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Win Free TwirlyGirl Garments with our Instagram #love2twirl Contest

Posted by Michael Jamin on

What's better than a TwirlyGirl dress?  A FREE TwirlyGirl dress!!

We're giving away gift certificates of $100, $50, and $25 for our Instagram Contest.  This is the first time we've ever hosted such an event, and we sincerely hope you enter.  Even if you've never purchased from us., that's ok.  We want to share a little love.  Good luck!

Click here to enter.  

Now go win it!!!!

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You're already telling your friends about us... why not save some money?

When I started TwirlyGirl 7 years ago, I never predicted it would grow so big!  At the time, I was hand-sewing dresses in our dining room for my daughters.  Some mothers at their school fell in love with them, and asked me to sew some for their kids.  Word spread like wildfire, and pretty soon [...]

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Introducing Piroetta™ Twirl Dresses for Women

It's been seven years since TwirlyGirl started selling the highest quality twirl dresses for girls.  Over the years, we've heard countless requests from our customers asking us to make twirly dresses in bigger sizes.  Some want them for their daughters who are sad to have outgrown our sizes.  Other women want them for themselves.  They [...]

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Why TwirlyGirl is NOT a Girls Fashion Brand

TwirlyGirl was recently interviewed for a fashion blog, and one of the questions was how we stay on top of trends. Our answer was a little surprising:  we don't!  Fashion is about what's in and what's out.  It's about creating a trend, or following a trend.  That's exactly the opposite of our mission statement.  At [...]

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Where do fashion designers find inspiration?

Creating a fashion line isn't easy.  Coming up with a great idea every once in awhile is fine, but that's not enough.  Your customers expect you to release new creations all the time.  Sometimes it's just too difficult to pull an idea out of thin air.  That's when designers turn to outside sources for inspiration. [...]

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Let TwirlyGirl Help You With This Simple School Fundraising Idea

TwirlyGirl is constantly asked to donate to fundraisers, and it's very hard for us to say no to a worthy cause.  That's why we created the TwirlyGirl Fundraiser Program.  It works like this:Your school or charity applies to our program.You’ll receive a unique coupon code that you can share with friends or family. Every time [...]

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Great Ways to Save on TwirlyGirl

Less than 2% of all clothing sold in this country is actually Made in the USA.  TwirlyGirl is proud to be in this number! We manufacture all of our garments in Los Angeles, CA.  This definitely adds to our labor costs, but it also means we can keep a close eye on quality.  Believe it [...]

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What Fashion Brands can Learn from Project Runway

When Project Runway was launched back in 2004, the show became an instant hit. The reality series followed aspiring designers as they competed to create beautiful garments with limited time and budget. In the words of host Tim Gunn, if a designer was struggling to make a dress work, they simply had to [...]

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Where to Find Unique Girls Dresses

More and more shoppers are searching for unique girls dresses.  It's important for young girls and tweens to find their identity, and dressing differently from others is good for their self esteem.  However, as brands become larger and more global, styles become more homogenized.  If you really want to find unique dresses for girls, you [...]

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Gift Ideas for Grandparents

When TwirlyGirl started in 2007, we assumed that our target customer would be parents because generally, they're the ones who buy clothes for their children.  However, it soon became clear that a very large portion of our customers were grandparents.  We weren't targeting them with our marketing, but somehow they were finding us and telling [...]

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