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Wings of Wonder Dress WOW! | Lovely Heart Dance

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Only 88 Dresses Created

This exact version will not be made again

Why We Made It

Full of love is the person that wears this dress, on the inside and the outside. She can spread her wings and travel anywhere her imagination can take her. Becoming her favorite fairy or butterfly is a cinch.


  • Girls designer dresses in a very beautiful diamond, rose, design in a rainbow of colors.
  • Twirly ruffle trim in turquoise tie dye blue OR turquoise ombre' with silver sequins.
  • The stunning wings in lavender, purple, pink and blue are securely attached at the shoulder seams. She can easily take them on or off for easy flight and landing.
  • Comes with a lovely sash in purple that can be worn as a scarf, hair tie, or around the waist. Or simply as a magic ribbon.
  • Merrow edge hems.


  • Super soft fabrics. Fully lined bodice, no itchy seams.
  • Machine washable.
  • Stretchy Knit Polyester 96%/Spandex 4%

TwirlyGirl to the Rescue

Madelyn was hosting a very important tea party for her toys, which is why she was wearing her Wings of Wonder dress. It's perfect for entertaining beneath a staircase. Everyone was enjoying the event when suddenly, the Russian Nesting Doll split herself at the belly, and out popped six others just like her!

“Do you mind if a few of my friends join us?” asked the Russian Nesting Doll.

“How rude,” remarked the Robot made from coffee cans. “You only RSVP’d for one!”

“Not to worry,” remarked Madelyn. “There’s plenty more in the kitchen.” Madelyn curtsied, then back handspringed into the kitchen.

Just as she was smearing honey on a cayenne pepper sandwich, Madelyn heard a distant cry for help. Halfway around the planet, a kitten was in despair. Or maybe the kitten was all the way around the planet… which would make it right behind her.

Madelyn unfurled the wings on her Wings of Wonder dress and ba-zaam! She was now TwirlyGirl Madelyn. Like a bolt of lightning, she zoomed into the air.

Meanwhile, our kitten in peril was dangling from the highest branch of a tree and losing its grip! Making matters worse, it was about to fall onto a train track. And an engine was bearing down! And it was pulling one boxcar full of baking soda and another full of vinegar! The stage was set for the biggest volcano experiment disaster ever!

TwirlyGirl Madelyn soared through the air.

"It's a bird!" cried a bystander.

"It's a plane!" cried another.

"Big deal," remarked a third bystander. "One of you sees a bird, and the other sees a plane. But look in the opposite direction, it's a flying TwirlyGirl!"

The first two bystanders turned and indeed, there she was: TwirlyGirl Madelyn, racing high above! She swooped down just in time to catch the falling kitten. Disaster was averted, and the little engine continued to the other side of the mountain, bringing baking soda and vinegar to all the good children who wanted neither.

Madelyn gave the kitten a kiss, and raced back to her tea party. When she returned, she noticed that six of the Russian Nesting Dolls were no longer there.

“What happened to your friends?” asked Madelyn.

“Oh,” said the Russian Nesting Doll guilty. “I was hungry.”

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