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• Why is TwirlyGirl so expensive?

• Is my credit card and payment information safe with you?

• How long will it take to get my TwirlyGirl package?

• What if my package hasn't arrived?

• What about returns and exchanges?

• What if something is damaged?

• Where can I find the care label and size tag?

• How do your sizes run?

• How do I wash and dry TwirlyGirl? Do I have to wash or dry anything a special way? Sparkly fabrics? What about the fabric pilling? Does it wrinkle?

• How "Twirly®" are they?

• What if an item is not available in the size I want, will you be getting more?

• Are the Reversible Twirly Dresses and Skirts® supposed to be the exact length on both sides?

• What's the best way to put on and take off clothing. And what's the best way to handle all that fabric?

• Will the ribbons on the Pinwheel Dresses and Skirts fall off?

• On the Original Reversible Twirly Dress®, do you wear the ties in the front or the back?

• I can't my daughter to take off TwirlyGirl so I can wash it.  What do I do?

• Is it appropriate to wear TwirlyGirl at a wedding?

• Is it OK to sleep in TwirlyGirl clothing?

• What is the best direction to twirl?


Q:  Why is TwirlyGirl more expensive? [back to top]

A:  Because we create that special dress that every girl remembers forever. And doing so is an expensive process.

We choose only the softest fabrics… and they cost substantially more. We use only the highest quality stitching… a 4 thread overlock stitch in all our seams, which typically isn’t used in less expensive garments.  This stitch helps our clothing retain their shape and stand up to rigorous wear. It requires a special sewing machine and is more labor intensive. This stitching adds to our cost, but it’s also why customers say our clothing look like new even years later.

We also manufacture right here in the USA. Labor costs are much higher in the USA, but it allows us to sew a far superior product. (We should add that only 2% of all clothing sold in this country is actually Made in the USA.)  Supporting our local economy is the right thing to do. Plus, it would be against our core values to sell a product by exploiting others just to cut costs.

You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to hesitate at our prices. We encourage you to read some of our customer reviews on our website from people who had the same reservations, took the plunge anyway, and were delighted that they did. The comments you’ll see are all genuine and unfiltered. It’s been our experience that most customers don’t have a huge problem with price as long as they know they’re getting value for it. On one review, a customer noted, “Which is more expensive? One high priced garment she wears all the time, or a closet full of cheap clothes that she never wears.”  We couldn’t agree more.

There’s definitely a strong demand for disposable clothing in our society, and there’s no shortage of brands who are happy to meet that demand. But that’s not us.

Many of our customers readily understand why our prices are high, but simply don’t have the money in their budget to afford full price. We completely understand. If that describes you, we invite you to join our newsletter. You’ll receive exclusive monthly offers, as well as an invitation to our Bi-Annual Blowout, where select items are 20-65% Off.

Q:  How long will it take to get my TwirlyGirl package? [back to top]

A:  We ship out your item(s) within 1-5 business days for Free Shipping and standard USPS Priority that doesn't qualify for free shipping. Once the package leaves our headquarters, it usually takes 3-5 days. You will receive a tracking number which might make the anticipation even more unbearable. Expedited shipping is available at checkout. Extra charges will be applied and you can approve them before you checkout. Expedited orders go out the same business day if it is received before 2 PM PST. International orders go out as soon as we receive them before 2 PM PST on business days.

Q:  What if my package hasn't arrived? [back to top] 
A:  Contact us if you don't receive your package within 5 days.  If you ordered and did NOT receive a tracking
number within 2 business days, your order might not have processed completely.  In this case, contact us as well.  

Q:  What about Returns and Exchanges? [back to top]

A:  Any item can be returned or exchanged within 40 days.  After 40 days, you can still exchange an item or receive store credit.*
Please log into your account to receive full instructions or contact us to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA).
*TwirlyGirl reserves the right to change policies without advance notice.


Q:  What if something is damaged? [back to top]

A:  In the rare instance that this happens, please send us a photo of the damaged area.  We will either repair it, replace it, or refund you immediately.  We'll handle shipping both ways.  


Q:  Where can I find the care label and size tag? [back to top]

A:   Most can be found along the bottom side seam. On our reversible clothing ,it's found in between the two layers of fabric
toward the bottom of the side seam.  Why don't we sew the label on the neck area like everyone else?  Because labels are itchy!

Q:  How do your sizes run? [back to top]

A:  Our styles don't run.  They twirl!  (When you're done laughing, keep reading.)  Most of our styles are true to size with some extra room for growing. However, we suggest looking at the size charts provided as they are different for every product. If you are not sure how to take measurements, please click HERE.


Q:  How do I wash and dry TwirlyGirl? Do I have to wash or dry anything in a special way? Sparkly fabrics? What about the fabric pilling? Do they wrinkle? [back to top]

A:  TwirlyGirl is machine washable and colorfast. We do suggest machine wash in cold/warm water and hang or lay flat to dry. You can also tumble dry on low heat (they dry quickly.) Do not use bleach, do not iron, and do not dry clean. Please don't use fabric softeners as the fabric is already super soft. These chemicals don't enhance wear or make them more soft. FOR SPARKLY FABRICS OR LACE: We suggest washing it with that side on the inside. Do NOT use any stain removers or harsh chemicals on the sparkly foil fabrics or anything with sequins. For all TwirlyGirl Clothing: NEVER wash or come in contact with sharp objects like zippers or abrasive surfaces like velcro or cement walls. Any sharp surface or material will damage our clothing, and all others that are similar.  Our clothes are wrinkle free for the most part. PILLING: This is an issue that happens to most any fabric. We suggest reading this article to avoid this issue with all your clothing. There are certain ways to wash/dry where you can either reduce or completely eliminate pilling:  What Causes Fabric Pilling


Q:  How "Twirly®" are they? [back to top]

A:   Most all our skirts and dresses are made with full or partial circle skirts that produce maximum twirlage.  So enjoy watching her get dizzy.

Q:  If an item is not available in the size I want, will you be getting more? [back to top] 

A:   Probably not in that exact version.  TwirlyGirl is manufactured in limited runs and numbered... just like works of art.  This makes our clothing as unique as your child.  Why pay to look like everyone else?  That said, we're constantly introducing new versions.  If you don't find something that fits your style perfectly, come back in a week or two.  Or contact us directly.  We welcome any excuse to stop working and interact with our customers.   

Q:  Are the Reversible Twirly Dresses and Skirts® supposed to be the exact length on both sides? [back to top] 

A:   No. We use different fabrics on each side, and because they usually weigh different amounts, they tend to fall at different lengths. (We could use physics to explain it to you, if we understood physics.)  The variance is usually between one and two inches. This adds style to the dress - giving it a petticoat feel.  

Q:  What is the best way to put on and take off clothing? And what's the best way to handle all that fabric? [back to top]

A:  We suggest that you use the "over-the-head" method. This is a good habit for all your clothing.  Please advise your children not to take off their clothing by pulling down over their shoulders and stepping out.  This stretches the neckline, which is designed to fit around the head only.  If you're a giant Mardi Gras puppet with an oversized head, TwirlyGirl might not be the best choice for you. Also, there is a lot of fabric to manage and she might not be used to this! Please advise her to gather all the beautiful fabric in her hands before she gets up from the floor or a seated position. It's very common for the girls to step on the hem of the dress on their way up thus causing the stitching to over-stretch. While we use a very secure 4 thread overlock stitch in all our seams, it is still just thread and fabric (not kryptonite!), so under this type of intense pressure, the seams can become loose. As long as she knows what to do, the dress will withstand many years of normal wear.

Q:  Will the ribbons on the pinwheel dresses and skirts fall off? [back to top]

A:  No. Each ribbon is sewn firmly into the waistband.  Despite the name, these "flyaway" ribbons will not fly away.  They'll continue to twirl with your girl, wherever she goes, just like a loyal friend.


Q:  On the original reversible twirly dress®, do you wear the ties in the front or the back? [back to top]

A:  It's extremely fashionable either way.  It really depends if you're coming or going. 

Q:  I can't get my daughter to take off TwirlyGirl long enough to wash it.  What do I do? [back to top]

A:  Eventually she'll take it off. Probably when she's in college.  At that point, washing it is her problem. 

Q:  Is it appropriate to wear TwirlyGirl to a wedding? [back to top]

A:  Yes.  But there's a good chance she'll upstage the bride.  

Q:  Is it OK to sleep in TwirlyGirl Clothing? [back to top]

A:  No.  TwirlyGirl clothing is not intended for sleepwear.  If your girl puts up a fight, promise her she can wear it right when she wakes up.  This works 99% of the time and generally prevents oversleeping.   

Q:  What is the best direction to twirl? [back to top]

A:  In the Northern hemisphere, counter-clockwise.  In the Southern hemisphere, clockwise.  (There's no truth to this.  Excellent customer service is important to us, and sometimes we feel bad when we don't have an answer.)