dresses (maybe due to her active lifestyle - always on the move) until she put on a TwirlyGirl dress. I was at Nordstrom and picked two up. Once she wore it - she was hooked! I ended up buying two more (all the designs they had) and that's when I purchased the two on your website. The girl who would only wear pants now will only wear the "beautiful spinning dress." I have a 1 ½ year old who is consistently mimicking her older 3 year old sister "twirling" so I am actually going to purchase her one today.  Thanks so much. I just LOVE the designs - the bold colors are beautiful and after SEVERAL washes, they still look fabulous.

Wendy | Redmond, WA


Mood Garden Girl just hangin' out and WHAT?! TwirlyGirl at the Inauguration?! Wait, that's Legoland. Oh well, she still looks happy to be there. 

pictures below submitted by Louis | Altadena, CA 



I tell everyone who buys it that it's not just a dress-up dress or special occasion dress it is an EVERYDAY dress!

Monica | Santa Cruz, CA



I really like both Spinderella dresses...The color combinations are great. Thanks for making such cute and fun clothes for little girls. My daughter is only 5, but really tall. It is hard to find clothing for her that still reflects her age. We will definitely shop with you again.

Melissa | Vail, CO


We just received the dress yesterday! It's SOOOOO wonderful! My daughter came home with the babysitter and very soon after saw the dress (I hung it out so she could see it), and she was like, "What's this mommy?" And I told her it was her new twirly dress. She took it, looked at it, had a big smile and said, "I wanna put it on!" And she had it on for the whole rest of the day, twirling! She really loves it. It's so fabulous. Thank you so much!

MaryAnne | New York, NY

TwirlyGirl The Wall Street Journal
People | Suri Cruise
While jumping waves and digging in the sand with mom Katie Holmes in Miami earlier this month, Suri Cruise opted for a colorful and cute coverup instead of a swimsuit. Since we're big fans of the 5-year-old's chic mini style, we just had to get the details on her pretty floral-print frock. After a little digging, we found out she was wearing TwirlyGirl's Lovely Spring Dress, which she picked out herslef while window shopping with her parents in Century City...


Earnshaw's Magazine 
Featured in:
 Downtown NYC




Featured in: Born In The U.S.A. 

Cynthia Jamin, CEO and designer of handmade L.A. brand TwirlyGirl, adds that quick shipping and low minimums mean that they can be responsive to buyers' needs:
"We directly impact the buyer's bottom line. They don't have to keep a ton of inventory and order six months in out thereby [positively impacting] their cash flow."

Also featured in: On Trend Mixed Prints 


People's Pottery Fashion Show in NY

TwirlyGirl rocked the runnway at People's Pottery fashion show in Rochester, NY.


Modern Kiddo

Children develop these crazy obsessions with specific pieces of clothing. An Elmo jacket. A pair of orange crocs.  Those red mittens Grandma knit up last winter.

Well, it finally hit the Peach thanks to a package from Twirly Girl.  I had no idea that this would happen when I opened up the package the company sent for review.  Oh, but the gleam in the Peach’s eyes when she saw the Lots O Dots dress.  This little reversible number stole the Peach’s heart with its orange polka dots on one side and rosy lace skirt on the other side.

As soon as I slipped it over her head, the Peach knew just what to do—twirl!  I don’t know what they do, but this dress is cut to twirl.  And jump. And run and skip and basically keep up with any three year old’s exhaustive schedule.  Worn with those little UnderTwirl™ Shorts, well, that is her new summer go-to outfit.

When I do manage to pry the dress off of the Peach, I simply toss it into the washing machine and voila—it is ready to go again for another day of twirling and giggling and running and being the Peach. Like an old Timex watch, this dress takes a licking.

The L.A.-based company has its act together producing small batches of any given version of the different style outfits—giving the girls outfits as unique and exciting as they are.  The designs are made to be soft, comfy, and multi-functional—perfect for layering to be worn in all sorts of weather.

Did you have a favorite piece of clothing as a kid? How about your own kiddo?


Access Hollywood | Leni Klum

Leni Klum, Heidi Klum and Seal's daughter wearing a TwirlyGirl Original Reversible Twirly Dress®.


That's IT Mommy!

There are many kid’s clothing companies out there, with tons of adorable dresses making it hard for a busy mom like me to choose! When I came across TwirlyGirl, their various lines of skirts and dresses were a definite stand-out. The styles and fabric combinations are beautiful and unique. From their Superfun Clothing line, we were fortunate to test out one of their Wings of Wonder dresses, also known as a WOW dress. 

We were heading out for a family vacation just after the WOW dress arrived. I thought it would be a perfect last-minute addition to the luggage.  How fun to not only have a beautiful dress, but be able to take flight, too, at least in your child’s imagination. When the wings are not in use, the beautiful cape flows down her back as a fun accent. I loved the way the cape danced in the gentle breezes, too. The dress also comes with the headband shown in the picture (it’s matches the bottom ruffle of the dress). The headband is long enough that it can also be tied around the dress to create an empire-style dress or tied around the waist.

A huge plus for this dress, too, is that it is machine washable. It went through my usual test of three washes to test the durability. I kept this one in a mesh bag due to the cape and washed it on Delicate cycle and it has held up really well so far! Despite all the flapping Kieran does and the three washes it’s undergone, there is not a single fray in the edging or snag in the cape. There was even an impromptu “roll-around-on-the-grass” session that the dress held up to!

I would say Kieran definitely loves this dress. Her face lights up when I ask her if she wants to wear it. There’s an air of whimsy when she wears it, as she loves showing her wings off to her friends and family. She’s also into grabbing the cape and wrapping it around her body.  This has definitely been the most fun dress she has ever worn.

It’s definitely worth the price as it’s pretty enough to be used as a formal dress to say, a wedding, but durable enough to be used for everyday play. Based on the fitting description on the website, I was torn between getting a 3T as I thought the 4T would be way too big, but it ended up being a perfect fit (at review time, Kieran was 40” tall and 37 pounds). If you are on the fence, I recommend going up a size.

TwirlyGirl is a Los Angeles-based clothing company. They’re a socially conscious company as well, and a portion of their sales go to such organizations as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, The Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting, The Strongheart Fellowship Company, and This American Life.

That’s IT Mommy friends, Heather & Kieran



by Leeroseemery

Here is my criteria for kids’ clothes: they have to be comfortable, they have to be fun and they have to look like they are actually clothes for children, not mini adults. Most importantly, kids’ clothes have to be a good value. Here’s a line of girls’ clothing which is adorable, fanciful, comfortable, and reversible - just think two dresses for the price of one!  TwirlyGirl was started by LACityMom Cynthia Jamin, who started making dresses for her daughters.  Her daughters were particular, and they desired dresses that “twirled,” dresses that could be party dresses, but also could be worn every day.  Soon after, a company was born. 

Similar to Lauren Hines story with Okkies, the boy’s clothing line, both these industrious LACityMoms saw a nitch that needed to be filled, and built successful businesses filling them.  You and your daughter can also create your own TwirlyGirl dress by choosing four of your favorite fabrics from the company’s fabric gallery.  We should all have more twirling in our lives. 


Sugar Pop Ribbons

Now that my daughter is 6 going on 13, she has her own opinion on what she likes and does not like to wear. While I want her to be able to express her individuality though her clothing, I still want her to dress appropriately for her age. DD does not like to wear jeans or shorts. Whenever possible, she prefers wearing dresses. As such, we are always searching for cute and unique dresses for her. Lucky for us, TwirlyGirl offer super fun dresses that DD adores and these dresses definitely has our stamp of approval.

DD received this TwirlyGirl Vedette Long Sleeve Dress to review and she just loves it. The dress is super soft, it has a unique look to it and it fits her perfectly. She thinks that it is so much fun to twirl around in it.

If you are looking for great quality girl's clothing, then I recommend checking out TwirlyGirl. Your little princess will enjoy twirling in her dress as much as mine does.


by Nicole

When I first found out that I was having a girl nearly five years ago, I immediately started to think of ballerina-clad bed sheets,  big puffy tutus,  sparking tiaras, glittery shoes, twirly dresses and other girly getups like the WOW Wings of Wonder™ dress from TwirlyGirl®. Luckily, my baby turned out to be just as much of a princess as I assumed she would!

TwirlyGirl® offers a huge selection of the most darling girls clothing to get your kids imagination going. Everything they carry reeks of girly-frilly-princessy-playtime fun, from their signature reversible dresses to their easy, comfortable trapeze dresses. They even sell coordinating bandanas and headbands to go with all of their dress styles.  The only downfall is that there are so many color and print combinations, it makes it nearly impossible to choose just one!

After much deliberation, we decided to check out the WOW Wings of Wonder™ dress in Pixie Dust Petals — a rich, vibrant purple with a floral print skirt and pink, polka-dot FAIRY WINGS!!  My daughter was in love with this dress from the minute she opened the package (which was a work of art on its own).

We headed outside to indulge in a “fairy photoshoot” and that’s when the magic happened.

In addition to the WOW Wings of Wonder™ dress, we also received a pair of UnderTwirls™, soft & comfy shorts designed to be worn under any of the TwirlyGirl® dresses and skirts. The one’s we received were “Lively Lola” and went perfectly with our Pixie Dust dress.  Our dress also came with a coordinating belt that can be worn around the waist to hold down the “wings” or as a hair accessory when your fairy is flying around town, because all good fairies know how to keep their hair under control!

Real Mom Reviews

Carlee is very much a girlie girl. She likes purses, princesses and of course dresses. If it were up to her she would wear dresses all year long! TwirlyGirl is known for their amazing dresses that literally make your little girl ‘twirl’ in excitement!

I was sent TwirlyGirl's beautiful Rappin Ruffle Dress in Dreamy Moonlight! “How stripey can you get?  Very! And let’s just say it’s a rockin’ good time to be out in this dress.” The dress is made from soft jersey knits and comes in sizes 2T to 14 to fit almost any princess!

Baby Shopping Sites

By Maggie Storm
I can speak with confidence about the moms on the famed "westside" of Los Angeles' love for these amazing dresses.  And we were fortunate to have the opportunity to review their new Pinwheel dress for you!
Ella put on the dress at 2:00 today and refused to take it off, even for our pizza party picnic.  But the fact that these dresses are so durable, so washable, so playable, gave me little question on whether or not
she could wear this dress with the most greasiest of dinners.  Whether she was twirling around (until she fell on her tush) or climbing her playset, this dress held it's own.  It is the perfect length for ladder climbing as well as pretending you are a Pteranadon.  And as an added bonus, the lovely streamers of color give her twin brother a suitable leash to lead her around the backyard. 
Make sure you check out this new design but also check out their classics.  One trusted Westside mom told me, "these are the perfect dress - you can crumple it up and throw it in a bag, even crumpling it small enough for a ziploc, and they do not wrinkle at all."  So for those of you who are flying out for special events or just going out to dinner, these are the ULTIMATE in little girl's wear!

The Funky Monkey

My daughter is the biggest tomboy. She has an older brother and wants to be just like him. However, she's only 6 so I can get away with dressing her up in pink, which ironically, is one of her favorite colors.

She's a total animal lover! If she's wearing a dress, you better bet it has some kind of animal on it or is in a color that resembles an animal. She's big on pretending - so if it's blue, I tell her she looks like a blue bird and it's all good. I can get her to wear floral hair pieces if she feels a butterfly may land on it that day. Get the picture...

TwirlyGirl sent me a precious dress with wings attached. My daughter adores it. I love their quirky patterns and super fun clothing. It's such a breath of fresh air!

The WOW Wings of Wonder Dresses™ are so pretty. They sent a size 6 and it fits perfectly. The hidden elastic wristbands are genius. I love that little girls everywhere can express their creativity with TwirlyGirl clothing.

Los Angeles Magazine

TwirlyGirl on display as the works of art for girls clothing in local Los Angeles store, Flicka.


My Wee View

When I was a small child I would tie heavy scarves to my head so that the length of them would run down my body. To complete my outfit, I tied my housecoat's arms around my waist so that the main fabric would flow like a train behind me. Then I would spin and spin and spin, a whirling dervish knocking over my mother's bric-a-brac, until I landed in a crazy dizzy heap on the floor. I loved the feel of the blood pooling in my fingertips and my head emptying of all cares as I imagined the centripetal force carrying me toward the sky. I loved too the feel of my scarves and headcoat as they flew out in a wide berth around my body; I believed that one day I just might fly after all.

TwirlyGirl's founder, Cynthia Jamin, has brought these wonderful memories flooding back with her fashions for young girls. The satiny Fab Fuchsia Bubbles Trapeze Dress and matching headscarf I received for review and her line of dresses and skirts billow with the slightest breeze and twirl of the girl. But the fun does not stop there. TwirlyGirl has colour jam packed in every item, with fabulous print combinations that scream imagination and playfulness. TwirlyGirl's selections are not for the fashion feint of heart, as they cater to exactly with little girls are made of.

TwirlyGirl was inspired by Cynthia's two daughters, who needed unique fashions that were both practical to run around in and beautiful enough to be admired. Although this seems like an almost impossible order, Cynthia rose to the challange and then added a design that allowed the clothing to twirl. And if the wearer happens to get bored with the pattern, many of TwirlyGirl's fashions are reversible. By the way, every piece of clothing is made by hand in Los Angeles. TwirlyGirl offers vibrant choices in dresses, skirts, leggings, jackets, pants, shorts, accessories, full outfits and a little something called Wings of Wonder (you MUST check these out!!!). Of course, if you want, you could always create your own colour and pattern choices; TwirlyGirl offers custom clothing. The clothing is easily washed in cold water, lying flat to dry.

As an extra bonus, TwirlyGirl donates a portion of their sales to The Center for NonViolent Education and Parenting, The Strongheart Fellowship Program and This American Life (I am a huge fan of this public radio show out of Chicago).

TwirlyGirl's website has a colouring book page, their own music and is in the process of making their own music video.


The Fashionable Bambino

TwirlyGirl is daring little girls to express themselves through crazy prints and fun patterns. They are asking them to be different and unique. They are the creators of the Original Reversible Twirly Dresses and Skirts®. They sell dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, doll clothing, skirts and have just added dresses for babies too. TwirlyGirl even has the option for little girls to design their own dress online with the help of mom!

What’s not to love about crazy clothing that is reversible and fun?... Your little girl can have fun picking out a brand new outfit for her that will inspire creativity and invoke a sense of uniqueness inside of her.

They sent us the Spinderella Dress and Capri Love Em Leggings. My daughter wears her TwirlyGirl pieces all the time and loves them. I am constantly seeing her flitting around the house wearing her new outfit from TwirlyGirl.

As a mom I love how well their products wash up. I also love that TwirlyGirl is as unique and wild as my youngest daughter is. The prints and colors are so very colorful and I love how high quality the fabric and design materials are.
All the TwirlyGirl pieces are really well made and would make an excellent back to school outfit or birthday present for little fasionistas all over.


Kids Trends Weekly Magazine

V 4 Issue 7: Holiday Gift Guide

We've put together the most fun and fabulous gifts worth every penny and they're all available online, so skip the frenzy and shop by mouse this holiday season.

Visit the TwirlyGirl Shop for Reversible Twirly Dresses with some serious swirling action. These dresses had to be made reversible to account for the fact that little girls will want to wear them every day!

Buttercup Boutique Fashion Show

Buttercup Boutique, owned by Cindy Carnes, hosts a fashion show in Rome, Georgia including several TwirlyGirl styles.

Tot Trends Weekly Magazine

V 6 Issue 9: Holiday Gift Guide

We've put together the most fun and fabulous gifts worth every penny and they're all available online, so skip the frenzy and shop by mouse this holiday season.

Visit the TwirlyGirl Shop for Reversible Twirly Dresses with some serious swirling action. These dresses had to be made reversible to account for the fact that little girls will want to wear them every day!

This Mama Loves Her Bargains

TwirlyGirl® sent my Busy girl a Reversible TwirlyGirl® Racer Dress in The Fairy Gardens print. They also thought to send a pair of Hoppin Heather UnderTwirl™ Shorts to keep her underwear as underwear and not visible to anyone when she’s twirling (which is nonstop when she wears this dress).

As you can see by the photos, the dress delivers on the twirly front.  I’ve never seen a dress for a little girl twirl so much.  It was an instant favorite!!  The dress feels silky smooth to touch and hangs so nicely- just beautifully made and the colors and print combinations are sure to delight any child.  (I’m happy to report that the folks at TwirlyGirl® have also thought to include women at least for 2 top styles…which hopefully will be coming with ME to Los Angeles in a few weeks!!)

MY favorite part aside from the cute print and the twirl is that the dresses are reversible- you really get two dresses for the price of one!!  This is good because the TwirlyGirl® brand isn’t an inexpensive one- although you definitely do get high quality craftsmanship and fabric, so this dress will last through at least a few kids- and being reversible, you really do get 2 dresses for the price you pay.

I love the complementing patterns and fabrics, and the UnderTwirls™ make me very, very happy as a mom because I feel like manufactuers of girls’ clothing stop making bloomers right when girl seem to finish potty training, when they NEED the coverage so their underwear isn’t exposed when climbing and twirling.  You can see the shorts in the Hoppin Heather in some of these photos- just a peek- they are so soft and so comfy, and a nice light fabric so your girl isn’t getting hot and uncomfortable while wearing them.

Not only does TwirlyGirl® make beautiful twirly clothing for girls (and women!), they also give back, and it’s very hard to not love a company that has a heart and follows their heart with their wallet too.  Right now they donate a portion of all their sales to the Echo Center which helps families connect in supportive and non-violent ways. You can read more about the twirls, girls, and company here.

Full Time Mama

My daughter is your typical girl; she loves to dress up and look pretty, and especially loves an adorable girls dress.  TwirlyGirl® is an online store that appeals to any little girl who enjoys a pretty and fun dress.  I think that pretty much covers every girl I know!

I'll be honest... I haven't let Brooke look at the website. Why? Because if I do I'll hear over and over every day her wish list, and I'm just not sure I'm ready for that yet! However, as her birthday and Christmas approaches I'll have to let her make a wish list.  It's wonderful to know that, whatever she picks, I'll love it too!

TwirlyGirl also sells tons of other fun items too, including jackets, leggings, shorts and more! We were so lucky to be able to review one of the Reversible Happy Halter TwirlyGirl Dresses- Sparkly Rain- and a pair of the shorts- the Stylin' Stella UnderTwirl™ Shorts!

All of the Reversible Twirly Dresses are just that; reversible.  My daughter is the type that changes her clothes a few times a day.  She wears one outfit, gets it dirty, changes to another, gets sick of it, changes to another...  What more perfect outfit to wear than her Sparkly Rain dress?  When she wears it for church, (which she wants to do every.single.week), she wears one side for the morning service, and then for the evening service she wears the other side!  She looks just adorable in it!

This dress is made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex, making it hang nicely and feel great on as well.  And when she twirls in it, it puffs out so pretty and she loves it! I love that it's machine washable, and I don't have to dry it if I don't want to- Just lay flat to dry!

As I mentioned, we also reviewed a pair of shorts.  I didn't take a picture of her in them because, well, they're under her dress and I couldn't devise a creative, appropriate way to photograph them. But they fit her great, they're adorable, she loves them, and they serve their purpose! While we try hard to teach her to sit like a lady and behave appropriately while wearing a dress, she is still a busy, active little girl.  These shorts make me less concerned about that, knowing she's covered up.

So we obviously love the dress, but probably what I love best of all is the fact that TwirlyGirl is made in America.  It even says it right on the tag: "Los Angeles, CA" as well as the manufactured date and lot number!  SO you not only get adorable, fun clothing, but you support a company that's committed to putting Americans to work!  You can't go wrong- and really, who doesn't love to be right?!


Spring '10 Fashion Preview |  Positively Delightful - Joyous Hues Propel Spring



Twirly Girl, oh Twirly Girl how we love our Twirly Girl. Our Twirly Girl is named Kaia and she LOVES to twirl. Nothing makes her happier…except a lovely twirly dress to twirl in. The gorgeous WOW Dress – WINGS OF WONDER by TwirlyGirl is one of her absolute favorite dresses ever, mine too! We love the wings!!! This dress is exceptionally beautiful from the soft fabric, the gorgeous colors and how they go together to the billowy wings that are so magnificent. These wings help Kaia fly around the house, the park, and wherever else she goes when she is wearing this dress. We call it her Faerie dress because she feels like a Faerie when she wears it. I have washed this dress quite a few times as Kaia loves wearing it as much as possible there has been, no fading, shrinking, pilling, or anything else. The dress has held up beautifully and looks as beautiful as the day we received it. We are big fans of TwirlyGirl Kaia has already asked for more dresses from TwirlyGirl. The under shorts we received are I think my favorite under skirt shorts we have for Kaia. They are so incredibly soft, I mean it I would pick them over any other brand. The shorts are the perfect length for modesty while staying short enough to not show under any of the skirts and dresses she wears.

TwirlyGirl’s Superfun Clothing is all about inspiring the creativity in girls. They can create beautiful outfits and become walking pieces of art by mixing and matching all our separates together. Imagine where you can do no wrong and look fabulous every time! AND, because our pieces are limited runs, every item is special and fresh. No two girls are going to be wearing the exact same ensemble – YEA FOR INDIVIDUALITY CELEBRATED!

Busy Phillips' Daughter Birdie in TwirlyGirl

Busy Phillips' daughter, Birdie, is seen in our Original Reversible Twirly Dress.  Busy stars in the TV show Cougar Town.

Indy's Child

"Express your inner twirl" is this company's motto and our little testers put this idea to the test, spinning around tirelessly in this irresistibly twirly reversible dress. Very well made in beautifully paired colors. Two looks in one incredible dress.

Baby on Bored

by Stephanie Wilder Taylor

Okay, here’s my new thing: I am going to put up some things that I absolutely love just because I can! This is not advertising. I just feel like telling everyone about a few of the things that I’m into. Okay, first up: Twirly Girl! I first found these dresses when I edited a mom’s website and they sent a dress for my daughter. Well, she fell in love with it right away and hasn’t stopped wearing it for years. The other day I was looking at a bunch of pics of Elby and I noticed she wears the dress in almost every photo so I emailed the owner of Twirlygirl, Cythia Jamin, to tell her how much Elby wore the dress. Well, Cynthia decided to send me another one plus, one for each of the twins. The dress Elby loves is reversible, one of a kind and it twirls!!! She’s also wearing Twirlygirl leggings underneath which are made of the softest material you’ve ever felt. Matilda is decked in a WOW dress which stands for wings of wonder. It’s so ridiculously sweet. The back of the dress has these butterfly wings that the little girls can hold up and twirl around. Then there’s Sadie. She’s wearing a trapeze dress which came with a matching hat. Could you seriously die at all this ridonkulous cuteness? Ever since Elby got the second dress she’s been attached to it and getting a million compliments. 

Real Simple Magazine

We've carefully selected pieces for all sorts of finicky dressers, whether your little one refuses to wear a coat or insists on wearing a tutu."  FOR THE KID WHO REFUSES TO GO OUT IN A JACKET:  "Girl's will love the Treasure Pocket Jacket from TwirlyGirl. It has 11 pockets for hidden treasures."

Westside Today

Favorite Things for Kids in LA

The original TwirlyGirl Reversible Twirly Dress (sizes 2-12) is all that the name promises. A dress that can spin and flow like a top in scrumptious colors and imaginative patterns, sure to be a little girl’s favorite dress. Available at the following stores in Los Angeles: Babies A La Carte, Flicka, La Babes, Mechie and Riginals [and more].


Hudson's Children'sWear Magazine

Featured in the Industry News section and the back cover.

My Silly Monkeys

Growing up I was such a girly girl. I remember dressing in all sorts of dresses and spinning around to make them flow. As soon as I found out, and believed, Princess was a girl I dreamt about all the dresses I would put her in. I think I might be a little obsessed with them. You will rarely find Dot dressed in anything but dresses or skirts, I would say about 95% of the time that is what she wears.

As she gets older I pray she is a girly girl and loves dresses as much as I did, and when she is old enough I have found the PERFECT place to shop…meet TwirlyGirl®!

TwirlyGirl® is THE place to shop for little girls who love to twirl. Their fun prints and bright colors are sure to delight any young girl. They carry everything from dresses to skirts to undershorts to leggings and everything in between.
I picked out the Petal Party Reversible Twirly Dress™ to review because I loved the color combination on it, and apparently so do others because it is sold out right now. I know it seems pricey but you have to remember these are reversible dresses so you are pretty much getting 2 dresses for the price of one!

I absolutely love the packaging that TwirlyGirl® uses, I mean isn’t this almost too cute to even open? Their UnderTwirl™ Shorts are so super soft that I want a pair for myself! They are made to keep your little one’s assets covered while she twirls. These little shorts are cute enough to wear on their own… I am so impressed with how TwirlyGirl® turned the oridinary dress into an Original Reversible Twirly Dress™ that any girl is sure to love! I now recommend them to all my friends!

Philadelphia Examiner

TwirlyGirl Turns Head

There is something irresistible about a long, full, fluid skirt.  It makes a girl... want to twirl.  Not that there aren't already lots of reasons to like TwirlyGirl, a line of decidedly fun, ebuliiently colorful and delightfully creative clothes for fashionistas in training.  To put TwirlyGirl to the test we recruited little Lucie Liebler of Wilmington, Del. Lucie's mom Kym slipped one of TwirlyGirl's reversible dresses (wow, two dresses in one!) over Lucie's head.  Lucie smiled and her brown eyes sparkled as she took in the rainbow stripes and fanciful florals on the skirt. She ran inquisitive fingers over the fluttery fabric.  And then Lucie began to spin!  She skipped on the green grass. She giggled. She flipped the folds of the skirt up and down like butterfly wings.  Moms can expect an equally exultant response when they send their little girls off to the first day of school in a TwirlyGirl.


By Stevie Wilson  

TwirlyGirl: a New Line of Imaginative, Colorful & Fun Clothes for Girls!!

Looking for super-cute girly girl line of clothing from TwirlyGirl!! These adorable dresses, separates and accessories are totally amazing. Girly yet wearable, colorful and fun, this clothing line has everything a girl could want and more ( plus a few grown-up girls wishing they could wear these adorable pieces).  Cute as a button, lighter than air, fairy-girls who love being girls. 


Jabbering Jessi

Maddy is a very girly girl. She loves hearts, butterflies, pink and all things dress like. When I got the chance to work with TwirlyGirl® the answer was of course a resounding YES!!! The biggest problem I had with work with TwirlyGirl® was actually picking a dress out because they were all super cute, after much consideration and consulting Lee and my two girlfriends Jen and Alison we all agreed that the The Splendid Spring Original Reversible Twirly Dress™ was the perfect one for Maddisyn. After finally making my choice now came the hard part, waiting for it to get here.

Once it finally arrived I could not believe how cute it was in person, I mean on the computer they are cute but in person they are even more so. Maddisyn couldn’t wait to put it on and did not want to take it off after we did put it on her. She made sure to twirl and make sure everyone saw her beautiful dress spin, twirl and whirl around. TwirlyGirl® lives up to it’s name because this dress twirls huge. We took the dress to camp with us and took that time to take some really great pictures of Maddisyn twirling around in the yard. The setting was perfect and the dress was great, although Maddy did have some problems getting it to twirl big on uneven ground.

The TwirlyGirl® dress is a fully reversible dress so you have adorable colors on both sides. Maddy’s is a blue and rainbow on one side and a bright pink/yellow flowers on the other. She can never decide which side she wants to show off and makes me change it around at least twice while she is getting dressed in it before she fully decides which color she wants.
TwirlyGirl® sent us a pair of UnderTwirls™ too for under the dress and even those are super cute. We chose the Rockin Robyn Undertwirl™ Shorts because I think that the color goes best with the TwirlyGirl® dress. Maddy likes to wear them under all her dresses now and to be honest I don’t mind because it covers her panties, she is three and a half and does not always sit in the most lady like fashions.

I fully intend on buying Maddy at least one more TwirlyGirl® dress although I think it is going to be more then that because I am thinking it is going to be hard to pick just one again.

Care is easy for these dresses you machine wash and lay flat to dry. All TwirlyGirl® dresses contain cotton lycra, rayon, spandex, nylon and polyester. The fabric is bought in Los Angeles and the dresses are made there as well.


Baby Shoppe Santa Cruz

Fashion show!  GoGo Pants w/ Twist under our Original Reversible Twirly Dress®.

Thrifty & Chic Mom

Twirly Girl is the perfect description of my girls, when they get a new dress the first question they ask is “How Big Is The Twirl?” if it does not meet twirl standards I will have a hard time getting them to wear it. When I discovered TwirlyGirl dresses I knew they were made for little girls like mine. These colorful, flowy and extra big twirl dresses bring out the fantasy that little girls love! Everything about these dresses is just perfect for my girls they love to mix and match lots of bold colorful prints and of course the love BIG TWIRL. As a mom I love that the dresses are reversible and cute plus TwirlyGirl makes some adorable UnderTwirl™ shorts so your little girl can twirl away without a fear of immodesty.

These dresses are high quality craftmanship made right here in the USA, specifically in LA since 2007, plus they donate a portion of their profits to organizations that help children and families. I love that this company is celebrating little girls and their unique need to be vibrant, glamorous and just fabulously girlish. My girls are the epitome of TwirlyGirl and the look on my daughter’s face when she first put on her dress says it all. She received the Original Reversible Twirly Dress™ by TwirlyGirl® and UnderTwirl™ Shorts in the Free to Be color combination and it is just perfect! My favorite quote from founder Cynthia Jamin is “Every child on this planet is vibrant and extraordinary.” I couldn’t agree more and TwirlyGirl clothing helps a child express their vibrant fabulous side! TwirlyGirl makes more than just big twirl dresses so be sure to check out all the fabulous clothing they offer!


Mindful Mama

Do-Good Designs

By Debra Bokur

Some businesses that provide products created especially for children have a special handle on this concept, donating their wares or using a portion of their profits to give back to their communities, and to the world at large.


Every item in this vibrantly patterned girls' line is party-worthy. As an added bonus, many of the whimsical dresses and skirts are reversible, upping their lifespan and practicality.  Designer, owner, and mom Cynthia Jamin's commitment to kids and environmental issues includes educating children to be responsible, conscientious, peaceful citizens of the world.  Charities that benefit from TwirlyGirl sales include The Strongheart Fellowship Program and The Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting. The Strongheart Fellowship Program helps outstanding young people from particularly difficult situations worldwide develop into adults in leadership roles who can effect positive global changes.


Baby Loving Mama

I think someone is trying to tell me to have a girl. It is either that or someone really wants me to spoil my niece Bella with all the amazing apparel I’ve seen for girls lately. And I really can’t resist. It is like a cuteness addiction, I just can’t get enough of it. Since two year old Bella loves clothing and anything that she decides makes her look adorable, she is so much fun to spoil. And the apparel offerings from TwirlyGirl is the perfect way to do that!
TwirlyGirl started because of Cynthia, a mother who passed along her own unique fashion sense to her daughters. And because they craved something that would be fancy, easy to move in, reversible and would of course TWIRL, Cynthia set out to create the perfect dresses for them herself. Before long others wanted to know where she had purchased these creations and before long TwirlyGirl was born!

Since then the line has grown to include so many other fun clothing options beyond The Original Reversible Twirly Dress™ by TwirlyGirl®. You can also find dresses with wings in her Wow Wings of Wonder collection, Reversible Twirly Skirts, shirts, leggings, shorts, accessories and so much more. All fabric is hand chosen by Cynthia to be of the highest quality and each piece is sewn in the USA.

I really liked so many of the dresses available but The Original Reversible Twirly Dress™ by TwirlyGirl® was what I wanted for my niece because it was reversible. I love the idea of two dresses in one!The Splendid Spring Dress really grabbed my attention with sweet rainbow print and it immediately was my first choice. My sister ironically picked the exact same one, even with the great selection. It was meant for Bella! She loved her dress and enjoyed posing for me (at least to start) in her new dress. We also receive a pair of UnderTwirl™ Shorts which give fantastic coverage and allow for modesty and mobility! Bella was showing off her new shorts in no time!

The fabric is light and very cool to the touch. I can see why it would be fabulous in the summer and definitely the perfect every day dress.  The fabric is not prone to wrinkles and gives great versatility. I can imagine Bella getting a small stain on one side of the dress and my sister flipping it over to the other clean side!

There is just something carefree about this line, the kind of freedom that can only come from being young.  Keep in mind you are getting two dresses in one, not to mention something very unique indeed!

Breezy Mama

For you women out there–remember when you were little and you’d put on a dress only to start spinning to see how well it twirled? twirly girl makes it their mission to bring the girls in your life dresses and skirts that can twirl like no other. I love it. Owner Cynthia created the line because her girls, “. . . wanted a very special dress, unlike anything they had ever seen. And they had to be dressy enough to go to a ball! But they had to be comfortable enough to run around! And in case they got bored with one side, they had to be reversible. And they had to TWIRL!” And that they do.


HotMomsClub: Hot Products

The wings of Wonder... A twirly girl?
By: Natalie Klein

There is nothing better than finding the perfect present or outfit for a little girl. Wasn't it most of our dreams to stand outside in the wind and twirl till we could not twirl anymore? Didn't we wish we could have wings and just fly into the air like a butterfly? Well, twirlygirl has done it again with their wings of wonder dress. They come in many vibrant colors and come in size 3 -8. They are just adorable and way too cute!!!!! Don't these dresses make you wish you could be a child all over again? Or maybe twirlygirl will make twirlywomen? LOL


The Shopping Mama

I know it’s not a news flash to tell you that shopping for girls clothes is often way more fun than shopping for boys clothes. TwirlyGirl dresses are a perfect example of why that is true. The clothes are pure girly girl with dresses designed to maximize the twirl factor. TwirlyGirl was founded when Cynthia Jamin wanted to create the perfect dress for her daughters. The result was the The Original Reversible Twirly Dress™ by TwirlyGirl®.

My daughter has been spinning herself silly in the Trapeze Dress from TwirlyGirl. As my daughter grows more opinionated about what she wears I find myself breathing a sigh of relief when she reaches for something we can both agree on. She likes the Trapeze Dress because it fits her princess-dress requirement, feels silky and is super-fun for twirling. (In fact, she likes it so much the first time she wore it she insisted on wearing it to bed. I don’t recommend this but I still let her do it.) I like it because she looks put together and adorable in one easy to clean and wear dress.

I also love that the Trapeze – and all TwirlyGirl dresses – look unique and special. The bright fabric combinations and unusual patterns and dress shape definitely stand out in a crowd. And, on the super practical side, TwirlyGirl also offers UnderTwirls – simply the best under skirt shorts to cover underpants. Twirl away with no care in the world, girls!

Kids seem to know how to have fun, no matter what the financial market is doing. 
This adorable TwirlyGirl dress, found at Baby Shock in Westhampton, is popular - and reversible.

Mudpies & Mary Janes

Holiday Guide

My daughter loves to dress up and play make believe, especially pretending she is a fairy or princess. She often wears tutus or wings around the house and hates having to take them off when we go out. If you have a little girl on your Christmas list who loves to dress up, you should definitely check out TwirlyGirl. TwirlyGirl has an amazing selection of fun clothing for girls, including twirly dresses. The slogan on their website is "wearable fantasy for everyday", and their clothing is all about inspiring creativity in girls. TwirlyGirl clothing is made of bright, fun fabrics perfect for young girls. All of their clothing is made in Los Angeles.

TwirlyGirl generously sent my daughter a WOW - Wings of Wonder dress in the Freedom fabric. This dress is absolutely gorgeous and can be worn pretty much anywhere. It is super soft and comfortable to wear and really flows when my daughter moves around. The dress itself has big blue polka dots, with a blue, pink, white and green print trim. The attached wings are pink with silver sequins sewn in, which really sparkle in the sun. The best part about the gorgeous dress is that it has hidden elastic wristbands in the wings, which my daughter can put her fingers or hands through when she is ready to fly. With her wings she can become a fairy, butterfly, superhero, or anything she can imagine. My daughter LOVES her Wings of Wonder dress and talks about how beautiful it is. She wears the Wings of Wonder dress often, and thinks it is so cool that she can become a fairy when she is out of the house. I think that the dress is very well made and like that it can be machine washed and dried. The amount of creativity that this dress brings out in my daughter is fantastic!

Home Grown Families

I love clothing that allows my little girl to be free and pure. Clothes that move with her~ and allow for freedom of expression and play. TwirlyGirl has a motto that is near and dear to my heart:

"Society wants your girls to grow up so fast. Let them to stay young".

Amen to that TwirlyGirl!! I always look for clothing that is vibrant, playful, and modest. Little girls clothing should be an extension of their personality, and should be as unique as they are. My daughter is quite the quirky one with lots of spunk in her little 20 lb self. Her Gazelle Hoodie looked adorable on her, and fit her style to the tee!!

Paired with the Gateau Royale Skirt she was free to hop, skip, and twirl around! The adorable skirt has a thick elastic soft waistband that flows into the asymmetrical skirt. Each layer is uneven with graduated colors, and lengths. It is so her.

TwirlyGirl dresses have been worn by tons of celebrity kids for their uniqueness and free spirited trendy look. I love the way they make her feel~ empowered and free. I think what she wears plays a huge impact on her feelings.

Shop TwirlyGirl for the perfect outfit to fit your daughters unique personality! Their new wearable art collection has 52 pieces, surely something to make her feel confident and playful in! 

Vivid Living

TwirlyGirl- Home of the famous and absolutely loved TwirlyGirl Reversible Dress (a staple in the Zeff girls wardrobe, for sure) Want fabulously fun, flowy, ultimately stylish dresses, skirts, outfits and accessories? Need a gift for a birthday or other special occasion? You’ve found it. Their style, quality, attention to detail and customer service is unsurpassed.

Julie Zeff - Owner, author

Baby & Kids

"TOP, RIGHT COVER: Reversible Twirly Dresses® from TwirlyGirl inspire creativity and movement 
with ever-changing patterns.  As two dresses in one, the garment reverses for more fun, twirly style.  

Kindred Spirit Mommy

I love the way these skirts and tops are made. The material is light so that it lifts easily with a spin. This particular skirt [Pinwheel Twirly Skirt] features colorful ribbons that flutter and add a twist to the twirl!

This is a very sweet outfit that embodies the joy of Spring to me! Little girls will love the excuse to put on a pretty new dress or skirt especially made for twirling.


My Sentiment Exactlee

My daughter is definitely all herself when it comes to fashion. She is edging on 8 years old and she already likes to mix and match colors and patterns as well as accessories to express herself as an individual. She loves to wear dresses. We recently had the opportunity to check out the clothing company TwirlyGirl® and their fun Twirly™ Dresses along with a pair of matching UnderTwirl™ Shorts.

Karolyn and I took a look at their website and the first thing we noticed is that all the dresses are reversible so ultimately you get 2 dresses in one. She loved how each dress mixes colors and patterns that a child can wear to express their individual style. It took us a long time to decide which one we liked best but eventually decided on the size 7 Free To BE Original Reversible Twirly Dress™. The first thing she did when she received the dress was see if her dress would twirl as well as the pictures on the website showed. The dressed did prove to be very twirly and it was cute to see that peak of the fun matching UnderTwirl Shorts. The dress is made of a super soft fabric that my daughter finds very comfortable. She is very slender however so the top is a bit wide on her even in a size 7 so if you are contemplating between 2 sizes I would definitely say to go the size down.

TwirlyGirl dresses are made in the USA and only produce a limited number of each style of dress. They have many different styles to choose from but if you want to be particular they even have a design your own dress feature which is amazing. You get to choose between tons of colors and patterns to make any dress truly unique and a work of art for your little lady.

Karolyn loves her Free To BE Original Reversible Twirly Dress
. She received a lot of compliments on it and a lot of inquiries as to where we got it. We have been giving out the website to friends and just random people on the street so if you get one too, be prepared to hand out the company info.

Eco Modern Mom

With little girls comes princesses, fairies, mermaids, butterflies, the list goes on. I just love that my daughter has the biggest imagination ever. When I speak to her I often get, "I am not Tehya, I am a princess". Playing dress up is a daily thing around here, she is constantly putting all her clothes and accessories on and taking them off again. Throughout the day this happens half a dozen times. Well I found the perfect dress that your daughters can wear all day long and satisfy their need to be a princess, a fairy, whatever it is they please. TwirlyGirl's WOW Wings of Wonder Dress™ is a dress that should be in every little girls closet.

This gorgeous dress looks like a swing dress from the front and comes with wings that have hidden wristbands in the wing tips so that it can be turned into whatever your child's imagination can come up with. When your little girl is not being a fairy, butterfly, or something magical simply drop the wings and they blend into the back of the dress and it turns into an adorable dress that you can wear out. The sash can be tied around the waist, used as a headband or a magical ribbon.

When my daughter's TwirlyGirl dress arrived in the mail it was packaged nicely, and Tehya was wearing it within 5 minutes of unwrapping it. She thought it was "pretty" and kept spinning to see it twirl with her. It is very flowy. After she discovered it had wings and I showed her how to hang on to the elastics, all she had to do was fly. She flew around the house, several times, back and forth pulling me along with her so I could fly too. She even jumped off the coffee table a few times to fly better, *sigh*. Then she insisted on going outside in the freezing cold to run with it and be a princess. Throughout the day I asked her if she wanted to take the dress off and she kept telling me "no, I'm just fine".

Lunchbox Magazine

It's a given that little girls love to twirl!
The hard part is finding the right dress that really does the trick! Well... look no further. Lunchbox was introduced to TwirlyGirl a while ago but really didn't get full effect until we saw the dresses in person. We were blown away by the quality of these reversible dresses. The combination of colorful patterns are so fun and creative they instantly put a little girl in that whimsical state of mind. Owner Cynthia Jamin definitely knows what little girls want...and that is lots and lots of color and a fabric that feels good against their skin. Thank goodness you get two dresses in one because we can pretty much guarantee a TwirlyGirl dress will become an instant favorite!


Gigi's | The Glob

designer spotlight: CYNTHIA JAMIN of TwirlyGirl

Today's glob features CYNTHIA JAMIN, the designer of TWIRLYGIRL! 

I'm so excited that she's decided to share a little ( A LOT actually!) with us about her business, her inspiration, and her life! I asked her a bunch of random questions and here are her answers in her own words...

GG: What's your inspiration?
CJ: I love the 60's and 70's because they introduced a ton of colorful prints at that time and there was a sense of fun and humor. Most of all, I want TwirlyGirl clothing to feel comfortable while at the same time being fun to wear. It's all about feeling great and reflecting that indivitual unique personality that everyone has.

GG: How long have you been designing?
CJ: I started TwirlyGirl in August 2007. I just fell into it and it's something that I never imagined myself doing. But, now I can't imagine doing anything else. Funny how life surprises us that way!

GG: Where do you live and work?
CJ: I live in Glendale, California with my two daughters, Roxy and Lola, and my husband, Michael, who is a sitcom writer. I did a guest starring role on "Just Shoot Me" and we met on the set. A Hollywood marriage that is truly a dream come true.
My offices are in the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles. I love it there.

GG: Favorite cereal?
CJ: Marshmallow Oaties by Three Sisters. It's the healthy version of Lucky Charms. It's a real treat!

GG: What's your favorite dance music?
CJ: I love to dance, I was a professional dancer way back when and danced on the Grammy Awards and various music videos - also at Radio City Music Hall. Today, I dance around with my daughters to "Put the Lime in the Coconut" or anything fun with a good beat makes me want to move!

GG: Did you love to dress up?
CJ: Yes, I dressed up as a kid. But the difference is, I'd wear it outside, not just in the house. My favorite outfit was striped overalls with a printed shirt underneath, rolled up cuffs with striped socks and blue suede clogs. Quite the look for a 10 year old growing up in Chicago. I felt totally unique and confident. I want girls to feel this way in TwirlyGirl.

GG: Favorite toys?
CJ: I didn't like dolls at all but loved stuffed animals. I collected Koala Bears. When I found out they didn't have nice personalities, I was a little sad. But in the end, I stuck by the Koala, thinking that maybe they were mean because they didn't have any friends. I was their friend, in the long distance pen-pal kind of way.

GG: Favorite treat?
CJ: I don't like cakey things, but love anything crunchy. Crisp chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate (not crunchy but so goooood), and little meringue cookies. Try this: cinnamon sticks dropped in fresh water, let it sit for 10 minutes. Drink this with a macaroon cookie on the side. It's amazingly delicious.

GG: Thanks so much for being part of glob!
CJ: Thank you for the opportunity to share with your customers. I think that what you do to engage them is wonderful and makes everyone feel so connected. Feel free to edit at will. I went a little nuts. It was fun though!

Of course I didn't edit a THING she said, I kept it all in! It's just too good!!

Design {for} Baby

TwirlyGirl: Wearable Fantasy

Don't you just love the imaginations of young kids? They're so care free, so creative, everything is just a magical playground, where all things are possible & there are no limits. Ahh, the beauty of childhood! As a mom, I do everything I can to help expand their creativity, and keep those little imaginations running strong, which is why I absolutely love the WOW- Wings of Wonder- dresses from TwirlyGirl!

These sweet dresses are absolutely perfect for your little fairies, who dream of doing nothing more than spreading their wings & fluttering away! The dress itself, is a beautiful, brightly colored dress itself, is a beautiful, brightly colored dress that your child will love all on its own---but, add the sweet frock in the back, and you've got something really special! The hidden elastic bands slide down from the shoulders to the wrists to turn from a flowing frock to wings of wonder!

My daughter recently had an opportunity to test out a WOW dress & she was in absolute heaven! I could see the sparks of creativity & imagination just flying around the room, along with her. She loves it & feels so special as she transforms into a beautiful, magical pixie. I have to say that there's nothing quite like watching her transformation... It's just so sweet, and her expressions of bliss are absolutely priceless.



Momma In Flip Flops 2

By Andrea Summers

My daughter loves dresses, but not any dresses .. they must have the twirl effect of you can be sure it will be put right back in her drawer. I'm not even kidding.. my little diva gets a dress out, puts it on, tries the twirl and if it's not satisfactory a new dress will be chosen.

I was thrilled (as was my daughter) for the chance to review The Original Reversible Twirly Dress™ by TwirlyGirl® and UnderTwirl™ Shorts. If you have a daughter or know a little girl who loves to twirl then these dresses are an absolute must. TwirlyGirl® has many different dresses to choose from and I love that they're reversible, so you really have two Twirly Dresses in one. We received the Floating Flower Petals Dress which features the soft pink flowers while the other side is bright and colorful.

The fit is great and I love that only a limited number of each of the dresses are made right here in the USA. Also available are the UnderTwirl™ Shorts that are cute and great to pair under your dress or the skirts. The UnderTwirl Shorts not only let your girl twirl while being modest but they look adorable as well. TwirlyGirl® also has a variety of great clothing to check out. This is definitely one of my daughters favorite dresses, she has been wanting to wear it daily and it's so much fun it's more like something we play dress up in but I love to let her wear it out of the house it's so cute!

Kanchi Magazine, Sydney Australia

Twirling in Reverse

The Original TwirlyGirl Reversible Dress®; launched by Cynthia Jamin; as a form of inspiring creativity in her children; has lead to this label now inspiring many other young girls.  These walking pieces of art; allow children to mix and match the separates as they wish; enabling them to use their creativity to concoct new outfits all the time.  All the designs are made in Los Angeles California.  Due to a small number of each item being produced; no two girls will be seen wearing the same outfit; another way in which the designer encourages; the celebration of individuality in her young clients.



ENK Children's Club NYC, NY

Undeterred by any economic woes, a number of new companies popped up at last month's ENK Children's Club show, proving bright spots exist for Spring '09. And their timing couldn't have been better: According to established manufacturers, the mood at last month's show was worlds apart from the March gloom that hung over many retailers. Earnshaw's editors pillaged the aisles to find the top looks from the show's newcomers, which are sure to get buyers salivating and, when it comes to consumers, force even the tightest pocketbooks to open.

Flights of Fancy: TwirlyGirl
Glendale, Calif.-based TwirlyGirl's fanciful apparel for sizes 2 to 12 includes Twirly reversible dresses and skirts that float and flutter when girls twist and spin; WOW Wings of Wonder shift dresses with fabric wings; a long sleeved, tiered Spinderella dress; and a variety of tees and leggings. The poly/cotton blend pieces combine a quirky mix of fabrics and bold prints. Designer Cynthia Jamin does limited runs so retailers have a unique assortment.


My Springfield Mommy

Do you have a little girl in your life who loves to dress up, believes she is a fairy or just dance around the house for no reason?  If so you must see the collection from  TwirlyGirl®.  It is "super fun" and offers some of the most unique pieces I have ever seen.  Each piece is made with detail in mind, the collections are made small and new styles are introduced often.

• They are best known for their Original Reversible Twirly Dress™". The Reversible Twirly Racer™ is sort of a spin off of the Original Reversible Twirly Dress™.
• Comfy, soft and of course very Twirly™.
• Two dresses in one, flip for a new mood.
• Each dress is a work of art - Only a limited number of each version is proudly made in the USA (Los Angeles, CA to be exact.

If you have a little girl, then you know how important dance is to them.  Our daughter is so passionate about dancing that at three she is in two classes and if given the chance would be in more.  The one class she is in is very structured and the other is more relaxed.  Either way twirling is involved.  When I first showed The Fairy Gardens Reversible Twirly Racer Dress™  and UnderTwirl™ Shorts she was not impressed, I am pretty sure she assumed it was "just another dress"  then last week she spent the evening dancing at a family event and as soon as she did the first twirl and she saw how the dress responded she came back and told me "this is an adorable costume"  All I could do was laugh.

Everyone loved how the dress fit her, and how when she did twirl the skirt was so light that people had to give her more space to "show it off".

The collection is unique, colorful, and most pieces are reversible.  The fabric is washable and made for a lot of wear and tear, they wash up perfectly (I let it air dry) and do not wrinkle.  Needless to say the TwirlyGirl® collection of dresses should be on everyone's list.



Lunchbox Magazine Blog

So it was just as we suspected… put one of these Twirly Girl dress on and watch the girls spin! We were lucky enough to test out two of Twirly Girl’s designs and our little testers just loved them. One of the girls is not really even a girly girl at heart… she likes to wear shorts and baseball caps backwards, but when the dress came on it was like magic. She just loved the feel of it on her skin and loved the way it moved. You must go to their site and check for a location near you or order online. I promise… you Mom’s will be asking…” can they make these dresses in my size”!


TV Guide Network

The Fashion Team

Little ones modeling TwirlyGirl for Spring in April 2009.  Highlighting the Reversible TwirlyGirl Dress.


Susan's Disney Family

TwirlyGirl, fun dresses and outfits for girls who love to twirl!

Are you looking for some new clothing options for your little girl this fall/winter season? Well I have found a great site that is full of fantastic fashions for little girls. I would like to introduce you all to TwirlyGirl, here is  a little more information about TwirlyGirl from the website:

Attention trendsetters, You fashionable girls, Behold the dress, The one that Twirls! The one you love, The one you made famous, You’ll spin till you’re giddy, And no one will blame us. But of course we have more, There's so much in store. And jeggings and leggings, And skirts that will please. There's tees and shirts, With short and long sleeves. And look!  There's shrugs! And really cool skorts. Made in America, There are no imports. Be it jacket or coat, Children take note, “It's wearable ART,”.

There are so many fantastic items on the site, here are a few of my favorites:

WOW Wings of Wonder Dress™
The Can Can Dress
Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt

My daughter loves to pick out her clothes, the bolder and brighter the better. So when I showed her dress and leggings from TwirlyGirl  she nearly popped. The dress and leggings sum up her clothing style and taste very well. Colorful, with prints and stripes and the dress twirls like no body’s business! She loves to twirl so when I told her the name of the clothing company she thought I was kidding until she read the tag, then she began to chuckle and twirl some more.

I love the clothes too, I like the fact they don’t look childish while remaining childlike. I know that makes no sense but she hates dressing like a kid she’s 7 going on 29, the TwirlyGirl clothes make her feel grown up but they retain all the things you thinks of when dressing a kid because the colors are vibrant and the patterns stand out. These aren’t boring clothes, they’re far from it.

The Gazelle Hoodie she has is a top she absolutely loves, it’s blue and purple and it spins like a top when she twirls.

The polka dots, paisley and stripes all work together and it works on its own or with leggings. She’s a legging girl, she’s built for comfort and she loves these leggings. She loves their comfort but most of all she loves the color and stripes and these Cheshire leggings work perfectly with the Gazelle Hoodie top. The top size I asked for is actually bigger than I thought, but she will be able to wear this cute outfit next year too. Why be boring when you can fancy and colorful! Her words not mine.

So if you have any little girls who love to twirl, I would recommend a dress or an outfit from TwirlyGirl. With the holidays right around the corner, why not pick up a special gift for that special girl on your holiday gift list this year. I am sure she will love it and you will too.


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SLY Awards: TwirlyGirl
by Stephanie

When I was a little girl, I had a red & white dress that was "twirly." You know the kind I'm talking about. I could spin in circles and it would lift gracefully up in the air. I felt Pretty. Free. Happy.

Cindy at TwirlyGirl knows just such a feeling and she strives to recreate it for little girls across the country with her Reversible Twirly Dresses and Reversible Twirly Skirts. The dresses are designed to twirl, but they're not button-y and scratch-y and lacey (fancy dresses for girls too often fall in that category).

On the contrary, these dresses are comfortable, soft, and... made for play.



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Featuring TwirlyGirl's TGriffic Shrug.

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Holiday Gift Guide

TwirlyGirl offers adorable girls clothing for ages 2-12. The TwirlyGirl Original Reversible Twirly Dress is sure to get noticed on any girl. Not only are they stylish but they have tons of fun twirling around and seeing their big dress spin. These dresses come in a variety of prints and bright colors. You might consider their Wings of Wonder Dress or Treasure Pocket Jacket.

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For Your Future Fashionista
by Patricia Wersinger

If your daughter is a free spirit who is more apt to chase after the turkey rather than roast it in the pan, the TwirlyGirl collection of dresses is the style for her. TwirlyGirl is a line of wearable fantasy for girls who like colors, wild patterns and unusual pairings. Why be drab and nerdy when you can be bold and hip? For Thanksgiving festivities in nature or indoors, try the Twirly skirt matched with striped leggings and a matching snazzy top. Rolling on haystacks, collecting acorns or doing somersaults around the dinner table should be no problem for the girl wearing these spirited sets.

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Perfect for Summer...Superfun Skirts from TwirlyGirl Shop.
Let your girls twirl their summers away in these great skirts from TwirlyGirl & these beauties are even machine washable, how fabulous!!! All TwirlyGirl skirts are proudly made in Los Angeles.

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Our Original Reversible Twirly Dress® and Love Em Capri Leggings are featured.

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Give It A Twirl And A Shuffle

The Original Reversible Twirly Dress is made from super soft fabrics in vibrant prints consisting of 2 full circle skirts for maximum twirlage. And each side is completely different so you can flip it for a new mood. The perfect gift that’s great for any occasion, all year round. Beware – she won’t want to take it off. TwirlyGirl is proudly made in the USA and ( They can also be purchased online at 


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Twirly Girl Clothing: For the love of the twirl

I’m not so into the princess-y stuff, not that I’m anti-princess, but if I can, I avoid buying things that feed that idea. But that doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to being girly, shoot my daughter has more pink in her closet than anyone I know and she has her share of rhinestones and tights. And this is what attracted me to Twirly Girl clothing — they’re girly and pretty and not all about being a "princess!"

Their Reversible Dresses are simply adorable and smart, as the name would suggest, they’re reversible so you get double the wear out of them. The skirts have just the right amount of fabric to make the perfect twirl and the colors used on the prints are eye-catching and super-cute! Twirly Girl also makes what they call Superfun Clothing, which includes the cutest skirts, shirts, leggings and more in soft, super-comfy fabrics!


A Year of Jubilee Reviews

TwirlyGirl®  would have been my one stop shopping place as a young child. I love anything unique, artistic and full of character. Just as founder Cynthia Jamin did as a child. As her children grew, their desire for uniqueness in clothing spurred her on to design her own reversible twirly dress, and the rest is history.

TwirlyGirl offers unique clothing in  sizes 2T through 14. Each piece of clothing including a story to go along with it, for added fun! How it came to be designed or found in creative storytelling to share with your daughter.

They carry skirts, dresses, tops, pants and accessories. A beautiful lineup of unique, yet practical clothing. Here are just a couple that we personally were able to review.

GoGo pants with a twist are so darling!! Girls can wear pants and still have the twirl ability. I so wanted a pair that would fit me! I know if you have any artistic little ones though, they will LOVE them like I did.

The Gazelle Hoodie is a beautiful addition to any girls wardrobe. Lightweight and long in the body, it can easily be a long shirt over a skirt or leggings.
Just right for spring and fall!

The clothing at TwirlyGirl is meant to be lived in. No uncomfortable frills and lace to be gussied up in! Instead, awesome, colorful, comfy clothes for today's modern girl! Just wish they made some of these pants for me!! I would live in them for sure.

To be a part of the TwirlyGirl Collection, each item must be
1. Comfy
2. Unique and Extraordinary
3. The right fit
4. Fun
5. Built to last
6. Easy Care

All things as a Mom I truly appreciate in clothing for my daughter!

Be sure to check out TwirlyGirl this holiday for all the young ladies on your list. You will be rewarded with smiles. 



There is something so magical about a flowy skirt and the great big whirl of the fabric as a little girl (or big girl) twirls around. The other day my niece was dressed for a family get together and spun around. She exclaimed, “Look a teacup!” It was as if she imagined herself a princess in a fairytale. Her great big smile was priceless, full of wonder.

Mother’s Day Feature Interview | TwirlyGirl Designer/Owner, Cynthia Jamin
by Codie Brenner

What’s at the heart of wearing a TwirlyGirl dress?
Inspiring creativity and empowering individuality. Feeling a sense of ease and comfort with one's body and spirit. Fun, joy and imagination. "When I wear a TwirlyGirl dress, it feels like I have the power to do anything." Roxy (age 8)

Who or what inspired you to take a break from your acting career to start the company?
I was already taking a break from acting because I didn't like waiting for the odd job now and again for me to feel creative and productive. I had no idea what would take its place - I guess I was just open to whatever came next. Saying "yes" to what was in front of me and following that energy. I happened to take a few sewing lessons and loved the instant gratification I received from creating something and then being able to use it.
Creativity is an essential part of life. How has founding TwirlyGirl allowed you to instill in your girls a sense of imagination?
The interesting thing is that for me, it was the other way around. I didn't have a "normal" childhood. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to grow up a lot faster than I should have. At 7 years old, I felt the weight of the world and really stopped imagining in the way that children do. The purity, the sense of discovery and wonder, the innocence and curiosity that comes with being a kid - I've actually learned from my girls. They are the ones that have inspired my imagination and sparked all the designs I create. I watch them play and the things they love to do and how they like to express themselves. I see how they move and live in their clothes. How they react to certain fabrics and fits. My goal is to have the clothing enhance their experience in some way.

How has growing up a “twirlygirl” had an impact on your daughters?
It's been good for them to see me creating something and being successful at it - and even if I wasn't successful- that I'm doing something that I believe in. Roxy has started her own tutoring business, figuring out how to promote it etc. She hears me talk a lot of shop on the phone. Lola is my fit model and loves moving around in the clothing, testing it out - her input is crucial.
I don't put TwirlyGirl "first" but they know it's important to me and I do give it a lot of my attention. In the beginning, they were jealous and felt that I loved TG more than them - like another sibling in the house. Now that time has passed and they see it hasn't taken me away from them but allowed them to become more involved in something special, they have come to love it. I don't force them to wear the clothing at all, I do ask their opinions all the time and they know what a big influence they are on the company and me. (They do happen to wear the clothes all the time out of choice and that means the world to me.)

It seems you’ve created a fashion sub-culture with these adorable clothes. I noticed that several celebrity moms have TwirlyGirl for their own little princesses. How has the celebrity factor added to the popularity of your business?
I do think TwirlyGirl fills a niche in the market, I hadn't thought of it as a sub-culture - but I like that! I have to say the celebrity factor hasn't been an influence with the line so far. I only think lines get a big boost from celebrities if there is actually a photo taken and credit given in publications like People or US. If there is no picture then it doesn't really matter. I do think that if TG were featured on a celebrity's child, it would be nice but it's not my goal at all.
What means the most is the fan email I receive from all across the country, totally unsolicited. It makes my day that their child is so happy wearing TwirlyGirl. As long as the girls are having fun and enjoying all the fabrics and fun prints - then they are the true stars in my eyes (sounds a bit hokey but it's really how I feel). We donate a lot of clothing to schools and worthy causes.

What do you love most about designing children’s clothing?
The fact that there are no fashion do's and don't's. I am not a fashionista nor have I ever cared about what was trendy. I love that I can be completely bold in my choices of designs, colors and prints and there are no limitations. Designing for the everyday is also more appealing to me than the one-time fancy item that's only worn 2x a year. I love figuring out what they are going to want to LIVE in and not want to take off. From the ages of 2 to 12 is the time for girls to wear wings on the back of a dress and full circle skirts to play in, coats with tons of pockets to pick up all the wonderful treasures of the day and funky wild colors that make them feel like they are walking on sunshine (love that song).

Is the L.A. fashion district like being a kid in a candy store? What elements do you look for in fabrics you select?
I LOVE shopping for fabric and yes, that's exactly the way I feel - it's so exciting to see all the wonderful designs that talented artists create for textiles. They are a source of inspiration - the fabric lends itself to certain clothing items just by the way it looks.
If I see a print I love, the first thing I do is feel it. It has to SOFT and a good weight. If it's neither of those things, it doesn't matter how beautiful it is, I won't use it. I'm lucky that I've found really wonderful vendors downtown who consistently get beautiful and unique fabrics in stock. I also pick from a stock of paper prints that I have put onto fabrics that I choose. That's a fun process as well and it gives me a little more control - the most difficult colors to find are orange, purple, and gradations of colors. I tend to print a lot of those.
The layering look is popular. Is TwirlyGirl considering branching out into a line for tweens?
I go up to size 12 and I would love to have a separate division for Tweens. That is definitely a goal of mine as well as a small line for women.

Recent trends in the news include a lean toward more modest fashions. What is your opinion on the importance of modesty in the children’s clothing industry?
The only design rule I stick by is that my clothing be age-appropriate. I don't see the point of making children - even tweens - look like young women. They aren't. Their bodies are totally different, they aren't emotionally ready for the kind of attention that they can get when wearing really short skirts or shorts, tight jeans and low cut tops. I don't think they should look puritanical, far from it - but there is a line that I think has been crossed. I want to see girls being comfortable wearing clothes that are fun and hip. I also think that designers have a responsibility to be respectful of where children are in their development. I am passionate about this and feel I have been true to this vision from the start. I can't wait to get my Tween line going as I feel they are a neglected population in this area. They are forced to buy adult fashions because there aren't a lot of lines that address their specific needs.

Spring is a time for new life. What new this season for TwirlyGirl?
Everything in the line is done in limited runs so I'm constantly changing prints so girls get that one-of-a-kind appeal. I'm a really excited some new items that I've created for the wholesale markets for Spring '10 (they show these fashions this August for next year) and I will have them available for sale on my website this Summer 09 to see how they go.
• The "Pinwheel". It's a short sleeve twirly dress but with beautiful ribbons of fabric attached to the empire waist, lots of contrasting prints and delicate spaghetti straps in the back. It looks amazing when they spin around.
• Trapeze Dress. It's a take off from the 60's. It's a full cut A-line dress that will twirl, made from silky soft poly charmeause (easy to wash and wear) and super vibrant fun prints. They come with a bandana or headband made the TG way.
• Shorts and Halter. Last Summer I couldn't find a pair of shorts that were appropriate, I was amazed how short and skimpy everything was and how they were made from denim or stiff cottons. I created some shorts that are mid-thigh, soft jersey prints with a 1 1/2 inch elastic waist. The top is a great little halter with a full cut on the bottom so nothing is constricting. The halter will be made out of soft jersey contrasting prints while at the same time complimenting the shorts they go with.
I plan to keep these new styles very affordable. I don't think it's necessary to pay a high price for great quality, unique, fun clothing. I want the line to be as accessible as it can be while still manufacturing and buying my fabrics in Los Angeles.
TwirlyGirl is carried in over 100 locations worldwide and is available online Remember, it takes a twirl to raise a girl.
“Every child on this planet is vibrant and extraordinary. I'm proud to create clothing that helps them feel that way.” – Cynthia Jamin

Boston Mamas

Color, Flounce, & Comfort

These days, Laurel is all about looking fancy and colorful (current favorite color = "pink and green and purple and blue and yellow and orange!"), and we've recently found a way to bridge her love of color and flounce with comfort through Twirly Girl's bright and cheery clothing.

Offering head to toe creations bursting with colorful, traffic stopping patterns, Twirly Girl's reversible skirts and dresses are particularly fun. Dual patterned to suit your daughter's day-to-night (or let's face it, hour-to-hour) whims, Laurel's been rocking the Dancing Dots reversible skirt, which features a kaleidoscope of multicolored dots on one side, a shimmery blue/black disco dot pattern on the other, and a contrast waistband. The skirt's material and reversible construction make it weightier than something like a standard cotton skirt, but Laurel hasn't had a problem taking flight to twirl.

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Frankfort boutique features L.A.-based fashions
by Lauren Traut

Little girls love to twirl, and Frankfort business owner Kristen Schoon is ready to take that to the bank.

o far, the TwirlyGirl dresses by L.A. designer Cynthia Jamin that she's stocked in her store have been flying off the racks. In the first week of sales, she sold nearly all 12 of her ordered inventory - with one on layaway and custom orders requested.

"When I saw them, I just thought they were so cute," Schoon said.

Besides the look, the dresses, at $72 apiece, are reversible and made especially for girls who love to spin.

The cut of the fabric makes the twirling look easy; as each little girl spins and spins the skirts swirl and float. They whiz past in a small mass of fabric, giggles and hair flying.

And they love it.

"Your dress is so twirly!" They squeal at each other as their friends spin past.

"She likes to twirl," said mother Eileen Greenawalt, shrugging her shoulders and laughing. "It goes way out."

The girls aren't the only ones who can't get enough.

The reversible, easily cared for dresses give girls two options in one dress.

"I love the fact that it's reversible," Greenawalt said. "It's a totally different fabric and pattern - two totally different dresses."

The dresses have been a hit in California, with Brooke Shields' daughter Rowan, Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple and Heather Locklear's daughter Ava strutting their stuff in the dresses.

"You can use them as a beach cover-up, or you can layer it," Schoon said.

The cotton/polyester blend is practical and should be laid flat to dry, Schoon said.

"It's a greener way to go," she added.

The dresses are made with girls ages two through size 9-10 in mind, but can be made larger, or custom designed to fit the buyer's ideas.

Los Angeles Daily News

Dressed For Success | Twirly outfits put mom in business
By Barbara Correa, Staff Writer

Call Cynthia Jamin the mother of invention.

As the mother of two young daughters who were very picky about their clothing, Jamin spent hours shopping for cute-yet-practical dresses with skirts that would flare when the girls twirled around. Unable to find anything the girls would wear, Jamin bought a sewing machine, enrolled in a sewing class and started making the dresses herself. "I never even took home economics or looked at a sewing machine," said Jamin, an actress who lives in Glendale. "But my grandmother used to sew costumes. I think it's in the blood." Her girls helped design the dresses, which Jamin created in a reversible style to make them more utilitarian. And after receiving rave reviews from the girls' friends, and requests for similar dresses of their own, Jamin used a $20,000 inheritance to launch a company called Twirly Girl. The seed money allowed her to put things in motion - writing a business plan, registering her trademark, creating a Web site ( and finding vendors to do the cutting and sewing.

Started just over a year ago, Twirly Girl is already operating in the black - an accomplishment that won her a recent Success Story Award from SCORE, a nonprofit partner of the Small Business Administration. "I think she has touched a nerve," said Jerry Earle, a volunteer counselor at SCORE. "The idea of telling a young girl she can design a dress herself is a great idea. Earle said Twirly Girl stands out from the 400 other locally owned businesses he's worked with because of Jamin's fresh ideas and commitment to her company. "My initial reaction was to her enthusiasm, her preparation and dedication to obtaining a goal," he said. "Each time I've spoken to her or seen her since then, it has filled in that feeling." The advice and support that Jamin received from SCORE is available to startup companies nationwide. The Los Angeles chapter, based in Glendale, has just one paid employee - but 70 volunteer mentors, each with an entrepreneurial background.

And while the times might not be the best for launching a business, people with creative ideas might as well take advantage of the group's free counseling sessions and seminars, said Richard Hadel, chairman of the L.A. chapter. "It's definitely a more difficult time. But whenever you say `Oh, it's not a good time to start a business,' somebody comes up with something. Mr. Google comes along." While Jamin is worried that predictions of a sluggish holiday season will discourage customers - from retail buyers to parents looking for a special outfit for their daughters - she's still working to expand her line.

"When I'm creating styles, I try them on (my daughters)," she said. "They help me figure out the best thing to make, because if they're not going to wear it, nobody is going to wear it."

Classy Mommy

Twirlygirl Reversible Dress

Designed by a Mom, Twirlygirl's dresses are flirty, twirly, and totally reversible. Their tagline is it takes twirl to raise a girl and I'd have to agree. Kenzie loves dancing and spinning in this whimsical and bright dress that is also totally comfy for running all over the house or yard! And the best part is that Mom gets 2 outfits for the price of 1.

Moms In The City Blog

Oh, baby! Look at you now in designer duds
FASHION | Celebrity kids set standard as moms splurge on toddlers' clothes
By Paige Wiser

Cynthia Jamin, an actress who landed roles on "Friends" and "Don't Shoot Me," wanted even more glamor for her girls, Roxy, 6, and Lola, 4. Her TwirlyGirl creations are for funky princesses with $70 to burn.

The dresses reflect the new consumer mentality. "Every girl who wears a TwirlyGirl dress is unique," says Jamin. "I want the dress to be as extraordinary as she is."

Among TwirlyGirl's extraordinary fans: Brooke Shields' daughter Rowan, Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple and Heather Locklear's daughter Ava.

Superdumb Supervillain | BlogSpot

Tilt-a-Whirl with Twirly Girl!
By Naomi, Wichita KS

When I was halfway through high school, we moved to Texas from Hawaii. It was an abrupt change in many ways but especially in the pageantry of academia. Texas is showy, y'all! I remember trying to figure out who fit in where and asking a Barbie-esque, bowheaded girl if she was a cheerleader. She looked horrified. "No, I TWIRL!" she exclaimed. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. She could have been from outer space, for all I knew.

Well, now I have my very own little alien who likes to twirl and layer on the pink. TwirlyGirl is an online boutique that caters to such creatures, as one might assume. But far from being frilly, frou-frou nightmares, their clothes are spunky and even practical to a certain extent. TwirlyGirl's skirts and many of their dresses are reversible, as well as twirly! So your little whirling dervish can spin out to her heart's content AND wear the same thing tomorrow, if need be… just flip it inside-out.

I love the crazy colors and patterns, which keep TwirlyGirl clothing from being to precious or princess-y. And the convenience of just flipping it inside out in case of spills or boredom is totally thrilling to the mom in me.

The new SuperFun dresses aren't reversible but they double as dress-up clothes because they feature WINGS:

Just lovely. I wish they made clothes in my size! I think I could rock the skirted pants or definitely the fun leggings under a slightly more subdued twirly skirt.

But alas, TwirlyGirl is just for kids. So far…


Time Out Chicago kids

Things to do | Gift Guide

Round and round she goes

For little girls who love to wear dresses, it doesn’t get any better than Twirlygirl, former Chicagoan Cynthia Jamin’s line of pretty-as-can-be, customizable dresses made of a hodgepodge of colorful fabrics. The flowing frocks—which are reversible—encourage plenty of spinning and smiles.


DailyCandy | Project Funway

Simple fact: A girl likes to twirl.

But not just any old ensemble is going to help her take flight. Here come TwirlyGirl dresses. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a twirlier, girlier frock around.

Designed with a wide circle skirt for maximum twirlage, the dresses are completely reversible to double the fun. Choose from ready-to-wear gravity-defying wonders flaunting bright combinations of dots, cherries, flowers, and whatnot or let a young spinning lady design her own from the swatches of fabric featured on the site.

Why not give it a spin?



Interview on NPR about TwirlyGirl and Small Business Start ups December 2008.

Interview with Kitty Felde of NPR.


Twirly Girl Reversible Dress

This dress has the all important twirl factor down to a science. Know how we know? It’s from the Twirly Girl Shop!

This reversible dress comes in a rainbow of fun, vintage-inspired patterns. For an additional thrill, check out the Superfun leggings and wacky ruffled-wrist shirts on the site, and be reminded of the days when you dreamed of dressing like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.

Reversible dress, $70 for sizes 2T-10 at Made in Los Angeles using local suppliers.

Mom To The Screaming Masses

Some SERIOUS Frou-Frou

So, last week, I spoke of my daughter's love for dresses and skirts - all things girly and twirly and spinny.
Who can resist packages that come wrapped like [little candies].

Personalized emails, outstanding customer service, outrageous fabric selections and amazing colors, superior workmanship - Twirlygirl is a company that goes above and and beyond what is needed to bring me back as a customer again and again. The fact that all of the dresses and skirts are reversible makes me so happy - I don't have to see the same outfit again and again and AGAIN until my eyeballs bleed.

My daughter went to sleep clutching her dress, and changed into it sometime during the night - she had it on when she came into my bed at 4. She loves the silky fabric and claims the dress as a favorite already. She hasn't even had it 24 hours.

I get nothing from touting their site. Nothing. No money, no free clothing - nothing that would invalidate my ad agreement. I wanted you to know about this amazing site - one that I'll order from again and again.

Twirlygirls, unite!

002 Huston Magazine

If you're a girl or have a little girl, you know how much we love skirts that twirl. TwirlyGirl dresses, designed in Los Angeles by Cynthia Jamin are reversible and can be customized at the website Word is, Brooke Shields' daughter Rowan, Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple and Heather Locklear's daughter Ava say they "love their dresses."

Northwest Indiana Parenting Magazine | Your Family

A Twirly Girl for your Girly Girl
by Julia Perla

Typically I leave the product reviews to Steph at Close To Home but, since we’re so close to Christmas, I feel it is my responsibility as a parent of a girly-girl to tell other parents of girly-girls about what I like to call the Best Girly-Girl Dress Ever.

One day last Christmas, said dress arrived in the mail for Isabella, from a friend of mine whose niece makes these from scratch. Can clothes be made from scratch or does that expression only apply to food? Whatever the case, the dress is handmade and I’m pretty sure the woman who made it is from Heaven.

My co-worker Lauri Dykhuis photographed Isabella wearing the Best Girly-Girl Dress Ever. Starting out, it just looks like a cute little dress, with the big heart on the chest (aww…) and the pretty floral skirt that Isabella is admiring, with her feet daintily crossed as only a girly-girl would do…

But then, she starts to twirl…
Look at that skirt fly... sometimes right up next to the girly-girl’s face, but I don’t have any photos of that happening. And I’m glad I don’t because I wouldn’t want to publish a photo of Isabella’s skirt-so-high-that-you-can-see-her-underwear on the World Wide Web. So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Men, if you’re reading this, for this next paragraph you can twiddle your thumbs or pick your nose or whatever it is you do when women are talking about things you think are horribly boring and/or a waste of time. But women, please raise your hand if you’ve ever in your life wanted a dress with a skirt that twirls. It’s okay, put your hand up, I won’t judge you.

Okay men, you can join us again.

So the beauty of this dress is, well there are many beauties: 1) It’s reversible, so your girly-girl won’t get bored with the same pattern, and that also means no one will ever know that you put her in the same dress two days in a row. 2) It serves as both a dress that they can wear in public and also as a toy, essentially, because it’s so much fun to play with. Isabella is sometimes entertained for hours by the endless twirling, which makes me a very happy mama. And—men, go away again—3) It satisfies the instinctive, primordial need of womankind to have… a dress… that twirls. That is my long-winded endorsement for the Best Girly-Girl Dress

Ever, which actually is called a Twirly Girl dress and is a product of Cynthia Mann Jamin’s Twirly Girl line. You can find out more about it at her website,, and there are also pants, leggings and shirts that are equally as scrumptious.

And speaking of scrumptious…

I just added this last photo because it catches Isabella in one of those rare moments when she looks like a little angel. I love how the light reflects on her hair. And that adorable button nose… I shall take it and I shall eat it.

Kids Trends Weekly Magazine

V 1 Issue 13: Celeb Kids Style

1. These fun two-in-one dresses are a favorite of tinseltown's little girls. These comfy, soft, reversible and twirly dresses have been seen on Jasmine Anthony (TV actress) and Apple Martin (Paltrow's daughter). Pick one of their designs or design your own.

ABC 7 Chicago

Kids' Toys and Gifts Made in the USA

November 21, 2007 (WLS) -- With the holiday shopping season officially kicking off this week, parents are concerned about buying safe toys and other gifts for their children. Many will be looking for the "made in the USA" label.

Judy Sutton-Taylor of TimeOut Chicago has some gift suggestions; none of these items were made in China and several come from companies right here in Chicago.

1. Cynthia Jamin

The Full Mommy

Meet my twirly girl

Is that a happy kid, or what? My daughter loves her new Wings of Wonder dress from Twirly Girl. This clever, comfy little dress has a filmy, wing-shaped cape on the back. We can let the cape float in the breeze or secure it to my daughter's wrist with attached elastic bands.
As soon as she saw this dress, Jo wanted to try it on. Once she did, she immediately became first a superhero and then a butterfly. She's worn it several times and it definitely gets attention (so much so that I don't usually allow her to wear it to school, for fear of distracting the other kids! I made an exception on her birthday).
I love that this dress sparks imagination and encourages my daughter to run and dance -- it works best in motion! It costs a lot for a little girl's dress, but you buy a bit of peace of mind--everything, including the fabric itself, is made in the U.S.A.
Visit the TwirlyGirl shop for more adorable duds, like reversible dresses and funky tees and leggings. Designer and owner Cynthia Jamin (a mom of two girls herself). 

Peekaboo Picks

Hollywood knows it takes a twirl to raise a girl

I went to the doctor’s this morning. 34 weeks pregnant. My little girl is almost here! Which means the hunt for all things girly has officially begun.

I’ve been dreaming of playing dress-up with my little girl, as we sip our imaginary tea, and play with each other’s hair. Can you tell I’m excited to be having a girl?

Perhaps the most exciting thing about having a girl is that I get to buy dresses, lots and lots of dresses! But I’m sure if my little girl is anything like me, she’ll have strong opinions about whatever goes on her body.
I’m envisioning her demanding the following criteria be met.
1) lots of bright colors 2) comfy and soft 3) plenty of hearts, butterflies, and flowers and (most important of all) 4) TWIRLY!

The most lovely, hip, and TWIRLY dresses can be found at one of Tinsletown’s faves, The Twirly Girl Shop. Owner Cynthia Jamin knows a thing or two about Hollywood, being an actress herself. She had guest spots on Friends, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Veronica’s Closet, E.R., and Just Shoot Me. But her most important role came when she met her comedy writer husband, Michael Jamin, and became a mother to two little girls, Roxy 6 and Lola 4.

Inspired by her vivacious daughters and their love for twirly dresses, the Twirly Girl Shop was born. The shop offers an amazing line of reversible dresses, leggings, long sleeve tees and Fancy Pants, and even offers customizable dresses with over 40 fabrics to choose from.

If you’re the proud mother of a little girl, I suggest you take a twirl over to TwirlyGirl.

TwirlyGirl is open for business!

March 1st, 2007
Our website is officially launched.  It's the start of a great adventure.