Kids Dresses Designed to be Empowering

Not all kids dresses are created equally. Your child isn't like everyone else, nor should she look like everyone else. We design our kids dresses to stand out in a crowd. They are unique, whimsical, and exploding with color. In short, these kids dresses are every bit as creative as the girl wearing them. Childhood is all too short. She'll have the rest of her life to wear dresses with simple and subdued prints. But until then, it's important to celebrate the boisterous joy of youth by wearing kids dresses that scream with excitement and enthusiasm. Girl are often taught to keep their voices down, not disturb others, and conform. So it's no wonder that they grow up to be women who do just that. But why should they be? The world needs more strong and empowered women who will lead. Can loud and colorful kids dresses help them become just that? Well, it's certainly a good place to start. Our kids dresses are impossible to ignore. They encourage girls to get up and twirl. Show the world who you are. We've heard from people who've purchased our kids dresses. They tell us how their girls are changed by them. One woman said her girl stood in the middle of the pizzeria, introduced herself to the other patrons, then demonstrated her twirl. This is the kind of confidence that our amazing kids dresses help instill in children. Do ordinary kids dresses do that? Sorry to say this, but absolutely not. Ordinary kids dresses make girls feel ordinary. Extraordinary kids dresses make kids feel extraordinary. So our kids dresses are not just about looking beautiful on the outside. These kids dresses also make them feel beautiful on the inside.

Be sure to check out the super imaginative WOW Wings of Wonder Dress and Pinwheel Dress. These designs are both playful and inventive which is why girls absolutely adore our kids dresses. Throw on our Artisan Cardigan or Treasure Pocket Jacket, and these kids dresses can be comfortably worn on cooler days. Have a twirly, happy, bold and confident girl in every season.

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