Size 16 dresses for girls

Size 16 Girls Clothing

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By popular demand, we are so happy to add these beautiful styles so the girls can keep on twirling until their hearts are content. We carefully chose designs that would appeal to their emerging self confidence and unique sense of style.

(We will be adding more before the end of 2017)


    Can Can Dress | Butterflies Rejoice

    Can Can Dress | Fantastical Rosy World

    Can Can Dress | Jolie

    Can Can Dress | Mystical Mermaids

    Can Can Dress | Purple Dancing Queen

    Can Can Dress | Swirl Go Round

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Dots Galore

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Frolic Fun

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Lavender Purple Stardust

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Party Cloud

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Peppermint Swirl

    Capri Love Em Leggings | Tutti Frutti

    Day Dreaming Dress | I Am A Superstar

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Mad Hatress

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Beautifully Bonkers

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Choir of Singing Roses

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Curiouser & Curiouser

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Dreaming as the Day Goes By

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Fun in the Rabbit Hole

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Queen of Roses

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Six Impossible Things

    Enchanting Reversible Tea Party Dress | Walking on Sunshine

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Astonishing Secret Garden

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Daisy Joy

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Forever Splendiferous

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Happy Go Lucky

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Her Name in Lights

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Live the Dream

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Magical Superpowers

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Peppermint Taffy Twist

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Queenly Kingdom of Creativity

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Shimmering Rosy World

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Sunrise Splendor

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Technicolor Blueberry

    Everlasting Reversible Twirly Dress | Yummy Blooms

    Full Length Leggings | Funkadelic

    Full Length Leggings | Ice Splash

    Full Length Leggings | Jumble Jive

    Full Length Leggings | Poppin Purple

    Full Length Leggings | Raspberry Spirit

    GoGo Pants w/a Twist | Peppermint Rainbow

    GoGo Pants w/a Twist | Sunny Blooms

    GoGo Pants w/a Twist | Twirlytastic Violet Pop

    Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Beaming Beauty Glow

    Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Endless Sweetness Swirls

    Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Fantastical Memory Maker

    Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Joyful Forever Fancy

    Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Merry Go Magical

    Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Radiant Echoes of Wonder

    Infinity Reversible Twirly Dress | Surprises of the Heart

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Cosmic Rainbow Twist

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Joyful Sparkly Skater Girl

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Prism of Joy

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Rainbow of Dreams

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Ring Around the Daisies

    Kaleidoscope Reversible Twirly Dress | Starburst Sweet Rays

    Mixing Magic Dress | Swirly Rainbow Lollipop

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Popsicle Roller Coaster

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Lilac Secret Garden

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Rainbow Daisy Popsicle

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Stellar Candy Gems

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Tutti Frutti Dream

    Original Reversible Twirly Dress | Unicorn Party Time

    Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt | Luv, Peace & Bubbles

    Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt | Absolute Soaring Joy

    Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt | Carousel Carnival

    Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt | Colorful Joyous Song

    Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt | Holiday Twist & Spin

    Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt | Rainbow Fluff

    Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt | Sunshine Lolly

    Original Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirt | Treasure Petals

    Pinwheel Twirly Skirt | Razzamatazz Twisty Twirly

    Pitter Patter Dress | Love is in a Twirl

    Pocket Full of Dreams | Follow Your Heart

    Pocket Full of Dreams | Heart's Desire

    Pocket Full of Dreams | Make a Wish

    Prancing Pocket Whirly Dress | Friendship Rainbow Land

    Prancing Pocket Whirly Dress | Owl Be With You

    Prancing Pocket Whirly Dress | Secret Scarlet Garden

    Rappin Ruffle Twirly Dress | Sparkly Fantasyland

    Rappin Ruffle Twirly Dress | Starlet Starlight

    Rappin Ruffle Twirly Dress | Violet Garden Party

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Acrobatic Aria

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Bouncin' Bonnie

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Captivating Chloe

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Cinematic Cynthia

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Fruity Felicity

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Giggly Grace Rose

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Hoppin Heather

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Jammin' Jamaica

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Jivin' Jenna

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Lively Lola

    UnderTwirl Shorts | Vibrant Veronica

    Unicorn Swirly Dress | Astro Sparkle Skybeam

    Unicorn Swirly Dress | Bubblegum Playground

    Unicorn Swirly Dress | Flying Sprinkle Sundaes

    Unicorn Swirly Dress | Moonbeam Glitter Shine

    Unicorn Swirly Dress | Parade of Party Twirls

    Unicorn Swirly Dress | Rainbow Bright

    Unicorn Swirly Dress | Twinkly Rainbow Land