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Marvelous Maxi Dress | Fairy Glen Melodies

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Why We Made It

These maxi dresses for children are perfect for picking flowers, finding fairies and searching for butterflies. And when she isn't busy doing that, it's perfectly suitable for lounging around or going to a Spring or Summer garden party. This beautiful, unique rainbow ombre' is part of our Rainbow Collection.


  • Multi colorful layers in our super soft, unique Venezia, pastel colored, ombre' rainbow. Perfectly blended tones of fuchsia, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. And a gorgeous yellow heart print on the bottom. How fun and vibrant. Sunshine itself.
  • Gathered front bodice, double lined.
  • Unique style lines that allow for movement and twirl.
  • Merrow edge hem.


  • Super soft fabrics, no itchy seams.
  • Machine washable, lay flat or tumble dry low.
  • Polyester/Rayon/Spandex

The Truth About Shooting Stars

Maximum Everything

It was my first day on the job as Veteran Fashion Designer for TwirlyGirl. Between you and me, I thought it was odd that they would hire me, given that I was only a 9 year old girl with no prior fashion experience. But what would you expect from a company that has talking zoo animals on their Board of Directors?

For my first design, I really wanted to make a splash. If I added up the amount of time I spent on my preliminary sketches, it would easily add up to a hundred… what’s that unit of time that’s shorter than hours? Not minutes. Oh, yeah. Seconds! I easily spent 100 seconds of arduous labor on my first sketch. When it was almost ready, I presented my design to the TwirlyGirl Board of Directors. I named my masterpiece, “The TwirlyGirl Minimum Dress.” The comfort was minimal, the styling was minimal, and the quality was minimal. As I held my prototype up for display, it started to sag. I immediately regretted that 90 of my 100 seconds of design time were spent trying to get the candy machine to work. (It wasn’t even broken. I just forgot to put money in it.)

But then someone sitting way in the back offered a suggestion. I believe it was Wanda the Giraffe, although having only seen neck, I can’t be sure. Her head was poking through the ceiling, so it could just as easily have been Quincy the African Parrot, who does a dead on Wanda the Giraffe impression. Whoever it was had a wonderful suggestion: Instead of creating a Minimum Dress, why not create a Maxi Dress? Maximum comfort. Maximum styling. Maximum quality. Such an obvious idea, I was a little embarrassed it didn’t occur to me earlier. The TwirlyGirl design team spent the next several weeks perfecting it. Yeah I said, “weeks.” I guess it’s important for them to get things right. So here it is — The TwirlGirl Marvelous Maxi Dress!

Other Details

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