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Petal Dress | Atlantis Fairy Dream

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Children's Bridal Dresses | Wearable Art Clothing: Only 60 Dresses Made

Not only will the bride approve but this unique style will meet the approval for the very discerning flower girl. She will insist on being comfortable and this fully lined, super soft, twirly style will satisfy her desires. She will also enjoy wearing it all year round.


  • NOTE: Order up a size if you want more growing room.
  • Children's bridal dresses that both the bride and the flower girl can agree on.
  • Shiny blue bodice.
  • 3 Cascading layers of full Twirly® circle skirts. 2 layers of lightweight mesh in a gorgeous floral purple design with gold flecks.
  • Scalloped hem line designed to mimic the petals of a flower.
  • Fully lined bodice. No itchy seams!


  • Super soft fabrics.
  • Machine washable..
  • Polyester 96%/Spandex 4%

The Petal Dress Garden

Monday: Terrible news! I had to say goodbye to blankie I've had since I was a baby! It was too tattered to fix, so I buried it in my backyard. So sad!

Tuesday: Still crying about my blankie. I'll never, ever feel better!

Wednesday: Went to the amusement park, watched the most awesome movie in the world, and had a sleepover with my best friend!

Thursday: Is something sprouting where I buried my blankie?! Going to investigate... wait! My brother just said there's an episode of iCarly on TV that I've only seen 5 times. Gotta run!

Friday: Just saw this growing in my backyard! It's a Petal Dress! My favorite blankie has grown into a Petal Dress! Yaaaay!!

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