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Girls capri leggings by TwirlyGIrl

Girls Capri Leggings

TwirlyGirl has decided to make girls capri leggings that are not your ordinary kind. It's all about mixing and matching prints and colors to go with all our great dresses and skirts. But the amazing thing girls won't just wear them under their dresses or skirts, these can be worn with only a tee shirt! Showing them off is a must because they are so unique and fun. TwirlyGirl also adds a sweet lace trim. Of course the lace contrasts with the fabrics. So versatile, they literally can go with anything and make her outfit POP!

Capri Leggings For Girls

Now let's say you have already bought your pair. And you are wondering where to go in order to show off your new outfit. Well anywhere, of course! TwirlyGirl's capri leggings for girls can be seen in going shopping, playing in the playground, at a fancy party, at concert or hanging around with a friend. There is no stopping her when she feels good in what she's wearing. Filled with confidence in who she is, her wardrobe speaks volumes about her personality.

Capri Legging

The history of this fashion statement goes way back to the turn of the century, not this one but the 1900's. I have one word to say. Bloomers. Well, the bloomer was used to go under dresses and skirts. They were all about layering back then. Plus it kept her cool in the Spring and Summer and warm in the Winter and Fall. Perfect. Why mess with perfection. When something works, you keep improving it, yes, but don't throw out a fantastic idea because it's been done. That's completely wasteful and unnecessary. Many great inventions have come about simply by improving on something that already existed.

Pink Capri Leggings

TwirlyGirl covers all the colors. The only color you won't see a lot of in our line is red. But all other colors are represented proudly. Not sure why red isn't as popular but it's really not. Some people request it but not many and when we have had them in stock, they didn't move. Live and learn, right? So we make sure to have bright, vibrant, fun colors that will go with just about anything and everything. That's the fun of making so many versions, we are bound to speak to everyone's personality at some point.

Striped Capri Leggings

We think every girl should have one pair of striped. There is nothing more fun than adding that print to an outfit. It really makes it special and unique. Stripes add a ton of emotion, invoking the feelings of playfulness, joy, whimsy and a little spunk. What girl doesn't want to be seen as a hoot to be around? Yes, she can be taken seriously too, once she is commanding that much attention, it's her choice how she wants to be heard. So take the floor, be proud wearing TwirlyGirl. Advance confidently in the world knowing that you can rock it and rule with the best of them. Being compassionate, considerate and fierce at the same time.

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