TwirlyGirl Personality Quiz 

• Grab a pen or pencil
• Select your answer
• Add up the points as you go
(yep, a little math is fun ~ especially for a good reason!)

People always say this about me:

I concentrate so hard, I miss stuff that’s happening around me. (1 point)

I’m funny. (2 points)

I’m a good friend. (3 points)

I’m always daydreaming. (4 points)

I stay strong for people around me. (5 points)



Your teacher gave you a ton of homework over the weekend. What’s your plan?

Do it now and get it out of the way. (1 point)

Do a little every day until it’s done. (2 points)

Put it off until later. There’s a good chance later will never come, right? (3 points)

Spend all weekend looking for a magic elf who’ll do your homework for you. (4 points)

I don't need to do my homework, I already know it. (5 points)



Don’t take away my...

Brain (1 point)

Friends (2 points)

Family (3 points)

iPod (4 points)

TV (5 points)



Which movie would you rather see?

True Life Dolphin Stories (1 point)

Atlantis: The Sunken World Rises (2 points)

Eh, whatever everyone else wants to watch. I’m easy. (3 points)

The Dazzling Adventures of Dippity Doo (4 points)

The Mysterious Adventures of the Owl Curse (5 points)



How would you describe your fashion style?

I just wear whatever’s clean. (1 point)

I only wear it if it’s comfortable. (2 points)

I go with whatever is in style. (3 points)

I’m not even aware of what’s in or out. (4 points)

I make the rules. I decide what’s “in!” (5 points)


(your halfway done!)


Your family is fighting about something. What do you do?

Reason with them and talk it out. ( 1 point)

Crack a joke to lighten the mood. (2 points)

Take a stand and pick a side. (3 points)

Stay out of it and turn up the TV. (4 points)

Stand my ground, yell if I have to. (5 points)



What do you do to relax?

Read a book. Or better yet, write a book! (1 point)

Skype my friends. (2 points)

Do something physical. (3 points)

I don't know. Whatever. (4 points)

Chill out alone. I love peace and quiet. (5 points)



What’s your favorite subject at school?

Math and/or Science. (1 point)

Reading and Creative Writing. (2 points)

Foreign Languages. (3 points)

Drama, Dance, Art. (4 points)

I prefer learning outside of school more than being in school. (5 points)


You don’t want to be near me when I’m:

Doing my work. (1 point)

Writing in my diary. (2 points)

Sick, I like to be alone. (3 points)

Super excited. (4 points)

In a bad mood. (5 points)



Which of these animals would you most like to be?

Squirrel (1 point)

Dolphin (2 points)

Dog (3 points)

Butterfly (4 points)

Cat (5 points)





1 - 10    GENIUS GNOME:  You're incredibly smart, talented, and hard working.
The world is counting on your inventions and discoveries to help us. So stop
reading this and get back to work!  You do important work wearing



11 - 20   WISE OWL:  You're reasonable and level headed. Always ready to
help a friend. Thank you for all that you do.  You might be heard giving
sage advice while wearing



21 - 30   FAIRY GODMOTHER  You want everyone to achieve their dreams.
If you could, you'd grant everyone 3 wishes. (And wish #3 could be 100
more wishes). Don't stop dreaming. Dreams are what we live for.
You encourage others while wearing 



31 - 40   FLYING PONY   There's so much you want to do. Where to begin?
Your enthusiasm is inspirational. You march to the beat of your own drum
because you know how to think for yourself. Express your true colors while



41 - 50  ROYALTY    You expect the best from everyone, because you know
they're capable of it. A born leader, others are following you, hoping you'll
take them someplace great. We know you can do it! Show off your unique
style wearing