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twirlygirl-headquarters-contact-us-header.jpg Retail Customers
Phone: 888-572-7774
Press Inquiries
Phone: 888-572-7774
TwirlyGirl Inc. Headquarters (this is a showroom, not a store, appointment only)
117 W. 9th St.
Suite 715
Los Angeles, CA 90015

The TwirlyGirl Design Studio is located inside the trunk
of a giant Oak tree.  It's in the forest along
with a hundred other Oak trees that look just like it.  You can't miss it.
Please pay us a visit.  Just find the tree
and pull on the highest branch. That will open a secret door. 

From there, you'll notice two slides.  One goes up,
the other goes down.  Choose the one that slides down.
(Don't get on the one that slides up.  It doesn't work.)  
When you get off at the bottom, you'll notice a tunnel.  
If you don't notice a tunnel, you've gone inside the wrong tree.  
Leave immediately.  You're in grave danger!

Follow the tunnel until it dead ends, then keep going
straight.  That will take you to a glass door marked
"NGISED OIDUTS."  It should say "DESIGN STUDIO" but the
guy put the sticker on the wrong side of the window.  
On days ending with "y," we have a tray of cupcakes waiting 

by the door.  Help yourself to a cupcake, and come on in.  See you soon!