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Why You Should Follow TwirlyGirl on Social Media

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TwirlyGirl has been selling cute dresses for girls since 2006.  It's been an amazing experience watching our business grow and putting smiles on so many girls.  The only downside to selling on the internet (versus having a Brick & Mortar) is that we don't get to interact with our customers.  Believe me, this is actually a big bummer for us.  We want to learn more about YOU.  After all, YOU built our business.  You're very important to us.  :)

Fortunately, that's where social media comes in.  Please follow us and introduce yourselves.  We totally want to get to know you.  And if you say something funny or creative, you'll completely win our hearts.


Facebook is our favorite platform because it's a two way street.  We love it when customers share, comment, and even complain. If something's not right, tell us about it.  We want to fix it!  

Send us a photo of your daughter wearing TwirlyGirl.  We'll post it to our wall and make her feel like a superstar.  And if you shoot a 10-15 second video of your child talking about TwirlyGirl, we'll give you a $10 credit off your next purchase.  Just post the video to your wall and tag us as "TwirlyGirl" (one word) so that we see it.  

We also use Facebook to announce new styles and special offers.  Occasionally we'll host a giveaway on Facebook. Sometimes we'll use it to market an exclusive item that you can't find in stores or on our website.  We often do this when we're testing out new styles.  We'll offer them at discount prices, just to gage customer reaction.  

So please "like" us on Facebook and pull the dropdown menu to say "Get Notifications."  If you don't, Facebook will only show you a small fraction of our updates, and you'll likely miss out on something awesome.

Pinterest is our second favorite platform.  At the very least, you'll want to follow our "New Arrivals" Board, so that you keep up to date.  But it's not all about that.  TwirlyGirl believes in empowering girls to make creative decisions.  To that end, we've curated some very fun boards to help inspire them. Boards like "How To Think Creatively" and "Artists That Inspire."  Go check 'em out.  They're fun!

We're a little late to Instagram, but we're making up for lost time.  Instagram is a wonderful forum for you to leave comments on our photos, and for us to leave silly comments on yours.  (Hey, we're friends now.  That's what friends do!)

Yep, TwirlyGirl has a YouTube Channel stuffed with all sorts of cool content.  We have instructional videos on how to properly take your girl's measurements.  We have personal videos for you to get to know the amazing people TwirlyGirl.  And we even have some really fun animated short-stories for children.  It's all free!

What's Google Plus?  Well, a few years back, Google decided to get into the Social Media game.  That's pretty much the end of the story.  Today, it's mainly used by bloggers and businesses as a well of connecting with each other. And that's how we use it too!  So if you're a non-competing brand or blogger, and you'd like to figure out how to collaborate, please add us to your circle.  We'll follow you back.  I bet we can come up with some great ideas!

If you follow us on Twitter, you won't have to worry about us bothering you too much.  Although we check it regularly, we're not very active on it.  Occasionally, we'll tweet out a special offer, or say something terribly witty.  But if you want to give us a shout out, I promise we'll shout back at 'ya!  

So that's it.  Like I said, we really want to get to know you.  So please click the icons above, and follow us.  It could be the start of a great friendship.  :)

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