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  1. Best Mom Blogs to Review Products Part 2

    Best Mom Blogs to Review Products

    For businesses, having a mom blogger review your product can be an integral part of your marketing strategy. It’s not only great for exposure, but getting a quality back link from a reputable site is important for SEO. In theory, the process is simple: you send a sample to a blogger, and in exchange they post a review. In practice this process is much more complex. Over the course of a year, TwirlyGirl has sent out hundreds of dresses like these to mom bloggers across the country. Most, we found through services like Tomoson and Sverve. Even though they are supposed to filter out problematic bloggers, in actuality they don’t.

    Every mom blogger will assure you that they are professional and trustworthy. They call themselves “brand ambassadors” to emphasize that point. Yet even though we provide every blogger with detailed posting instructions that outline the kinds of links and keywords we want, you would be amazed by how few actually comply. Unfortunately, once they are in possession of one of our dresses, there’s little we can do. We’ve encountered bloggers who post their reviews months after they agreed to. Others post reviews with broken links, or even misspell our brand name. Suddenly, what seemed like a simple process turns into hours of wasted manpower as we hunt down our products from bloggers who don’t fulfill their end of the agreement. 

    In order to save you time and aggravation, we’ve assembled a short list of the Best Mom Blogs to Review Products. These are women who were easy to work with, posted punctually, and whose reviews gave us the best results. If you have a product that you want to get in the right hands, I highly recommend starting with this list first. Here they are, in no particular order.

    A Latte with Ott A

    Amy is a blogger specializing in shopping, baking, canning, and gardening.  She’s an excellent writer and photographer, as you can see by the review she posted on this link.

    Amy posts regularly on Facebook as well as Twitter and has a strong Google + following of 222 people, but she truly shines on Pinterest where she has 1993 followers.   Her well-curated boards are also a lot of fun.  If you want a professional review from a blogger who is easy to work with, start with her.


    Leanne is the mom behind this blog, and she did a terrific job for us.  She has a young boy and girl, so she test products geared for either one.  Leanne has a healthy number of followers on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  She’s easy to work with and punctual, so we highly recommend her work.  To see a sample of her work, click here.


    Ginger is a mom to two girls, and loves to post about crafting and DIY projects.  Like some of the previous bloggers, she took lots of beautiful photos of her daughter being active in one of our dresses.  This is so important in selling the comfort and versatility of our clothing.  She’s active across all the major social media platforms, but where she really hits it out of the park is the blog itself.  Gingerly Made has a Page Rank of 3, which means she gets a lot of traffic, and a link from her blog passes a lot of authority.  If SEO is important to you, and it should be, you definitely want a link from her.  Look at the great job she did for us.

    Pea of Sweetness

    This is another example of a very well written review accompanied by lots of beautiful pictures.  That’s so important.  But a review can’t go viral without a robust social media presence.  Emilee has over 21,500 Facebook fans, 15,300 Twitter followers, and a whopping 7,759 Pinterest followers.  She also has a Page Rank of 3, so this should be a natural fit for brands looking for good SEO authority.   This is a link to the review she did for TwirlyGirl.  I keep notes for all the bloggers TwirlyGirl works with, and my comment for her was, “Perfect job.”  It doesn’t get much better than “perfect.”


    Melanie at Sunshinepraises did one of the best jobs with her TwirlyGirl review.  Aside from the usual stuff, she also created a “Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Your TwirlyGirl Dress.”  It was a very fun and creative way to talk about our product.  She also took the time to shoot a brief YouTube video of her daughter twirling in our dress.  YouTube is a great way to pass Google authority, as well as get your product in front of lots of eyeballs.  Her blog article also garnered lots of comments.  Like the others, Melanie has a strong presence on social media.  On Google + she has 1249 followers, and over 6000 Facebook fans.  Here’s a sample of her great work.

    The Mommy Bunch

    Jesica did a wonderful job with our blog article.  She posted lots of pictures, including one showing how our girls dresses come gift wrapped.  This picture alone received 9 likes and 4 comments on her Instagram account.  Her review also received 28 shares on Google +.  That’s terrific SEO juice.  With well over 10,00 Facebook fans, a review on this blog can go a long way.   Check out the great job she did for us.

    I like it frantic

    Holly is another blogger who went the extra mile to review TwirlyGirl by creating a YouTube video for us.  She is active across all the social media platforms, but truly excels on Twitter, where she has over 32k followers.  That’s a lot of eyeballs!  Check out the great job she did reviewing the TwirlyGirl Can Can Dress.

    More is Merrier

    Kay did a wonderful job reviewing our TwirlyGirl Petal Dress.  She included lots of photos and was careful with our links.  Her blog article received lots of comments and shares across social media, which is not surprising given her reach.  She has a healthy Facebook and Twitter following, and has a very impressive number of Pinterest followers.   On Google + she has 1677 followers.  That’s a lot of Google juice!  Add that to her Page Rank of 3, and you can see why brands concerned with SEO want a link from this blog.  Here’s a sample of her work.

    Your Golden Ticket Blog

    Last, but certainly not least, is Samantha’s blog.  Samantha did a very professional job with her review, and thanks to her high page ranking, passed a lot of authority back to our site.   She has a very well rounded social media following, with lots of fans spread across all the major networks.  Thanks to the clean layout of her blog, she gets a lot of traffic.  That’s a real plus when it comes to getting your brand out there.   Take a look at her blog piece, it’s very professional.

    ~ Michael Jamin is Director of Marketing at TwirlyGirl, which sells boutique clothing for girls and tweens.  TwirlyGirl is proudly made in Los Angeles, CA.

    TwirlyGirl Girls Clothing

  2. Top Websites to Find Made in America Products

    TwirlyGirl Girls Clothing - Made in the USA

    In 1980, approximately 70% of all clothing sold in America was manufactured domestically. Today, that number has shrunk to just 2%. Part of that is due to the rise of emerging markets in conjunction with the trade liberalization policies of the 1990s. Today, the average U.S. garment worker earns about 38 times the wage of his/her counterpart in Bangladesh, greatly driving up labor costs for US companies.

    So why do companies like TwirlyGirl® still manufacture in the U.S? The answer is --- because the difference in quality can be huge. Our sewing operation is only a few miles from our main office. This means we can keep strict oversight on the entire manufacturing process. Creating clothing is not as simple as putting fabric in front of a sewer and saying, “have at it.” There are countless ways that garments can be assembled. In fact, when a new sewer comes aboard, we have to train them exactly how we want our garments sewed. Our construction is very specific. We prefer for our seams to be hidden whenever possible, because if if a dress itches, we know children won’t wear it. Whenever possible, we use a 4 stitch overlock. Most cheap garments use only 3 stitches. If only one of those threads breaks, the entire garment can unravel. Just one extra piece of thread goes a long way towards durability. It’s why TwirlyGirl garments look as good as new, even after years of wear.  

    So why are we saying all of this? In the case of the apparel industry, American goods often cost more, because they’re worth more. Customers are almost always willing to pay extra for quality, but they often have to be educated as to what quality is. Certainly this applies to other sectors as well. 

    As more and more manufacturing jobs shift overseas, it’s more important than ever to support American businesses. Many websites have made it their mission to promote and educate the American public, so that they can help support domestic businesses. Here is a list of some of our favorites: There’s a huge list of American made products on this site. They list everything from appliances, to clothing, to cosmetics, to pet supplies. You can even find watches that are Made in America. Next time you want to make a purchase, check on this site first. They probably have the product you need, but only better! Check out our listing in this site. Here’s another great site to research American made products.  They have an 8 person staff who find and research products made in the USA. They also make it easy to recommend your finds to your friends. A great resource!

    AmericanMadeEverything.comThis is a huge database of American made products. You can even find a brand and drill into their page to learn more about them. Look at how much detail they provide for our brand. It’s really very impressive.

    MadeInUSA.laThis is an awesome blog with a more personal bent. The editor personally reviews lots of American made products, and really goes into full detail about each one. She has a very extensive list and a colorful writing style. It’s definitely a fun site to poke around on.

    Back in the 1950s, the phrase Made in the USA meant quality. American manufacturing was light years ahead of Europe and Asia. However, as the years passed, these segments caught up to us in terms of quantity but our quality is still stellar. Today, unfortunately, very little is still manufactured in America. As a result, the phrase “Made in America” carries more cache than ever. Indeed, foreign markets still look for the Made in the USA label, as they know they’re getting something of quality. It’s time for American consumers to realize this as well.

  3. 10 Best Mom Bloggers For Product Reviews

    Top 10 Mom Bloggers to Review your Products

    Last year, I assumed the job of Director of Marketing at TwirlyGirl. My mandate was to increase internet traffic to our retail site as quickly as possible and with a minimum amount of expenditure. Because TwirlyGirl produces such a unique and creative line of clothing, I knew the answer was to turn to mom bloggers. These bloggers, or influencers, as they’re often called, are writers who maintain a blog or website to inform their readers about products, trends, recipes, and more.  

    Finding a blogger willing to review a TwirlyGirl dress is easy. After all, we let them keep the dress, and their daughters love them. However, we can’t just give dresses to every blogger who asked for one, or else we’d go out of business. We needed to find the best mom bloggers who would give us the most bang for our buck. That means good social media engagement and carefully following our keyword and linking requirements, to maximize our SEO push. 

    Over the year, we gave dress samples to literally hundreds of bloggers. Unfortunately, I learned that sending samples to bloggers has the potential to be a giant time suck. Some bloggers didn't post on time. Others completely neglected our keyword requests. Others even spelled our brand name wrong! Then I had to spend time reminding them, correcting them, and often imploring them to give us the type of post that they had agreed upon. Remember, once that dress was in their hands, they held all the cards. As troublesome as some mom bloggers were, others were absolutely terrific to deal with. They were professional, trustworthy, and skilled. At the time we sent out our products for review, all of these mom bloggers had a Google Page Rank of 3 or higher.

    TOP 10 (in no particular order)

    • ASweetPotatoPie: Not only did she provide a great review, but she continued to share and interact with us on social media, long after her review was posted. A pleasure to work with.

    • Working with this blogger was complete a pleasure. If only they were all this good! We sent her a dress with posting instructions, and a two weeks later, her review was posted. No mistakes. Just a thoroughly professional job. And in only 14 days! That’s unheard of in mom blogging circles!

    • At first we were skeptical that this site would be a good fit for us. After all, the name implied a focus towards reading. However, we couldn’t have been more delighted with this blogger. Not only did she enlist the help of her daughter to make this adorable video, but the review actually generated a good deal of business for us! A terrific return on our investment.

    • Here’s the top reason to use this blog to promote your product: She has terrific reader engagement. It means she has relationship with her fans, and they trust her opinion. Look at all the comments she got on our review. That’s gold!

    • - This blogger was terrific. Her site is beautifully laid out, we love her style, her ethic, and what she stands for. She even took the time create a wonderful youtube video for us. That's above and beyond.

    • This is one of the top mom bloggers, for sure. Check out the long list of comments she got on our review. Believe me, very few bloggers get this kind of engagement. Clearly she has a special relationship with her readers. As a merchant, this is exactly the kind of site we love to be featured on.

    • Talk about a blogger who really wants to please. This woman really bent over backwards to make sure we were happy. Her video of her daughter speaking about the dress is absolutely perfect. Finding someone like that is rare, so run to her!

    • If you’re looking for a blogger who’ll post and share across various social media platforms, this is the one for you! Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, and YouTube, she’s capable of spreading the word.

    • Yet another blogger who’s very easy to work with lots of shares and cross promotions. She has close to 37,000 Facebook fans, 22.4k Twitter followers, and 556 followers on Google +. Get her to repost on Google +, that’s a lot of SEO authority.

    • This is really a special blog. The woman who runs it is an extremely talented writer. Reading something that’s well written and insightful makes all the difference to a reader. We were blown away by how she completely got our brand. You would’ve thought she was sitting in on our team conferences! Just read how well written this review is. With lots of engagement in the comment section, it’s clear that her readers appreciate her as well.

    5 BONUS MOM BLOGGERS (in no particular order)

    As this article was being written, we encountered 5 more top bloggers. They were so great, we just had to add them to our list. That's right, our list of the Top 10 Mom Bloggers to Promote your Products has 15 names on it. Talk about added value!  

    • If social media promotion is important to you, don’t neglect this mom blogger. She has 12.8 followers on Twitter, and she promoted TwirlyGirl every day for a month!  Plus she has 20k fans on Facebook and 634 people in her Google + circles. That’s a ton of impressions!

    • We sent her a dress, and in return, she made us a music video on YouTube!  Because our dresses twirl, there’s no really better way to advertise than by seeing them in action. The extra effort this top mom put forth is much appreciated.  

    • All mom bloggers will tell you they are PR friendly. But all that really means is they’re willing to give you a review in exchange for a free item. This blogger, on the other hand, is truly PR Friendly. She’s accommodating, helpful, professional, and very easy to work with. On top of that, her blog has a Google Page Rank of 4. That’s a lot of SEO authority that she throws around. Get on her list, and Google will be pleased.

    • This blogger was a last minute add, but she definitely deserved to make the cut. Not only did she meticulously follow our keyword requirements and links, her review was live less than a week after she received the dress! No reminding, no prodding, no hassles. And like all good bloggers, our review got tons of engagement from her readers. That’s traffic that’s being driven right back to our website. Awesome!

    • So this was a first for us. We sent this mom blogger a dress to review, she did a great job with her review, and everyone was happy. But within hours, our Twitter feed was blowing up with people retweeting her review. It seems that the woman who runs this blog is in some kind blogging circle with other mom bloggers. Suddenly, our review was being seen not by thousands of people, but by tens of thousands of people. Maybe more! This isn’t new to the blogging universe. There are plenty of services that will provide this, but usually you have to pay for them. She did this for free! If Twitter is an important medium for your business, then you should definitely throw this blogger in the mix.

    So, if you have a product that you want to promote, save yourself a lot of time and aggravation. Start with this list of Top Bloggers. Reach out to them. They might be exactly what your brand is looking for.

    *Michael Jamin is Director of Marketing at TwirlyGirl, which sells cute and unique dresses for girls ages 12 months to 14 years. TwirlyGirl is proudly Made in Los Angeles, CA.  

  4. How to Tell if your Clothes are Cheaply Made

    You get what you pay for. We’ve heard this saying over and over, and yet nowhere is it more true than in the world of fashion. It’s easy to walk into a discount outlet and be seduced by their low prices. Instead of buying one dress, you can come home with two or three. But what happens after a few washes? The garment loses it’s shape, the colors fade, and worst of all, the seams start tearing. How, then, is a consumer supposed to know if her clothes are cheaply made? Hint: Judging by price alone often isn’t enough, because sometimes, even those garments are cheaply made.

    One of the most important qualities to look for in a garment is the stitching. When sewing a knit (stretchy) fabric, it’s very important to allow the fabric to stretch. Because of this, only very specific types of stitches can be used: Zig-Zag, Three Thread, Four Thread Overlock Stitches, and the Cover Stitch.

    Zig-Zag is not commonly used in manufacturing because they take too long to sew and it’s very difficult to make a straight and even seam with them. This stitch is commonly seen in home-sewn garments... the kind that use a single needle machine.

    Three Thread Stitching is the most common. It’s the fastest and easiest stitch and uses the least amount of thread. The problem is, two of the threads are dedicated to sealing the edges of the fabric, and only one thread is used to bind the two different pieces of fabric together. The end result is: it’s very common for this one piece of thread holding the seams together to break. And when it does, a hole inevitably follows.

    Four Thread Stitching is used to hold seams together in high stress areas. There is an extra thread running down the length of the seam.  This makes the seams more durable, preventing holes from developing.

    Cover Stitch (uses 5 threads) is used when it's intended for the stitching to be seen on the outside of the garment. The fabric is placed flat, side by side, and then sewn on the top. It's also used on binding and hems.  This stitch is strong as well as decorative.

    TwirlyGirl uses the Four Thread Overlock stitch on all of our seams.  And when the design calls for it, we supplement with the Cover Stitch.  Does this add to the cost of our garments?  Absolutely.  It requires more thread, more labor, and special sewing machines. And it’s worth it! Instead of one thread binding two pieces of fabric, there are now two or even three. The extra thread makes all the difference. It ensures that all of our seams are strong and durable.

    PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:  The seams that use the Four Thread Overlock stitch are those that hold the garment together. Typically they are found at the sides, shoulders and waistlines. We use other stitches to attach embellishments, to give clean finishes, and to attach labels and appliques.  

    It should also be mentioned that overstretching of any garment can cause any type of stitch to pop.  We take every measure to use very small stitches to maximize strength, so that this rarely happens.  However, it's impossible to make a garment situation proof.  Stuff happens. The good news is that we stand by our clothing 100%.  Even if it's something out of our control, we will do our best to fix it.  

    We know that girls play hard in their clothing.  Simply putting them on and taking them off is taxing on any fabric.  But because of these sewing techniques, our garments hold up to multiple washings, long days of wear, and endless twirling.

    The next time you go shopping, count the stitches.  Because you’re not saving money if your garment falls apart after only a few wears.  You're wasting it.  With TwirlyGirl, the Four Thread Overlock and Cover Stitches are just some of the ways that we ensure you get what you pay for.  Quality.

  5. Girls Clothing by TwirlyGirl®

    In 2011, after 5 years of running a relatively small business, TwirlyGirl decided change gears. We knew we had a great product that customers raved about, but we needed to focus our message.  Populating our website with simple product shots was not enough. We needed to add more to the story. To do this, we sent out an email survey to 1243 customers who had purchased TwirlyGirl clothing from our website.  

    The study was designed to discover:

    1. Why certain clothes for girls ages 2-12 are purchased

    2. Why girls buy certain pieces of clothing and then never wear them

    3. Compare our clothing brand to "brands worn most often"  

    Here's what we learned:

    In order of importance, the most important factors in purchasing a piece of clothing were: comfort, how often she will wear it, looks like it's fun to wear, price, and style (cool factor.)

    To validate, we asked our customers the reason why they won't wear certain items again. Respondents were asked to check all that apply.

    1. Itchy and uncomfortable (33%)

    2. Gift did not suit her personality (13.1%)

    3. Didn't fit well, even though it was the right size (12.6%)

    4. Boring (12.4%)

    5. Didn't pick it out themselves (11.2%)

    6. It doesn't do anything special (5.6%)

    Then we asked what percentage of the clothing in her closet will she not wear again.

    The average was 18%.

    We also asked, "What brand does your girl wear the most?"  Here are the top 5:




    Children's Place


    Original Twirly Reversible Dresses by TwirlyGirl®

    The conclusions from our study validated our core philosophy.

    1.   We came in second amongst brands worn, after The Gap.  We realize these are out customers, but -- it does say something about our clothes. They are not simply special occasion clothes.  Girls can, and do, wear them every day.  Hence our slogan, "Girls love to live in them."

    2. 18% of all clothes are never worn. Yes, TwirlyGirl can cost more than other brands.  But a customer is not saving money if that garment isn't worn. The old adage, "You get what you pay for" seems to be true.

    TwirlyGirl eliminates many of the reasons why girls don't wear a percentage of their clothing. To elaborate, our clothes aren't itchy and uncomfortable, because we make sure all the seams are hidden.   In response to "specialness," many of our dresses twirl and are reversible.  This is a huge selling point for young girls.  It makes them fun to wear, and they get two dresses in one.  Girls can give an impromptu fashion show, just by running into the bathroom and turning their outfit inside out.  Our Original Reversible Twirly Dress is our top seller because it has all those features.

    To build our brand out, we focused on creativity and fun. Our dresses already fulfilled that criteria, but it needed to be reflected in our marketing. To do so, we tore our old website down, and built a new one its place.  Instead of using bland and dry copy to describe our product line, we replaced them with professionally written stories and poems that were as fun and whimsical as our clothing.   This has been so successful, that customers often browse our catalogue just to read the copy!

    Approximately a year later, we spun off those stories into TwirlyGirl Theatre, a podcast of original short stories for children. Listeners can download them for free at iTunes:

    Or directly from our site:

    Plans are currently underway to convert some of those stories into an eBook that customers can download for free.   Like TwirlyGirl Theatre, we will encourage our customers to share with their friends.

    The end result is that our website is a place where adults and children both like to linger.  It's less of a marketplace, and more a world of fantasy and imagination.

    Next week, I'll post more concrete examples of how we built out our brand.  Thanks for reading!

  6. Girls Jackets by TwirlyGirl®

    We realized long ago that TwirlyGirl was more than just a line of girls clothing, but we couldn't put our finger on what that actually meant.  Yes, our clothes were cute and comfortable and very well made.  But it felt like we were still lacking a unified theme... a brand.  So we asked some of our customers to fill out a survey.  One of the questions was to describe, in one word, what our clothing does to the girls who wear them.  The results we received delighted us.  Customers remarked that our dresses made their girls' faces light up with joy.  They spun and twirled, imaging they were a princess, or a butterfly, or a fairy.  If there was one word to summarize our brand, it was "transformative."  It took the girls who wore them to far off land of imagination. 

    This was our "ah-ha" moment.  We have a magical product, so why aren't we marketing it that way?  Rather than using standard text to describe our clothing, we enlisted the help of a Hollywood screenwriter.  We gave him our newest design, the
    Treasure Pocket Jacket, and told him to describe it.  But not the way a marketer would... the way a storyteller would.   He should use  fancy, not facts. He soon came back with this lovely poem:

    The Treasure Pocket Jacket

    Eleven small pockets
    for all sorts of treasure.
    Coins or feathers,
    Whatever your pleasure.

    It's your secret reserve,
    That's stuffed to the seams,
    One just for candy,
    Another for dreams.

    Things small or things smaller,
    You gather each day,
    A fuzz ball!  An acorn!
    Don't throw it away!

    So if it is loved,
    Or if it is lonely,
    Give it a pocket, 
    It isn't your only.

    From A to Z
    No matter the order,
    There's room for everything,
    Except, of course, water.

    Everyone who read this poem absolutely loved it.  It was exactly what we wanted our brand to be: magical, poignant and creative.  From there, we completely overhauled our website.  We enlisted him to rewrite every piece of content on our site:  from the welcome page to the order confirmation page.  The mandate was: You've just fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice, and at the bottom, there's a store that sells girls clothing.  

    Today, TwirlyGirl is no longer just an online clothing store.  It's a magical word of wonder and creativity.  The end result is that customers are spending longer on our website.  They're not just reading our content, they're enjoying it!  They're also checking out our other styles, just to read more content.  This has had the welcome effect of increasing our per customer average order.  

    In the years since we first rebranded TwirlyGirl, we've expanded the reach of our magic.  We commissioned a podcast of original short stories for children called TwirlyGirl Theatre.  Customers can stream our audio stories for free as they shop our site, or they can download them on iTunes to listen on the go.  Future plans include free e-books as well as videos.  

    Since rebranding our company, sales have skyrocketed... and this without touching our advertising budget. We did it all with "magic."  

    Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it! 

    TwirlyGirl® Girls Jackets

  7. Girls Capri Leggings by TwirlyGirl®

    Last year, we travelled back east for the holidays.  The grandparents insisted, and we were long overdue.  Flying with two small children is never a cup of tea.  There's the long lines at the airport, the claustrophobia of being stuck on a plane for 5 hours, the fatigue of being on the road, and of course, the crankiness of jet lag.  We're not exactly rookies, mind you.  We know what to expect.  We stuff our carry-on with lots of snacks, water, crayons and games. Yes, it's heavy and inconvenient.  But I'd do anything to buy five less minutes of complaining.  My daughter's knapsack was completely stuffed with comfort items.  But fortunately, or wisely, I made room for one more item.  It was a pair of girls capri leggings.

    It didn't take much either.  I rolled them up real tight, and just shoved it into a small crevice.   They pack small and weigh next to nothing.  My child was none the wiser.  But halfway through the flight, when she spilled juice all over her pants, boy was she glad we had them.  I took her to the lavatory where she changed out of her wet pants, and right into the capri leggings... which were as comfortable as a pair of soft, comfy pajamas.  Not only was she grateful to be dry, but she was even more comfortable than being in a pair of thick jeans.  The flight was saved!

    We spent a week in New York.  The first few days were absolutely freezing.  Rather than going out and buying long underwear for her, she just wore the capri leggings underneath her pants.  And when it warmed up a bit, she wore the leggings underneath her skirt.  I'm not joking.  It was the most versatile piece of clothing we took on the entire trip.  Any accomplished traveller will tell you it's all about packing clothes that can be worn in layers. 

    At TwirlyGirl we're very pleased to offer a wide selection of
    capri leggings.  Not just because they look good.  And not just because they feel good.  But because we're parents, and they make our lives easier!  Happy holidays.
  8. Positive thinking with TwirlyGirl®

    Bowl full of sunshine…

    According to the Huffington Post, a survey from NPD Group found that 31 million Americans of the U.S. Population do not eat breakfast. Ever since we were little tikes, the importance of eating a healthy breakfast to start our day was highly stressed. It’s simple, food fuels our body... but what fuels our mind and our thoughts? Or better question... What fuels you and how you think?

    I believe that along with breakfast there is another key element to fueling our day/lives, and that’s how we perceive things. Honestly, eating breakfast every morning doesn’t always happen for me, but being optimistic and positive thinking have been the fuel in keeping my day on track. This mindset is something I've really strived to implement in all things over the last year, and I can truly see a difference.

    With media talk of natural disasters, recession, school shootings, and too many tragedies to list, it’s easy to hone in on the negativity surrounding us. These things can be so overwhelming that it's easy to forget staying in the positive mindset. Don't fall victim! It’s important to not let the pessimist get the best of you. Yes, bad things do happen, BUT good and great things happen every day.

    Stones of all shapes and sizes get thrown in our lives. Sometimes you have to learn to laugh it off, see how you can grow from it, and decide to not let it destroy your day.

    Here's some food for thought...

    Try to find the light in dreary places and determine what makes you happy and inspires you. Do you find happiness serving and helping others, is it viewing the beauty in nature, or is it in creating/ fixing things?

    Whether you fall into the category of skipping out on breakfast or not, try to start your day off right. Make the decision to be positive and not let the negative things get you down. An easy way to think of it is like having a bowl of sunshine for breakfast.

    Look for the beauty in all things, learn to let things go, and make the decision to be happy. By taking in your daily fuel of optimism, I believe you can impact your life with great change. As the famous quote states, “Life is what you make it,” so make it happy!

  9. Dear TwirlyGirl Friends, 

    From time to time, small businesses pop up that infringe on the TwirlyGirl® registered trademark for Girls 
    and Women's Clothing and Accessories.   The latest instances are small businesses using "Twirly Girly."  
    Choosing a name similar to TwirlyGirl is against the law because it creates "confusion in the marketplace." 

    Imagine a new business calling themselves Coca-Cola-ly, but saying they sell an energy drink instead of soda. 
    It's just too similar, and Coca-Cola would never stand for it.  While we are not as big as Coca-Cola, we do share 
    the same rights they do.

    When violations like this come to our attention, when possible, we contact the business with a cordial letter.  
    99% of the time they have no idea they are in violation.  We never get nasty and we handle it respectfully and
    professionally.  Recently, we notified Etsy and Facebook about these particular trademark infringements.  
    Etsy and Facebook both have safeguards in place to verify that we are justified in making this claim.  Facebook
    and Etsy do not take trademark infringement lightly and they have told these new businesses to change the
    their names.    

    It's not our intent to keep keep anyone from selling children's clothing or accessories.  We just don't want anyone 
    selling under a version of our legally protected name.  

    Sounds reasonable, right?

    Well, apparently not.  One of these businesses is asking their "friends" to spam us with negative statements on
    our Facebook page.  We've already removed three postings.  
    Their actions and their "friends" actions, are tantamount
    to slander, and they are doing this simply because they didn't do due diligence in choosing a business name.  

    The owners have no one to blame or be angry at but themselves.  A simple as search on the United States Patent
    and Trademark Office website would have revealed that "Twirly Girl" or "Twirly Girly" should not have been used in
    the first place.  It's public knowledge.

    If you see a comment about us anywhere that is slanderous, and we haven't yet removed it,  please understand
    why this 
    is happening.  Our lawyers have been notified, and the aforementioned businesses will be warned about
    the ramifications 
    of slander.  We hate having to go to these lengths, but sometimes, when pushed into a corner -
    you have to defend 
    yourself by using your wits, and not by getting mean.  A good lesson for our kids for sure.  

    TwirlyGirls can be fierce when it's called for.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and for your continued support!  We believe strongly in standing
    up for who you are, and speaking your truth.

    ...And now back to your previously scheduled twirling!

  10. Teaching My Daughters About Friendship - And Myself

    It's really clear to me, now that my girls are 10 and almost 12, that having girlsfriends has ALWAYS
    been a little complicated.  I used to think that because I was an "only" child, that I had a different
    way of making friends. I didn't have a sibling, so, naturally I would be more eager to please and 
    wanting approval from my friends. They were all I had and I cherished them, I would do anything
    for them. I'm still like this to a certain extent, sometimes to a fault.

    It was a little shocking to see my younger daughter feel the same way, and she clearly is not an 
    "only" kid. My older daughter wants her friends approval too but also is very sensitive to being 
    petite and thinks her friends won't want to hang out if she's smaller than they are. Where does
    she get this stuff from???

    Sadly, she probably gets it from a combination of me and just the way we girls are wired. I have to say,
    I'm not a competitive person but I'm constantly wondering what others think of me and unfortunately,
    I care a little too much. So much so that if I think someone is upset with me, it can totally
    ruin my day. I'm much older than 12 and while I'm able to function and not break down into 
    a full on trantrum - inside, it bugs me.  

    So how am I supposed to teach my girls to be strong, stand up for themselves, be true to 
    what they believe and think if I'm blowing in the wind over someone else's opinion of me?

    I think by knowing the pitfalls of friendships I can impart my experience. That's it, just my
    experience. From hearing that I went through it, go through it and survive it - while also
    learning from it - I can only hope it will make her feel better and less prone to whims of
    other people's behaviors.

    So here is the incident that got me hung up - still hung up actually - and it's packed with 
    lessons from both perspectives.

    First, let me say that I took a big risk in this friendship by telling this girlfriend that I 
    thought she was creating a problem where there wasn't one, insulting me in the process
    and that this conversation was wasting my time - and I got up and walked away. HUGE for me!
    Yay - I didn't stay in a situation that was totally uncomfortable and inappropriate. 

    I think years ago, I would have tried to fix the situation for her and sacrificed
    my whole day doing just that. But that day? NO - I wasn't going to miss something
    very important to me and my girls. She didn't want to stop talking about it and wouldn't
    listen to reason. Conflict begins.

    Of course, it took about 20 seconds for me to feel bad about being so abrupt - so 
    I texted her right in the middle of the class to tell her that I was sorry for my curt behavior.  

    She never responded.

    Later that night, still felt bad, and emailed her about what was going on for me. Totally 
    from the heart - not mean, but just honest and forthright.

    She never responded. 

    WOW. Here's the thing about friendships. Everyone has their idea on what a true
    friend acts like. To me, a true friend is someone I can be myself with, someone I can
    fight with, someone I can express my feelings to honestly (whether it's about them or
    someone else). I'm not sure what this other person's idea of what a true friend
    should act like, but clearly - it wasn't me.  And definitely her not responding after the
    2 times I reached out to her, proved she wasn't my idea of a true friend either. 

    Done and easy, right? Ha, that's a laugh. 

    When these things happen, I have to look at myself.  What makes me want to double
    back and doubt who I am and what I need to do?  What makes me want to trash myself,
    because someone else isn't digging me?  Why do I feel the need to control what a friendship
    should look like, when all I can really control is the kind of friend I WANT TO BE.

    I have a lot to teach my daughters, but I have a feeling we will be learning all this together
    with every situation that comes up. Some lessons I learn once and get it. Others are
    more complicated and complex, revealing layers I never knew I had to deal with. I think
    friendships contain these kinds of lessons and in turn make us better people.

    As long as I can know in my heart that I'm willing to communicate and talk things through, 
    I feel good about that. Yes, I'll make mistakes, I'll offend someone, I'll hurt someone's feelings
    unintentionally and maybe even intentionally - but I'll always be willing to hash it out and 
    get to the other side. If the other person is willing to go on that journey with me, then I 
    consider them a true friend. If not, so be it - thank you for teaching me something else.

    In the end, we are all just trying to find a connection to each other - hit or miss - 
    it's all valuable.  

    And...a true friend (no matter how you define them personally) is worth their weight in
    gold and more.

    Owner of TwirlyGirl
    And Mother of 2 Daughters

    TwirlyGirl - Girls Dresses and Skirts, Friendship talked about

  11. Living in a Bubble

    Living your life true to yourself by TwirlyGirl's Cynthia Jamin

    I was watching Project Runway the other night and one of the contestants was doubting
    herself - typical, I know. I wanted to scream at the TV, "YOU'RE THE MOST TALENTED ONE

    It's so much easier for others to see the greatness in us than it is to see it in ourselves.
    I got frustrated with her, because I do the same thing to myself, over and over again.
    My only salvation is living in a bubble - even if it's in my own imagination. When I'm not
    comparing myself to anyone else, not caring what others think of me, not trying to please
    anyone but myself - I'm actually confident and happy. There is never a thought in my mind
    that I can't do something, I believe in myself without question.

    The minute I go outside my bubble and start comparing myself to others, my sanctuary is
    burst and all the doubt and insecurity creeps in. 

    I do think it's important to remain humble, always striving to learn more and push one's
    personal comfort zones. But there is a fine line between being inspired by others or using
    what's out there to beat yourself up.  

    It's a constant struggle of mine. At least I know I'm not alone. When I think of comparing and
    doubting myself, I remember that other people I admire have felt and often feel the same way.
    This actually does help take the sting away and focus my energies on where they should be, on
    being the BEST I CAN BE. Because, after all, there is only one Cynthia Jamin. I'm not in a race
    with anyone, there really is nothing to compare in reality. 

    We are all unique, perfectly imperfect people and each one of us is going to express our ideas
    and creativity in our own individual way. The need to create isn't there for us to be in a competition.
    I believe that need is there to express more of the divine, more love, more joy. That's definitely a
    way to keep me on track, I have a responsibility to actually show up and deliver what only I can do.

    So back to TwirlyGirl and what I truly believe in my soul. Expressing our individuality is empowering
    and necessary - I want girls to take that and run with it. The world needs to see and hear what we
    all have to say.

    Advance confidently and with love.

    Cynthia Jamin
    Owner of TwirlyGirl

  12. Fashion School - A Glamorous Place of Misconception

    Fashion school: a place of glamour, high fashion and easy work… that is if you’re a stationary
    dress form adorned with a beautiful design.

    I’ve always been amazed with the response I get after I tell people I went to FIDM (the Fashion
    Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles) for Fashion Design. People automatically
    assume all you ever do is sketch and go shopping. Shopping… news to me! That sounds like fun!

    FIDM - Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

    Fashion school is fun, not only because you get to do something that you LOVE, but you learn
    the skills and have the tools you need to establish your dream career. It’s a lot of hard work
    and dedication but is certainly well worth it.

    Students generally attend 5 different classes that are nearly 3 hours long but only attend each
    class once a week. Sounds easy, right? Not exactly. I guess you can compare it to Project Runway,
    in a sense. Like the show, there is a short time of instruction and a long period of time for a
    projects/ homework.

    Unlike Project Runway, not only are Fashion Design students working one project, but multiple
    for each class (Pattern Making, Draping, Graphic Design, Sketching, etc…) along with studying for
    other general classes such as History, English, and Textiles.

    It takes discipline and especially time management to keep on task and give each class the
    required attention it needs. True, you do spend most of your time in labs, or working on detailed
    projects late at night, but if you manage your time properly you can always make time for yourself.
    And whether or not you are attending school,everyone needs time for themselves otherwise we
    would go crazy!

    One thing that fascinates me about any art or fashion school is the type of people you meet there.
    There are so many people with different backgrounds and styles. It’s like getting to see the rainbow
    come to life in people form.

    I think the one fact about the students that is shocking to most people is that the Fashion Design
    students aren’t the most fashionable students there. Crazy, huh! The Merchandise Marketing students
    are actually the MOST fashionable. It seems a bit ironic at first, but think about it... Fashion Designers
    focus on putting their creativity and energy into their designs and what they are creating.

    Merchandise Marketing students typically are the most fashionable because that’s their niche. They
    are merchandising and selling not only products, but selling themselves with their dress and appeal.
    See, now it makes sense.

    So next time you think of fashion school, think of not only the high fashion, glitz and glamour, but
    think of what makes it that way. It’s really the creativity, passion, dedication, and hard work put in
    by students that way pave new paths in the fashion industry.

    FIDM - Dressforms and Design

    The only ones living the life of glamour in fashion schools are the dress forms that fill the classrooms.
    They’re the ones just waiting for their next fashion debut.

    Heather Marquardt 
    Assistant Designer, Style Coordinator & Head of Office Operations

    (Yep, she does it all with a smile and tons of talent!)

    Heather Marquardt, Style Coordinator, Assistant Designer, Office Manager at TwirlyGirl

  13. TwirlyGirl's fashion designers Cynthia Jamin and Heather Marquardt, discuss fashion tips.

    At TwirlyGirl, we firmly believe in buying what you LOVE. If you don't love it, you aren't
    going to wear it, that's why we try to make everything unique. Every girl has their own
    personality and they don't want to look like everyone else (and this remains true, even
    as we get older!).

    Obviously, most young girls don't have credit cards (which is a good thing). And, often
    the person buying the clothing for their girl might have conflicting tastes. We strongly
    encourage the person buying to really allow the girls to choose what they love. If she loves
    it, she going to wear it all the time and your money will have been well spent. Same goes
    for the buyer, if you LOVE it, you will wear it.

    So forget about the trends, forget about what other people will think. Wear it with
    confidence and be a trendsetter. Confidence comes from within and our clothing can
    let our personality shine, which in turns, brings our confidence OUT. 

    Click on the image to view the video. Shine on!

    Fashion tips from Cynthia Jamin and Heather Marquardt from TwirlyGirl

  14. Welcome to TwirlyGirl! 

    I wanted to personally share with you the thought that goes into TwirlyGirl with
    the video below (click the image). We are more than just another girls clothing line.

    Since I never thought I would ever be designing girls clothing in a million years,
    my motivation for doing this stems from a deep desire to inspire girls to express
    themselves confidently and creatively through their own self-awareness. 

    When I started sewing 7 years ago, I had no idea I would become an entrepreneur
    at all. I had been working as an actress for several years, met my husband on the
    set of Just Shoot Me, got married, had 2 daughters and took a sewing class just
    for fun. If you had told me that I would be a girls clothing designer and successfully
    run my own business, I would have said you were crazy. I never finished college
    (although I wanted to go back before I had my daughters), so I had no background
    in business or marketing let alone any technical apparel construction skills.

    TwirlyGirl is a huge confidence booster on so many levels for me. As well as a crash
    course in business, design, and marketing all in one, a college of my own making.

    I guess deep down, I was craving an outlet where I didn't have rely on others to express
    myself, could be independent, build my self-confidence and continue to learn new
    things, which I love to do. I get to do all this and more, which I'm so grateful for.

    Enjoy! And thank you for being a part of the journey.

    Cynthia Jamin, CEO Girls Clothing Designer, TwirlyGirl
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