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How to Make the World's Best Twirl Dresses & Skirts for Girls

Posted by Michael Jamin on

Twirling is a rite of passage for every girl.  It represents pure childhood joy and innocence, and is usually accompanied by laughter and singing.  TwirlyGirl has been making the World's Best Twirl Dresses and Skirts for Girls since 2007.  It's simple, just follow these steps:

Step 1:  Come up with an innovative design.  One where all the itchy seams are tucked away.  This is easier said than done.

Step 2:  Scour heaven and earth to find the best fabrics.  You're not just looking for the most colorful prints.  You also have to pull and stretch them.  See how they react to the touch.  There's a reason why the highest quality fabrics cost more per yard -- because they're worth it!  Hint:  To find hidden gems, you have to look where no one else does.   Bring mountain climbing equipment!

Step 3:  Load up the van.  Production Note:  There's always room for one more roll.  Always.

Step 4:  Cut swatches and add them to your inspiration board.  Our reversible dresses can have up to 5 different fabrics in them.  It's not enough to match fabrics just by the way they look next to each other.  They have to be complimentary in the way they hang, wash, and sew together.   Every fabric has its own weight.  Determining how they'll interact with each other is part of the art.

Step 5:  At the cutting house, we inspect every roll of fabric.  Sometimes there are hidden flaws or stains, so you have to be careful.  Using pre-made "markers" we'll cut as many shapes as possible out of each roll.  This is like doing a jigsaw puzzle.  Fabric is expensive, so we want to waste as little as possible.

Step 6:  Before leaving the cutting house, take a selfie with some of the most talented people in the business. Remind them how awesome they are.

Step 7:  Take the pre-cut fabrics to the sewer.  

Step 8:  Make sure they're using a 4 stitch overlock machine.  This is not like the sewing machine in your home.  It's highly specialized and expensive.  Instead of 3 threads for a seam, it uses 4.  Believe it or not, this extra piece of thread makes a huge difference.  The garment holds its shape better, and the seam is much less likely to rip.  It costs more, but again, this is how we make the world's BEST twirly dresses and skirts... not the world's cheapest.  

Step 9:   Inspect each piece of clothing.  Trim stray threads.  If there's a flaw in the garment, separate it from the rest and fix it.  Those flaws that can't be mended, we patch by hand with sweet hearts or flowers and sell them as PIPS.  (Perfectly Imperfects.)  We save these for our Bi-Annual Blowout Sale, and sell them at steep discounts.  To sign up for our Bi-Annual Blowout, click here.

Step 10:  Take pride in your work and pose for another photo.

Step 11:  Add our hang tag.  This is how customers know they're getting the best twirl dress in the world!

Step 12:  Arrange a photo shoot of happy girls wearing our clothing.  They're even happier when we tell them that everything they model, they can take home!

Step 13:  Tell your daughter she made the cover of your promotional material.  Take a picture of her smiling with it.  Then tell her to get back to work.  

Step 14:  Take the dresses and skirts back to our showroom and hang them up.  We sort everything by style and size. And make sure you do a special leap to infuse everything with magic.

Step 15:  Load everything up to our website.  Have an awesome talented, associate help you.  I work with Heather. She helps with everything from design to fulfillment.  We make a great team.  Take at least a dozen selfie, just in case the first 11 don't come out well.

Step 16.  When a website order comes in, ship it out ASAP.  People want their twirly dresses and skirts NOW!   We want to make a great first impression when our little customers first see their clothing.  That's why we gift wrap everything to look just like candy... for free!

Step 17.  Finally, we follow up with every customer to make sure they're happy with their purchase.  We love seeing our customers wearing their new Twirlygirl clothes.  Sometimes they email us, other times they post on Instagram with the hashtag #twirlygirl.  Either way, we love seeing them.  Here's one we just received! 

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