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Treasure Pocket Jacket | Curious Fairy Kingdom

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Only 25 Jackets Created

This exact version will not be made again. NOTE: Model in pictures is wearing a different version to show how it fits.

Why We Made It

Cool jackets for kids that are not only unique and stylish but add tons of fun when going outside. Now she can collect the precious finds of the day and make a mission out of it.


  • 11 special pockets for her treasures in pink, fuchsia denim along the scalloped hem. Plus 2 big pockets on each side for her hands. Treasures pictured are not included.
  • Fully lined in silky and soft Poly Charmeuse. We love the orange, yellow, turquoise, pink, turquoise, and blue floral print.
  • The outer layer is fleece in royal blue and deep purple.
  • 2 oversize whimsical buttons that are easy to fasten, she can do it herself. Each jacket has a different combination, each button is fabulous.
  • A hood with a handmade colorful tassel - so you can find her when she disappears to find something special.


  • Super soft fabrics, no itchy seams.
  • Machine washable. Line dry.
  • Polyester blend fabrics.

Precious Treasures of the Day

Eleven small pockets 
for all sorts of treasure
Coins or feathers,
Whatever your pleasure

It's your secret reserve,
That's stuffed to the seams,
One just for candy,
Another for dreams.

Things small or things smaller,
You gather each day,
A fuzz ball! An acorn!
Don't throw it away!

So if it is loved,
Or if it is lonely,
Give it a pocket,
it isn't your only.

From A to Z
No matter the order,
There's room for everything,
Except, of course, water.

(What will you find today?)

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