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Our famous Annual Blowout Sale is on NOW… (click the orange arrow to the right to expand details)

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• This is NOT a site wide sale.  Only the items on this page are discounted 20% to 65% off.  If you are shopping on our site and see something that is not discounted, it will not be on sale. You can use coupon codes for regularly priced items only.  Enjoy the great deals below!


****SHIPPING NOTICE - IF YOU HAVE ORDERED A SALE ITEM, WE DO REQUIRE 2-16 BUSINESS DAYS TO GET YOUR ORDER OUT VIA USPS PRIORITY. IF YOU NEED EXPEDITED SHIPPING, YOU CAN UPGRADE AT AN ADDITIONAL COST. Please email Veronica@TwirlyGirlShop(dot)com with your order number and full name. Thank you for your patience :) ****



HELPFUL TIP: SHOP BY SIZE first. And PLEASE REFERENCE THE SIZE CHARTS (they are on every product page - you can’t miss it - it’s where you have to go to “Select Size” you want.

• Limited stock available: Not every item is available in every size.  Only discontinued items and easily fixed and/or reimagined items are on sale. If you don’t see a ton of inventory in the specific size you are looking for, we do apologize. Every sale is different.  


• SALE ITEMS: These are discontinued styles. They are in perfect condition, so take advantage of these great savings.

• PIPS (aka Perfectly ImPerfects)  PIPS have very slight flaws, but are perfectly wearable, durable and lovable. We have detailed the imperfection on the product page. We have repaired the flaws with cute fixes, making everything super special again. Items that are NOT repaired have fabric flaws that were not possible to patch. Often, these flaws are very hard to spot.

Please email Veronica@TwirlyGirlShop(dot)com if you have any questions!