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Twirly Clothing for Girls with Tactile Sensitivity Issues and Sensory Disorders

Posted by Michael Jamin on

When we started TwirlyGirl back in 2007, it was never our intention to market to girls with tactile and sensitivity issues.  To be honest, we weren't even aware of the extent of this problem.  Our goal was simply to make very high quality, super-soft clothing for girls.  It just so happens that by doing so, we address many of the needs of girls who suffer from sensory disorders.  (It should be noted that because our dresses are made from synthetic fabrics, we're not right for girls that are allergic to poly-blend fabrics.  But for others, we might be the perfect solution.)

For example, our Reversible Twirly Dresses & Skirts can be very helpful for girls who fall on the autism spectrum. Turning clothes inside-out can be frustrating even for adults.  With these styles, kids can wear both sides.  Simply removing this one obstacle from the morning routine can be a relief to both parent and child.

Then there's the issue of our stitching.  All of our seams are tucked away from the body, so that sensitive skin doesn't come in contact with itchy seams.  We try to make our designs as seamless as possible.

Some of our styles can even be worn backwards, like our Mixing Magic Dress.   The tie can be worn in the front or the back.  Both ways looks and feel wonderful.

Finally, there's the issue of tags.  Most clothing manufacturers sew their tags into the neck line.  What's the first thing you do when you get home?  You cut those tags out, hoping not to ruin the fabric in the process.  At TwirlyGirl, our tags are always placed in an area away from the body.  Often, it's near the hem.  We do this because it makes our clothing more comfortable for all girls, regardless of whether or not they have sensitivity issues.

If you have a child who suffers from tactile or sensory issues, come take a look at our collection.  And if you join our newsletter, we'll send you an instant coupon for 15% Off. 

For more information on sensory disorders, please consult the SPDFoundation.  

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