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Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt | Absolute Soaring Joy

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Only 88 Skirts Created

This exact version will not be made again

Why We Made It

Girls love wearing clothes they've never seen anywhere else. These girls skirts will definitely satisfy that desire. Everything is numbered like a work of art, so you can be sure she's wearing something as unique as she is.


  • Girls skirts featuring 2 fun, very Twirly® circle skirts.
  • Beautiful and super soft pink, fuchsia velvet with light pink ruffle trim.
  • Lovely flowers in turquoise, pink, yellow, green, and yellow with a periwinkle ruffle trim.
  • 1 1/4" elastic waistband for ease and comfort in lovely lavender.


  • Super soft fabrics, no itchy seams.
  • Machine washable.
  • Polyester 96%/Spandex 4%

A Happy Accident

Originally, this skirt was conceived as the Reversible Twirly "Raffle" Skirt.  Made entirely out of two-inch raffle tickets, this garment was intended to make the wearer feel like a "winner."   Everyone in the TwirlyGirl corporate offices was so excited about this style, we decided to launch it with a giant media blitz.  We found a 10 year old adventure seeker named Katie who agreed to wear it during an expedition to remote Mayan temple, deep in the heart of the Amazon.  Every major media outlet covered the event.

Tragically, as she was taking her first publicity picture, it started to rain.  The deluge caused the paper raffle tickets to disintegrate.  The skirt was ruined, and all was lost.  

Fortunately, Katie is also an expert speller.  In fact, she almost took Honorable Mention in her school spelling B!  It was Katie who suggested we replace the "A" in "Raffle" with a "U"--- thus creating a "Ruffle" dress.  A brilliant design improvement!

The paper raffle tickets were replaced with soft and vibrant fabrics.  And this time, we knew for sure we had an instant hit!  If there's a lesson to be learned from this, it's never get discouraged in the face of adversity.  And always be a good spellir.

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