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Swizzle Swirl Reversible Dress | Pearl Treasure Box

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Only 64 Dresses Created

This exact version will not be made again

Why We Made It

There is so much to love in this dress! We love pushing ourselves to create even more astonishing styles that surprise and delight. Perfect for vacations, special occasions and everyday - basically all the time. Enjoy!


  • Special birthday dress for girls that features 2 full circle twirly® skirts.
  • One side with a dreamy lavender and white sparkly bodice and the most lovely lavender swirly print on the skirt. Wear it with either bodice in the front or back.
  • Fuchsia pink swirls and teal green chevron bodices with a wash of pink and orange, blue and green on the skirts. So much fun to wear this with either side on the front!
  • Spaghetti straps for one shoulder in contrasting colors.
  • Merrow edge hems.


  • Super soft fabrics, no itchy seams.
  • Machine washable.
  • Polyester 96%/Spandex 4%

What’s in a name?

The TwirlyGirl Swizzle Swirl Dress is like no other dress in the world. It features three internal rhymes (twirl, girl, & swirl) as well as clever alliteration. (swizzle & swirl)

Adding to its appeal, we have built in 6 syllables — each is both fun to say and pleasing to the ears. And because we are environmentally conscious, only 10 letters out of a possible 26 were used in naming this dress. There is no other garment on the market that can make this claim.

Finally, the names of our dresses match their quality and comfort!

Other Details

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