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GoGo Pants w/a Twist | Peppermint Rainbow

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Only 60 Skirted Pants Created

This exact version will not be made again. NOTE: Model is wearing a different version to show how it fits and twirls.

Why We Made It

This lively pair of pants with a fun twirly rainbow skirt attached is going to be her favorite thing to wear (along with her TwirlyGirl dresses of course!). These will give even more options to twirl.


  • Pants with a skirt attached for girls. Our exclusive rainbow ombre' print on the skirt. It's so beautiful in person, she will love it. 
  • Flared pants with fleur de Lis swirls in fuchsia pink and white, retro and stylish.
  • 1" elastic waistband for ease and comfort.


  • Super soft fabrics.
  • Machine washable.
  • Stretchy Knit Polyester 96%/Lycra 4%

A following transcript is taken directly from a TwirlyGirl brainstorming session, which are all recorded on DVD, VHS, Blu-Ray, and squirrel with pencil.

TWIRLYGIRL: These pants are good. But they still need something. A little oomph.

DESIGN TEAM: Maybe we should add some "Go."

TWIRLYGIRL: "Go." Interesting. What if, and I'm just thinking out loud, what if we added a lot of “Go.” Double the normal amount.

DESIGN TEAM: You mean...


DESIGN TEAM: But that's never been done before!! [unintelligible chatter]

TWIRLYGIRL: [Demonstrates] Wow, look at how much "Go" it has now!

DESIGN TEAM: It's beautiful! [cheers]

INTERN: Excuse me. I know I'm just an intern, so this probably isn't a great idea, but --

TWIRLYGIRL: Don't be silly. A great idea can come from anyone.

INTERN: Well, I think it needs something else. Like a... twist.

TWIRLYGIRL: A twist! Brilliant! Why didn't I see that coming?! That's exactly what these Go-Go pants need! A twist! Intern, you're promoted! [cheers & parade music]

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