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Introducing TwirlyGirl for Teens

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TwirlyGirl was originally created for our daughters, Roxy and Lola.  In fact, if you look carefully enough you'll see old photos of them wearing TwirlyGirl throughout the website. For years, they both proudly wore our clothes everywhere. So imagine our horror when Roxy, age 15, announced she was too old to wear TwirlyGirl. 

(Young Roxy modeling our Maxi Dress)

As her tastes matured, she wanted more subdued colors and sophisticated lines. Whereas in the past, she could just go to our showroom and pick something out, now she was spending hours in the mall fruitless searching for clothes that reflected her style. The truth is, the Junior segment is greatly under-represented in stores. Teenagers are being marketed to as if they were women... and they're not. Their tastes are different and their bodies are different.  

Fortunately, Roxy is an art student at the renown Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA aka Fame High). We asked her what she would like to wear, and Roxy grabbed a pencil and began sketching. She was drawn to classic silhouettes with a slightly retro flair. We were so impressed, we encouraged Roxy to put her styles into production. But as parents, we wouldn't be holding her hand. We'd supervise her, give her pointers... but ultimately, this was going to be her project.

Roxy jumped right in. She was intimately involved in the pattern making, cutting, grading, and marketing of her new line. She styled the photoshoot and instructed our photographer on the look she was going for.  Roxy's new line is called "Jam & Bread," a play on our last name, Jamin.

She started with 5 styles:  a chic reversible lace up dress, a retro teen romper, a bohemian jumpsuit, a classic full circle skirt that's reversible, and of course, a new twist on our Original Reversible Twirly Dress®.  As your girls grow up, please have them check out our new Teen Line.  It's made with the same love and high-quality you've grown to expect from TwirlyGirl.

Roxy (now age 15) and Cynthia

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