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Where do fashion designers find inspiration?

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Creating a fashion line isn't easy.  Coming up with a great idea every once in awhile is fine, but that's not enough.  Your customers expect you to release new creations all the time.  Sometimes it's just too difficult to pull an idea out of thin air.  That's when designers turn to outside sources for inspiration.  Here are just a few examples of where girls fashion designer Cynthia Jamin has culled inspiration from.


The TwirlyGirl Petal Dress was obviously inspired from the flower.  Little girls love flowers, so Jamin thought it would be fun to create a dress that evoked them.  She layered cascading tiers of circle skirts, one atop the other, to evoke flower petals.  The scalloped hem line mimics the curves of a tulip.

The Wings of Wonder Dress was inspired by the butterfly, another favorite of girls.  However, Jamin didn't want to create a costume.  TwirlyGirl is about everyday wear, so she attached the wings to the neckline, so they would drape over the shoulder when not in use.


Fashion history is rich with wonderful styles that have been discarded over the years.  Good fashion designers will often incorporate certain details, without mimicking them.  Such is the case with the TwirlyGirl Can-Can Dress.  The cut out sleeves and asymmetrical hemline are reminiscent of the popular Can Can Dress from the 1890s.  It lacks the petticoat, full ruffles, and pantalet underwear because again, this isn't a costume.  But you can clearly see where the inspiration for this popular dress comes from.


Children often look at toys with wonder.  Even a simple pinwheel can be a source of entertainment.  TwirlyGirl incorporated some of that magic for the Pinwheel Dress, which has long, colorful ribbons securely attached at the waist.  Like the toy, mesmerizing amazement awaits! 


Sometimes the fabric tells you exactly what it wants to be.  Such was the case with the Daydreaming Dress.  The lightweight fabric with its breezy print suggested something flowing and etherial.  Easy!

Inspiration also comes from customers.  If you have an idea for a style, write us at  We'd love to hear from you!  :)

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