How to Run a Successful Children's Clothing Boutique:  An Interview with Kool Kidz

How to Run a Successful Children's Clothing Boutique: An Interview with Kool Kidz

Posted by Michael Jamin on 17th Oct 2014

TwirlyGirl has been selling girls boutique dresses  online since 2007.  What might come as a surprise is that we are also carried in hundreds of boutiques across the globe.  One of our most successful stores is located in the United States Virgin Islands.  We spoke with Jessica Spillane of Kool Kidz, St. Thomas to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to sell girls fashion in a retail store.  If you ever find yourself in the Caribbean, consider yourself lucky.  Then swing by her boutique to say hello!

TwirlyGirl:  Hi Jessica.  Can you tell us how long you've been in business?

Jessica:  6 years.

TwirlyGirl:  What made you want to sell children's clothing?

Jessica:  So many reasons, but it's just plain FUN.  Watching a child light up when they walk into our little shop and get excited about all the things they see just makes it all worthwhile.

TwirlyGirl:  I love learning about other people's jobs.  What are the challenges of selling a children's line?

Jessica:  Pleasing everyone's tastes, carrying everyone's sizes, staying on top of what our little customers want... not necessarily the trends.

TwirlyGirl:  How do you select the lines that you carry?

Jessica:  It's got to have the FUN factor, be well made, and well priced.

TwirlyGirl:  Selling retail can be difficult.  Is there anything you wish your customers understood better about the challenges?

Jessica:  I wish they knew how much time and consideration is put into choosing what products we carry.

TwirlyGirl:  What's your favorite part of the job?

Jessica:  Building relationships with clients that have been shopping with us since the beginning.  We have watched so many families grow and are privileged to be a part of their memories.

TwirlyGirl:  Do you have a favorite customer story or memory that pertains to TwirlyGirl?

Jessica:  A little girl fell in LOVE with The Original TwirlyGirl Dress. She would come by with her Mom every so often and try it on and exclaim "I wish I could get this."  Little did she know, her Mother had bought the dress and was having us hold it for her birthday. When it was her birthday, we had the dress hidden behind the counter. She came bouncing into the store knowing she could FINALLY buy the dress. When she looked on the rack and saw it wasn't there we thought she was going to break down and cry! We surprised her with the dress and to this day I think that was the HAPPIEST kid I ever saw. 3 years later, her younger sister is now wearing the same TwirlyGirl Dress she loved so much.

TwirlyGirl:  Wow!  That story makes me want to break down and cry.  It's just perfect!  Can you describe your typical TwirlyGirl customer and your store's clientele?

Jessica:  Our best customers for TwirlyGirl are the girls themselves. This is THE dress all of them gravitate to when they come to our store. This is THE dress Grandparents want to gift their granddaughters. It is FUN, whimsical and practical. It's been our #1 seller for 6 years.

TwirlyGirl:  What an honor!  Thank you.  Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself?  Go ahead, brag a little!

Jessica:  Kool Kidz in St. Tomas, United States Virgin Islands is proud to be a small business that supports small business.  Its has been our pleasure to work with TwirlyGirl over the years and watch them continue to grow.

Thank you so much, Jessica. It's been a pleasure working with you these years.  We wish you much continued success.  To learn more about Kool Kidz, be sure to check their  website.  It's not fully up yet, but will be soon.