18 inch doll dress by TwirlyGirl®

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Girls love their dolls. They get very attached to their toys when growing up. Dolls become an extension of who they are and how they feel about themselves. They take their dolls out to play, host tea parties for them, and even sleep with them. There's no amount of joy and comfort that a girl can have with them.  Many girls even keep their dolls well into adulthood... even if they don't admit it during their teenage years. Of course, there's no shortage of women doll collectors as well. Naturally, we didn't want their dolls or stuffed animals to be left out of the fun, so we created our most popular girls dress to be one of the most popular gifts for girls.  These America Girl Doll clothes are designed to fit the American Girl® Doll (clothes also fit Build A Bear® Animals & My Generation® Dolls too).  These reversible twirly doll dresses also come with matching bloomers. Hey, dolls need to cover up too when their twirling up a storm. Bright, colorful and made from the same high quality fabric we use for our girls dresses, these American doll clothes are a fantastic gift and a sweet surprise for any girl. Matching girl and doll clothes has long been a favorite with kids. It provides a sense of unity and identity as they project aspects of themselves onto their doll friends. It's undeniably fulfilling for them. Now she can put on her favorite dress and pair her American Girl doll clothes to make matching outfits to wear at home and out in the world. Don't underestimate the adventures their share together and the secrets that they will keep among themselves.