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Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress | Astounding Anna

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Only 80 Dresses Created

This exact version will not be made again. NOTE: Model in picture is wearing a different version to show how it fits and twirls.

Why We Made It

Anna, the sister of Elsa, is the one that believed and saw the best in her sister. She also refused to settle for less in her life. We love inspiring characters that illuminate the best parts of ourselves.


  • Princess Anna dress 2 full circle twirly® skirts.
  • Fantastic fuchsia swirls on the skirt and bodice and with white and silver shimmering down the center.
  • Royal teal green diamond like print on the bodice and skirt with a refreshing peach tone print down the center.
  • Unique short sleeves with a petal inspired design in white and teal green. Gathered on the shoulders for that extra flare.
  • Merrow edge hems.


  • Super soft fabrics, no itchy seams.
  • Machine washable.
  • Polyester 96%/Spandex 4%

The Truth About Shooting Stars

125 million light years away, on the other side of the Universe, lived a sad princess named Vedette. She was sad because she was shipwrecked on a star, far away from family and friends. Fortunately, she was wearing special ceramic booties that protected her little tootsies from getting burned on the star.

Princess Vedette was all alone with no one to help her. But she was a clever girl. She knew that if she hurled chunks of stars in every direction, sooner or later, someone would trace those chunks back to her. It was her way of sending a message in the bottle.

Princess Vedette's plan worked, and she was rescued. But to this day, we still find some of her messages in the nighttime sky. Scientists call them shooting stars, but you and I both know what they really are.

Today, we call the dress that Princess Vedette wore so long ago, the "Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress." We wear these dresses to honor her courage, but also to remind us that whenever we're faced with difficult challenges, there's always hope for us too. As long as we're clever.

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