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5 Things to Look for When Buying Children's Clothing

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You may be an expert at buying clothes for yourself, but buying for children is a whole different story. Yet, heaven forbid an itchy seam touches their body, they'll go through the roof! So here's a short list of 5 things to remember when buying children's clothing.


Turn the garment inside out and look at the stitches. Kids put different demands on their clothing. They roll around on the floor, bounce on furniture and brush into things. Most cheaper garments use only 3 threads. Two on each side of the seam, and one to connect the two pieces together. That means if just one piece of thread breaks, you'll develop a hole. Whenever possible, TwirlyGirl uses a "4 stitch overlock." This extra thread prevent holes, and helps the garment keep its shape longer.  


Young girls tend to grow up, not out. Consider the hemline, and think about where it will lie a year from now. For example, in a year, a dress that falls below the knee will very likely fall at or above the knee. That's still a perfectly appropriate look! At TwirlyGirl, we build growing room into our styles. We also use soft, stretchy fabrics so that your child will can wear her clothes for a long time.  


Some people blindly think cotton is superior to poly. Maybe that was the case during the 1970's when leisure suits were big, but that's certainly not the case any more. Cotton doesn't hold its color or shape very well. If you don't believe me, just check out my t-shirt collection. High quality poly blends, like the kind TwirlyGirl uses, are not only super soft and breathable, they hold their shape and color much longer. This is why customers often say their TwirlyGirl dresses still look like new... even after years of washing and wearing.

Some people erroneously think that cotton is better for the planet. But consider the following:

  • Cotton is a water hog. It takes 20,000 liters just to produce one pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Cotton production accounts for 23% of all agricultural pesticides. This is more than any other agricultural crop.


Look at her face when she tries on her garment. If she's got a huge smile, or is beaming with pride, you've got a winner. This is something she'll wear all the time. Unlike adults, children aren't concerned with being seen in the same outfit over and over. To the contrary, if a girl really loves her dress, she'll show great loyalty to it. If it's not super comfy or special looking, there's a large chance it will just wind up in the back of the closet. Hint: If she won't leave the store without hugging the rest of the rack, you've got a winner!


Always check the care label. If the garment requires special washing or dry cleaning, you're going to be the one doing all the work. TwirlyGirl knows that parents are busy enough as is. That's why all of our garments are easy to care for. Just machine wash and tumble dry low.  

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