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What makes our Girls Party Dresses special?

These girls party dresses are special enough for important occasions, but comfortable enough for every day wear. And unlike other girls party dresses, ours are super easy to care for. Just toss them in the wash and tumble dry low. These girls party dresses require no ironing or dry cleaning... which also makes them idea for travel. Now consider the fact that many of our girls party dresses are reversible. This makes the perfect for vacationing.

Many parents tell us that our girls party dresses are the only dresses their girls will wear. That's because they are super comfortable and fun. They come in a variety of lively colors and prints. And because all of our styles are manufactured in limited quantities, children get girls party dresses that are as unique as they are. But one thing these girls party dresses have in common is TwirlyGirl's unique attention to quality. We use a special 4 stitch overlock, which binds the seams to be extra-strong. This means our girls party dresses withstand the wear and tear that girls put on their garments. Moreover, all the itchy seams have been sandwiched in fabric, so that their skin never comes in contact with them. But make no mistake. These girls party dresses are precious garments that should only be worn on special occasions. To the contrary, our girls party dresses are meant to be worn every day. Childhood is all too short, so every day should be celebrated. Our girls party dresses feature prints that are bold, loud, and bursting with childhood joy. There will be plenty of time when she grows up to wear prints that are subdued and plain. Until then, we believe kids should be encouraged to stand out, not fit in. That's why our girls party dresses are such favorites. They teach kids at an early age that they if they have something to say, they deserve to be heard. The world needs more strong women, and if these girls party dresses help them with their confidence and creativity, then that's a terrific start. Is it too much to expect from girls party dresses? Based on the stories we've received from our customers, we don't think so. They tell us that their children actually transform when they put them on. They become more assertive. And because our fabrics are super-soft and stylish, parents often tell us that they "love to live in" our girls party dresses.

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    Abracadabra Twirly Pocket Dress | Dazzling Tricks

    Abracadabra Twirly Pocket Dress | Magical Powers

    Baby Petal Dress | Ring Around the Posie

    Baby Petal Dress | Singing Sweet Daisies

    Can Can Dress | Dancing Queen

    Can Can Dress | Double Rainbow Sparkles

    Can Can Dress | Dynamic Dreams

    Can Can Dress | Fantastical Rosy World

    Can Can Dress | Jolie

    Can Can Dress | Mystical Rainbow Mermaids

    Can Can Dress | Parisian Star

    Day Dreaming Dress | Cotton Candy Clouds

    Day Dreaming Dress | Devoted To Beauty

    Day Dreaming Dress | I Am A Superstar

    Day Dreaming Dress | Love Sweetie Desserts

    Day Dreaming Dress | Singing Songbird

    Duchess Twirl Dress | Her Royal Highness

    Duchess Twirl Dress | Majestic Dynasty

    Duchess Twirl Dress | Mercurial Glow

    Duchess Twirl Dress | Queen of Her Own Kingdom

    Duchess Twirl Dress | Rosy Aurora

    Duchess Twirl Dress | Whispers of Inspiration

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Alice's Very Un-Birthday

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Cheshire Party Tricks

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Fun in the Rabbit Hole

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Painting the Roses Rainbow

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Queen of Hearts

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Drizzle Dazzle Pop

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Exploration of Joyful Space

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Forever Splendiferous

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Happier than Happy

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Happy Petal Doodles

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Live the Dream

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Magical Superpowers

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Rainbow Joyful Free Flight

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Sparkly Singing Rainbow

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Stars on Mars Flowers

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Sunbeam Sensation Rainbow

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Sweet Treats

    Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress | Anna the Victorious

    Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress | Astounding Anna

    Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress | Iridescent Ariel

    Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress | Magical Moana

    Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress | Queen of Sweets

    Fairy Tale Reversible Princess Dress | Wonder Girl Super Hero

    Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Beaming Beauty Glow

    Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Joyful Forever Fancy

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Bibbity Boppity Boo

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Cosmic Divine Twist

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Flower Fireworks

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Joyful Sparkly Skater Girl

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Seeing the Invisible

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Spectrum of Smiles

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Sugar Cookie Sparkle Rainbow

    Marvelous Maxi Dress | Rainbow Sky

    Marvelous Maxi Dress | Wonder Joy Sweets

    Memory Maker Reversible Twirly Dress | Brilliant Talent

    Memory Maker Reversible Twirly Dress | Picture Perfect

    Memory Maker Reversible Twirly Dress | Precious Moment

    Memory Maker Reversible Twirly Dress | Time of Your Life

    Mixing Magic Dress | Breathtaking Whimsy

    Mixing Magic Dress | Enchanting Dance Party

    Mixing Magic Dress | Frozen Warriors

    Mixing Magic Dress | Majestic Sugar Candy

    Mixing Magic Dress | Swirly Rainbow Lollipop

    Original Reversible Twirly Baby Dress | Rainbow Treasure

    Original Reversible Twirly Baby Dress | Sweet Punkin Pie

    Original Reversible Twirly DOLL Dress | Luminous Balloon Petals

    Original Reversible Twirly DOLL Dress | Ultimate Party Dress

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Dreamtopia

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Fancy Flower Girl

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Festival of Colorful Smiles

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Galactic SuperKid

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Magic Rainbow Fairy Princess

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Magical Fairy Paintings

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Snowflake Rainbow Candy

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Sparkly Happy Smiles

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Sugar Pop Mermaid

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Tutti Frutti Dream

    Petal Dress | Rosie Posie

    Pinwheel Dress | Confetti Carnival Whimsy

    Pinwheel Dress | Festival of Lights

    Pinwheel Dress | Ice Cream Skies & Fireflies

    Pinwheel Dress | Sugar Mint Love

    Pinwheel Dress | Wonderland of Roses

    Pitter Patter Dress | Be Mine

    Pitter Patter Dress | I Am Loved

    Pitter Patter Dress | Lolly Rainbow Pop

    Pitter Patter Dress | Love is in a Twirl

    Pitter Patter Dress | Sweetheart Candy Dance

    Pitter Patter Dress | To the Moon and Back

    Pitter Patter Dress |I Am Grateful

    Pocket Full of Dreams | Heart's Desire

    Pocket Full of Dreams | Make a Wish

    Pocket Full of Dreams | Reach for the Stars

    Prancing Pocket Whirly Dress | Friendship Rainbow Land

    Prancing Pocket Whirly Dress | Secret Scarlet Garden

    Rappin Ruffle Twirly Dress | Sparkly Fantasyland

    Rappin Ruffle Twirly Dress | Starlet Starlight

    Rappin Ruffle Twirly Dress | Violet Garden Party