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Twirly Graceful Joy Dress | Periwinkle Prance

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This exact version will not be made again

Why We Made It

How perfect to just throw on an easy, breezy dress that is super soft and comfortable. Super great for travel and everyday Spring and Summer weather. This style sells out fast so if you love it, get it. Enjoy!


  • Purple Spring dress for girls featuring a very Twirly® full circle skirt.
  • Fully lined super soft purple bodice with a beautiful floral skirt in purple, blue, and pink. We love the way these look hand-drawn.
  • The sleeves can be scrunched up on the shoulder or spread out to make it short sleeves. How clever!


  • Super soft fabrics, no itchy seams.
  • Machine washable.
  • Polyester 96%/Spandex 4%

The Perfect Name

At TwirlyGirl, we take our garment naming process very seriously. When a new style is introduced to our collection, all employees convene at the TwirlyGirl Global Headquarters to vote on a new name for that style. Decisions must be unanimous. If there’s one dissenting opinion, we start the process over. Under ideal circumstances, garment naming can take three or four weeks.

During that time, none of the employees can visit with their families or speak with the media. Tempers flare. Arguments erupt. Fights break out among best friends. The process is grueling, to say the least. But that’s how we've come up with such perfect names like, “The Wings of Wonder Dress” and “The Pinwheel Dress.”

Recently, the TwirlyGirl Design Team introduced a new garment. The dress was beautiful, but let’s face it, none of us were particularly looking forward to the arduous task of naming it. So I had a proposal.

“Instead of us choosing a name for the dress, what if we let the dress choose a name for herself?”

Everyone seemed to love this idea. It likely meant that we wouldn’t have to sequester ourselves for a month. But no one was more enamored with the idea than the little dress. The thought of choosing her own name was beyond exciting. She stared at herself in the mirror, admiring her best features. Her adorable, four cornered skirt... Her cute little sleeves that could go sleeveless or capped... There was so much to draw inspiration from.

“How about… Gladys?” she whispered with trepidation.

I guess she could tell by the look on our faces that none of us were thrilled with that suggestion. Gladys is a perfectly good name for a woman, or even a pickle, but for a dress?! Undeterred, the little dress gave it more thought.

“What about… Edith?

At the back of the room, Edith in Accounts Receivable violently shook her head “no.” Several years ago, she made it very clear that there could be only one Edith working at TwirlyGirl when our new copy machine, The Edith 2000, "fell" out the window under mysterious circumstances.

The little dress furrowed her neck line, deep in thought. All of us awaited with baited breath.

“What about... The Twirly Graceful Joy Dress?”

Silence filled the room. You could hear a pin drop, and I think a couple did. (Our seamstress Madame Ticklefish is all thumbs. She was born that way.)

I wanted to keep my mouth shut. I truly did. But as a lover of common sense, I couldn’t stand by idly.

“Have you all gone mad?! Twirly Graceful Joy is not a name!” I blurted. “Twirly is an adverb. Graceful is an adjective. And Joy is a noun. In order for it to be a name, it has to be a proper noun.”

I could feel the angry stares of five-hundred employees burning down on me. Many of them didn’t even work at TwirlyGirl! It was clear that no one wanted to endure another marathon naming session. The crowd grew surly…. especially Edith, who grabbed a fluorescent tube, broke it over a chair, and brandished it at me like a light saber.

“Get him!” she muttered. And to think, just days earlier, I made her red velvet cupcakes for her birthday.

“Let me finish!” I continued. There was a lump in my throat. I looked for the nearest escape exit, but there was none. It was moments like this that I wished our global headquarters wasn't located deep inside the roots of a magic tree at the edge of a meadow.

“I think the name Twirly Graceful Joy Dress is… perfect!"

The crowd erupted in cheers. And that, my friends, is how the Twirly Graceful Joy Dress came to be.

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