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Mixing Magic Dress | Swirly Rainbow Lollipop

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Only 106 Dresses Created

This exact version will not be made again. NOTE: Model in picture is wearing a different version to show how it fits and twirls.

Why We Made It

We call it the Mixing Magic dress because it stirs up excitement where ever she goes. We don't just design clothing, we look at creating wonder and lasting moments. If she is having the time of her life wearing our clothing, then she is experiencing the true magic that we intended!


  • Boutique dresses for girls with a more than full circle Twirly® skirt.
  • Contrasting panels in our exclusive floral red, orange, pink and purple print with contrasting panels in our unique ombre' rainbow.
  • A stunning, fully lined bodice in sparkly purple. Fun bias trim in purple.
  • Super soft magenta sleeves with finger loop details.
  • Merrow edge hem on the skirt and cover stitch hem on the sleeves.


  • Super soft fabrics, no itchy seams.
  • Machine washable.
  • Stretchy knit polyester blend fabrics.

Magic To Address

There are many different types of magic in this world. There's magic practiced by fairies, incantations used by witches, sorcery perfected by wizards, and birthday wishes mastered by children blowing out candles. All of them are wonderful, and all of them are equally effective.

But what if these different types of magic were used together... at the same time... to create something truly breathtaking and unique! Close your eyes and imagine what that might look like.

Now open open your eyes and behold...

The Mixing Magic Dress!

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