From Boutique Girls Dresses to Chewing Gum:  41 Great Gift Ideas for Kids

From Boutique Girls Dresses to Chewing Gum: 41 Great Gift Ideas for Kids

Posted by Michael Jamin on 11th Nov 2014

At TwirlyGirl, we make boutique dresses for girls. That's our speciality. So naturally, we think our twirly dresses™ make the perfect gift. However there are rare instances when you shouldn't give a girl a spectacularly soft and comfortable dress. For example, when she already has a closet full of TwirlyGirl dresses.  In that case, it's perfectly acceptable to buy them something else. In fact, we've made it super easy for you. Below you'll find a great list of gift ideas for kids. These are fun and unique items that are slightly off the beaten path. To be clear, we've never used them, so we can't vouch for their quality. But they sure look cool on their websites! 


Sydney Paige makes super cute backpacks for toddlers to teens in a variety of colors and styles. They also make matching lunch bags, pencil cases, Ipad sleeves, bag tags, blankets and books . Sydney Paige operates on a buy-give model so for every item sold, they donate a brand new item to a child in need!

Teepeedees is an online specialty shop for kids teepee play tents. Started by the parents of two young children in NYC, Teepeedees' products are all handmade, featuring distinctive designs with unique fabrics and trims that look beautiful in the home and are fun for the kids. Teepee play tents make great holiday presents to inspire creative play in children.

Tukluk is a piece of furniture, a triangle, and a toy. Cylindrical magnets are attached to the edges of the colored modules, which means that any conceivable shape can be built and taken apart. With Tukluk, children can discover dimensions and space, and comprehend and create their environments, both cognitively and physically.  Tukluk $115 (Price per one Triangle)

Measure Up Collection: Watching learning in action with this kitchen-themed set. Use to scoop, dump, fill, nets, stack, mold and stamp. Spoons, cups and pots are all volumetrically correct and sequentially sized for interaction. Introduce a host of fundamental concepts related to counting, sorting, volume, size, patterns, measurement, clock time & more. Available at Measure Up Collection at DiscoveryToys.

Avery & Ethan's Plates for Kids: Fun, cute and oh-so fabulous. Avery & Ethan have the most adorable personalized items for boys and girls. These too cute 10" round melamine plates will make mealtime unique and fun this holiday season. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, drop and break resistant, BPA free and non-toxic. Available at

Bashful Bliss Necklaces:  These silver necklaces from Bashful Bliss feature a hand painted glass tile with a customizable design! Design choices include monograms, various sports, and inspirational phrases like “Let Your Light Shine” that are sure please any girl on your list!  Available at:

Creativity for Kids:  These fabulous headbands are sure to turn heads! Dazzle 10 sparkle-flocked headbands by adding trendy, colorful rhinestone trims. Craft activity includes easy peel-and-stick rhinestone accents and shimmery ribbons for that extra special touch. Use the included metallic thread to wrap around the rhinestones for a unique look. - Creativity For Kids

Chavez for Charity Kids:  The stylish, hand-made bracelets in the Chavez for Charity Kids Collection are specifically designed to appeal to children and pre-teens, with colors representing ten charities that focus on kid-related issues. With every bracelet sold, Chavez for Charity donates 25% of the gross profit to the non-profit organization each bracelet’s color represents.

Chooze Shoes is a brand of footwear and accessories that is truly different. The collection of footwear, baby booties, slippers, and backpacks features creatively coordinated prints that are mismatched on purpose. Be different. Create a difference.

Chord Buddy Jr.:  ChordBuddy introduces a new half-sized guitar for the 4-8 age group.  It comes with a device attached and allows young players to work on strumming, rhythm and timing skills, build finger strength and dexterity as well as as training without worrying about how to make chords.  Chord Buddy Jr.

Color Me Monthly is a fun subscription service that delivers gorgeous toxin-free and cruelty-free nail polish for just $7/month.  CMM’s mission is to provide environmentally responsible products with the focus on delivering quality ingredients rather than flashy marketing. Our eco-friendly nail polish is made in the USA, never tested on animals, and shipped FREE.


Couture Clip luxe bow is handcrafted in USA luxuriously designed in cashmere, leather, satin, organic cotton and vintage metallic ribbon. The luxe knot bow is made in washed Italian lambskin leather with a silver pinch clip, sized approximately 1.5" x 3" and available in sable, bordeaux and black.

Home Grown Books: Children will love discovering what these goofy cats want to wear in this adorable board book! Features 12 pages of stunning full page paintings by artist Cecile Dyer. Made locally in New York on 100% recycled paperboard.

EZ PZ is an all in one silicone placemat and plate that suctions to the surface! The Happy Mat is made out of 100% FDA approved silicone and is sure to revolutionize the mealtime space- the perfect Holiday Gift!


The #1 family card game Spot it! has teamed up with Disney Frozen, the winner of two Academy Awards®, to bring you a new adventure! Spot it! Alphabet Disney Frozen is the ultimate matching game that features characters and iconic symbols from the hit movie. Kids will learn to identify letters, colors and build vocabulary while having fun.

With the Booie Bag Gift Pack, you get two handbags in one.  Snap on shimmering magenta Kimberley panels for an evening look and then white Mona Lisa panels.  The pack even includes a fabric pen to decorate the white panels.

Goodbye Monsters is the story of a little boy named Ben who is terrified of monsters. One day Ben is introduced to a magical creature named Zimbobo who has supernatural powers that keep all of the monsters away. All you have to do is place Zimbobo in the scariest place and he will protect you from the scary monsters. We recommend placing Zimbobo under the bed or in the closet, but you know best where the monsters are hiding!

The Hot Cherry Pillow is a soft, cozy, multi-purpose pillow that soothes a child's tummy ache, warms them during the winter months and helps relieve growing pains, plus injuries from soccer and gymnastics.  These therapeutic pillows are made using recycled cherry pits from Michigan and can be heated in the microwave and your house will immediately smell like a hot cherry pie, or it can be chilled in the freezer for a cold, ice pack soothing effect. Visit

Little Green is a collection of safe, gentle and pure skin care products
that are free of parabens, sulfates and allergens for babies and children.
The entire Little Green line consists of body washes, shampoos and lotions
for children and baby.

Instawinks make truly unique gifts and great stocking stuffers. Using two of your own images from Facebook, Instagramor upload images from your computer, you'll create a photo magnet with two images that shift back and forth as you flip the magnet.


Desert Dwellers Flash Cards, are a perfect gift full of learning with facts and stories about a range of desert animals, from Anna's Hummingbird to the Zebra-Tailed Lizard. Featuring original art by and packaged in a compact 4" x 7" box, buy for stocking stuffers or for mailing to family members out of state.

Justin’s Round Power StickRecharge your smartphone from completely drained to fully charged while on-the-go with the small and lightweight design. With a built-in rechargeable battery and universal USB port, the power stick is available in a black, silver, blue, purple or red aluminum finish for $19.99 at retailers nationwide. Innovative Technology

The LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children's Wireless Bluetooth headphones were designed to make life a little easier for both children and parents. With their Bluetooth connection, children aren't getting tangled in wires whether at home, on the airplane or in the car. And they are designed to be a perfect fit and extremely comfortbale for children four and up.

Maccabee on the Mantel is an adorable plush doll and accompanying storybook that teaches children about the origins of Hanukkah. The book reminds human companions young and old – and Jewish or otherwise – about the origins of the Festival of Lights.

Love gum? Then you’ll really love the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit! This innovative activity kit from Glee Gum contains everything you need to make natural gum right at home, including confectioner's sugar, corn syrup, natural flavors, and more.

Stylish and affordable Sunglasses for children by Julbo are available in great designs and seven different color combinations (blue/lime, blue/red, fuchsia/grey, pink/blue, pink/pink, purple/lime green, white/red). Julbo sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. These plastic and unisex glasses are available on sale at

Have fun learning numbers in a social setting! The Multiples tableware encourages children to engage in math via 12 multi national animal characters and their associated favorite numbers. Designed with several mathematical methodologies, this 100% melamine dishware is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

MyBeads are pre-cut and colorfully designed to be wrapped around earphone or phone charger cables, allowing you to individually customize your phone accessories! The pattern possibilities are endless and the beads function as a defense against tangling. Each bag is priced at $5.99 and contains 500 beads with 10 distinct colors.

If your kid loves basketball, it's time you hooked them up with what Forbes, Slam, and DIME Magazine all have called “The World’s Best Basketball Shorts.” POINT 3’s DRYV Baller 2.0 Shorts not only look and feel amazing, they feature side panels with patented DRYV Moisture Control technology, allowing ballplayers to dry their hands right on their gear. SHORTS + TOWEL = GENIUS!

Fun T-Shirts: This design is inspired by the awesome digging machines that we all loved as children. Most kids, especially boys and toddler boys, are crazy for excavators at a certain age. Every detail is captured with care just for the digger enthusiast in your family!

Simply Bags: It's the perfect size for the preschool age group. Cute and trendy for the little girls to carry their favorite princess, book or snack. It's only $14.99 with FREE embroidery.

More Fun T-Shirts: Do you know a kid who thinks he's the big chief?  This is the perfect shirt for adventure time!  Vintage soft fabric with a great fit.  Sizing runs on the smaller side, so please contact us for assistance.

The Sparkup Magical Book Reader enables parents (grandparents, friends, etc.) to create personalized audio recordings of any illustrated children's book, so that the children in their lives can listen, read along and feel connected even when apart. Designed for children ages 3 through 8.  The Reader attaches to the top of a book and records the user's voice while tracking each page via its built-in camera.

The Spuni baby spoons are a beautiful gift for new parents (especially parents who love innovative products). The patented ridge shape naturally triggers a baby’s latching reflex and offers a more manageable portion with each spoonful, resulting in cleaner and easier feeding.

SwimZip offers the cutest sun protection swimwear and beach products for kids! Our award winning rash guard swimsuit designs with SPF 50+ UV protection are perfect for baby, toddler, and kids of all ages. Get your adorable SwimZip today, with easy all day sun protection, and start making waves!

Bookmarks: Give books the special treatment they deserve with these cute and adorable animal beaded bookmarks. Perfect for your use while reading, or even while writing in journals, notebooks and diaries, these bookmarks feature a silver shepherds hook, a 3-dimensional hand painted charm, and colorful crystals and beads. They make a terrific gift, stocking stuffer or party favor for all the avid readers, book lovers and aspiring writers in your life.

The world's first ride on toy box! Trunki toy boxes are stackable and if you buy more than one you can connect them together to make a Trunki train! Trunki toy boxes are the perfect compact storage solution for camping trips, weekends away at grandmas and keeping toys tidy at home.

Your Name Gear is the personalized “Your Name” apparel web site offering 350+ fun, customizable designs for printing and embroidery on over 100 products. From tees, sweats, shorts, and hats, to tank tops, baby bibs, toddler tees, and more - we have everything you need to gear up your family and friends for year-round fun.

VS. Socks for Socklovers: come as opposing rival pairs, so your feet can battle it out in the coziest way ever. Pairs come like T-Rex vs. Triceratops or Cat vs. Dog!"

100%Gumdrop, designed in NYC and manufactured in the USA, offers a line of necklaces based on wordplay and personality. All necklaces are created for that kid with the good head on her shoulders and mischief in her eye. Some are clever, some are smartymouthed and some are just plain sweet.

TwirlyGirl boutique girls dresses that will make them smile.  Most everything is twirly®, some are reversible, and all are super-soft and comfy.  Proudly Made in the USA in limited runs, to give each piece one of a kind appeal.  These twirly dresses™ are as unique as the girl who wears them.