Girls Dresses Size 5 By TwirlyGirl®

Size 5 Girls Clothing

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Now that she’s wearing girls dresses in size 5, her needs are changing. She’s becoming more independent and more vocal, which is why she insists that her clothes be both fun and comfortable. As parents, we know first hand that no matter how great an outfit looks on the outside, if it's itchy on the inside, she won't wear it. That’s why we use only the softest of fabrics, and hide our seams away from their bodies. All of our twirly dresses, skirts, leggings, t shirts, and long sleeve hoodies use a 4 stitch overlock whenever possible. This makes our garments extra strong, so they stand up well.  They’re also machine washable. What’s the biggest complaint we get from our customers? That she won't take it off!