Why are these the world's best princess dresses for girls?

Why are these the world's best princess dresses for girls?

7th Jun 2016

TwirlyGirl started in 2007 as the premiere site to find unique girls dresses unlike anything else on the market.  Initially, our goal was simple:  to create special dresses that every girl would remember forever.  In order to do that, each piece had to be more than just spectacular looking.  It had to be comfortable enough for every day wear... so that she'd want to wear them all the time and create memories in them.

This meant using only the softest fabrics, and highest quality stitching so that each piece would withstand rigorous wear.  But we also had to design each style to have a "wow" factor.  Some were  super-twirly, others were reversible, some spun like pinwheels, and others had wings sewn to the back.  

Our most recent creation is a  Princess Dress.  But this not some itchy costume.  This is a delightfully soft and comfortable dress appropriate for every day.  As you can see, the design is an updated version of the classic princess dress.  Not quite a costume, it's a comfortable dress that encourages creativity and inspires the imagination.

But what makes this princess dress truly spectacular is the fact that it's REVERSIBLE!  One side for the Royal Ball, the other side for the Presidential Ball!  For more TwirlyGirl Reversible Princess Dresses,  click here.