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Girls Jackets by TwirlyGirl®

We realized long ago that TwirlyGirl was more than just a line of girls clothing, but we couldn't put our finger on what that actually meant.  Yes, our clothes were cute and comfortable and very well made.  But it felt like we were still lacking a unified theme... a brand.  So we asked some of our customers to fill out a survey.  One of the questions was to describe, in one word, what our clothing does to the girls who wear them.  The results we received delighted us.  Customers remarked that our dresses made their girls' faces light up with joy.  They spun and twirled, imaging they were a princess, or a butterfly, or a fairy.  If there was one word to summarize our brand, it was "transformative."  It took the girls who wore them to far off land of imagination. 

This was our "ah-ha" moment.  We have a magical product, so why aren't we marketing it that way?  Rather than using standard text to describe our clothing, we enlisted the help of a Hollywood screenwriter.  We gave him our newest design, the
Treasure Pocket Jacket, and told him to describe it.  But not the way a marketer would... the way a storyteller would.   He should use  fancy, not facts. He soon came back with this lovely poem:

The Treasure Pocket Jacket

Eleven small pockets
for all sorts of treasure.
Coins or feathers,
Whatever your pleasure.

It's your secret reserve,
That's stuffed to the seams,
One just for candy,
Another for dreams.

Things small or things smaller,
You gather each day,
A fuzz ball!  An acorn!
Don't throw it away!

So if it is loved,
Or if it is lonely,
Give it a pocket, 
It isn't your only.

From A to Z
No matter the order,
There's room for everything,
Except, of course, water.

Everyone who read this poem absolutely loved it.  It was exactly what we wanted our brand to be: magical, poignant and creative.  From there, we completely overhauled our website.  We enlisted him to rewrite every piece of content on our site:  from the welcome page to the order confirmation page.  The mandate was: You've just fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice, and at the bottom, there's a store that sells girls clothing.  

Today, TwirlyGirl is no longer just an online clothing store.  It's a magical word of wonder and creativity.  The end result is that customers are spending longer on our website.  They're not just reading our content, they're enjoying it!  They're also checking out our other styles, just to read more content.  This has had the welcome effect of increasing our per customer average order.  

In the years since we first rebranded TwirlyGirl, we've expanded the reach of our magic.  We commissioned a podcast of original short stories for children called TwirlyGirl Theatre.  Customers can stream our audio stories for free as they shop our site, or they can download them on iTunes to listen on the go.  Future plans include free e-books as well as videos.  

Since rebranding our company, sales have skyrocketed... and this without touching our advertising budget. We did it all with "magic."  

Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it! 

TwirlyGirl® Girls Jackets


  1. Peter Arthur-Smith on November 17, 2013 at 10:03 AM said:
    This is a terrific story about communication, Cynthia. Your writer showed how we can excite people when we plug into their intuitive mind (imagination in this case) rather than pouring out rational themes and ideas: the usual way of communicating. I'm focusing on how we can do the same with our workplace people, through Inclusive Communication. The way we communicate with our frontline people is a one-way, wasteland. If TwirlyGirl can place as much emphasis on its internal communication as it is on its external communication, it will skyrocket with the best of both worlds. The only thing in your article that I thought was a little off the mark, was when the team drew the conclusion that a little girl's experience was "transformative." In one sense it was. However, I think the experience takes them to "wonderland" as per Alice. Best, Peter
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