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Girls Maxi Dress by TwirlyGirl®
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Girls maxi dress by TwirlyGirl.

Girls Maxi Dress TwirlyGirl Style

Talk about your groovy 60's and 70's. We think one of the best fashion statements to come out of this era was the Girls Maxi Dress. Seriously! It's such a terrific blend of style and comfort. And our version lends itself to so many different fabrics and color combinations. We purposely take advantage of the contrasting layers and make sure we use all kinds of textures and prints. Colorful, comfortable, fashion forward and exciting. You can't go wrong.

Girl Maxi Dress For Any Time

One of the sisters of an employee that works at our company told her that we should start making more for Fall. We all stared at her blankly. But isn't a girl maxi dress supposed to only be worn during the warm months? "Not at all." She emphatically told us. They are great with boots and a long sleeve sweater. And the moment she painted the picture for us, we couldn't deny that she was right. Right as rain and they can even be worn in the rain. Perfect. 

We love others comments, especially when they are constructive and based in reality. We do get lots of suggestions that are simply not that feasible right now. Like, can we make pajamas and bathing suits? Well, we could, but then we are spending our time making those new items and not building what we know is our niche and fun girls maxi dresses is definitely a "can do" item. Twirly and fun and colorful clothing for every day, or to a party or at the pool or beach. Hopefully one day, we will be big enough to go into all these other arenas. For now, we are happy perfecting what we do best.

Well, even though we started out talking about maxi dresses, we have to remember that what our true inspiration is. And that's our customer. Caring about the people who are buying our products is the main thing for us. Totally not in second place but right up there with the customers, is the quality and integrity of our brand. Even though copying other people's designs is actually acceptable and maybe even expected at some point, we strive to be original and unique. Believing that creating from our hearts is really the best way to run a business. And we are lucky enough to have creative people in our company. So enjoy our site and let us know if you have any questions about anything.

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made in the usa from imported and domestic fabrics
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